All-Canadian Raw Hemp Seed Hearts – 454g

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  • 100% VEGAN, NON-GMO CANADIAN HEMP SEED HEARTS | An excellent source of plant-based whole food nutrition.
  • 10 GRAMS OF UNDENATURED PROTEIN | Provides complete raw vegan protein.
  • 10 Grams OF EFAS | Provides a balanced ratio of omega-3 & omega-6 essential fats.
  • 2 G OF FIBRE, SODIUM FREE | A sodium free source of dietary fibre.
  • DELICIOUS NUTTY TASTE | Makes a convenient and tasty snack on its own or can be added to cereals, smoothies, salads, yogurt, or a food or beverage of your choosing.

Each serving of All-Canadian Raw Hemp Seed Hearts provides 10 g of protein, 10 g of essential fats (EFAs), 2 g of fibre and an impressive 70% DV (daily value) for magnesium (290 mg). Hemp seed hearts are the heart of the seed; they are naturally gluten-free and easily digested, and have a delicious, nutty flavour. Super-convenient nutrition, right out of the bag. Raw Hemp Seed Hearts provide a whole-food plant-based option for those looking for highly digestible, low-allergenic nutrition. Low in saturated fat, they can be part of a heart-healthy diet. They make a convenient and tasty snack on their own or they can be added to cereals, smoothies, salads, yogurt, etc. to boost your protein and EFA intake simply and conveniently.

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