Iwon Organics Protein Stix - 42g

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Iwon Organics puts positive, feel good vibes into making flavor-infused, organic, protein snacks, the balanced nutritional profile of our on-the-go snacks comes from high quality proteins like peas, beans, and brown rice; all proven to provide the fuel you need for you active lifestye.

16.5g of net carbs in each bag.

Are net-carbs important?

Well… the term "net carbs" isn't officially recognized or agreed upon by nutrition experts.

Some of the newer "diets" advocate for the reduction of carbs as a whole...but we don't believe that's the best path to having a long term, healthy relationship with food. It's true, not all carbs are made equal. There are good carbs: such as the ones from vegetables and fruit, even some grains, and there are bad carbs: think processed sugars from processed foods.

Our snacks contain a moderate amount of high-quality nutritious carbs from organic plant-based sources, and only 1g to 2g of sugar.

Are they more expensive than regular chips and puffed snacks?

Well, let's consider a single serve bag of cheese puffs or potato chips will cost you about $1.50. They contain about 150-160 calories. Most of these calories are from fat, carbs, and ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

These “empty” calories will leave you malnourished and thus craving for more food. Let’s say you’ll feel satisfied when you have 2 bags or a bag and crave something else to eat.

Let’s compare that to IWON snacks which contain 7g of protein per 1oz serving and are made with real organic food. Just one bag is enough to fill you up for much longer, and you’ll be eating much healthier food.

So no. If you consider the amount of nutrients, snacking with IWON is actually cheaper than other snacks while also being good for you.

Why choose us?

Knowledge and authenticty

Ask anyone who shops at Curly's, we treat you like family. We only carry products we back 100%. If you can't come in to meet us, know that we put as much care into our online customers as we do our customers in-store!



Needed help with supplements and finding specifics on protein bars as I’m on a specific diet for liver function. Staff answered all questions and helped with anything I needed. Great pricing and environment. I’ve gone here for awhile but great businesses deserve recognition every time they go above and beyond #supportlocal


Excellent and friendly service, very appreciated! Thank you!

Amherst, NS

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