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Mentos Fruit is a variant of the popular Mentos candy known for its refreshing taste and fruity flavors. It is a type of chewy candy with a hard shell and a soft, chewy center.

Mentos Fruit comes in the form of small, round candies, each measuring about the size of a marble. These candies are individually wrapped in colorful and shiny wrappers, making them visually appealing.

The candy shell of Mentos Fruit is smooth and crunchy, providing a satisfying initial bite. Once you bite through the shell, you reach the soft and chewy center, which is bursting with fruity flavors. The flavors are typically a mix of various fruits, such as strawberry, orange, lemon, watermelon, and grape, among others. Each flavor is distinct and offers a tangy and sweet taste that is enjoyable to chew on.

One of the notable characteristics of Mentos Fruit is its effervescence. When you chew on a Mentos Fruit candy, you may experience a slight fizzy sensation on your tongue. This effervescence adds a unique and refreshing element to the candy, enhancing the overall taste experience.

Mentos Fruit is often enjoyed as a standalone treat or used as a breath freshener due to its mint-free formula. The small, individually wrapped candies make them convenient for on-the-go snacking, allowing you to enjoy a burst of fruity flavor whenever and wherever you like.

Overall, Mentos Fruit offers a combination of crunchy candy shell, chewy center, and fruity flavors, creating a delightful and refreshing candy experience. Whether you're a fan of fruity candies or seeking a quick pick-me-up, Mentos Fruit is a popular choice that satisfies both the taste buds and the desire for a refreshing sensation.

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Truly an amazing shop and one much needed in the area. This man watched a supplement store and a candy store close their doors and decided to open both because our town needed them. Amazing service not just at the store, but in the community.

Amherst, NS

Excellent customer service. Has helped myself and my other half find products that would help us on our health journey... Cannot wait to try more products. Everything I have tried has been just great.

Jacki Siddall
Amherst, NS

An amazing store with extremely friendly staff, the owner went out of his way to explain and answer all the question I had and help me find the perfect things for my needs.. beautiful hair on the fella too

Rob Doucet
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