2021 (97-98) Skybox Metal Universe Champion Blaster

2021 (97-98) Skybox Metal Universe Champion Blaster

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The 150-card Skybox Metal Universe Champions Base Set, which includes 50 high-series Metalized cards, features designs by the team that created the original 1997-98 Metal Universe set! 

Collect two Blaster Exclusive parallel sets: Copper and Silver Dots. The regular cards in the Silver Dots parallel are #’d to 299 while the high-series Metalized cards are #’d to 199.

The Base Set Retro 1997-98 collection features the top athletes from the Base Set!


Collect a wide variety of incredible insert sets, including, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Fresh Foundation: The checklist consists only of up-and-coming phenoms. Collect the Blaster Exclusive Copper and Silver Dots (#’d to just 99!) parallel sets.
  • Skybox Premium: Features the top athletes from the Base Set. Collect two Blaster Exclusive parallels: Gold and Gold Auto!
  • Reaching for the Stars & A Cut Above: Both are three-sided perimeter die-cut sets with Reaching for the Stars featuring up-and-coming phenoms - with a focus on football and basketball - and A Cut Above featuring the best athletes from the Base Set.
  • Blast Furnace: The checklist features a mix of superstars and up-and-coming phenoms.
  • Jambalaya: These iconic insert cards with lenticular foil treatment feature the best athletes from the set and will be a welcome addition to any collection.
  • Platinum Portrait: Collectors will be chasing after these incredibly rare and iconic insert cards which also feature only the best athletes from the set!


2021 Skybox Metal Universe Champions Card Breakdown

Autograph Cards

  • Skybox Premium - Gold Auto Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) - 1:100


Non-Auto Insert Cards (w/ Parallels)

  • A Cut Above - 1:38
  • Arc Weld - 1:13
  • Base Set Retro 1997-98 - 1:4
  • Blast Furnace - 1:6
  • Fresh Foundation - 1:2
  • Fresh Foundation - Copper Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) - 1:4
  • Fresh Foundation - Silver Dots Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) - #’d to 99
  • Intimidation Nation - 1:8
  • Jambalaya - 1:1,584
  • Platinum Portrait - 1:14,400
  • Reaching for the Stars - 1:25
  • Skybox Premium - 1:4
  • Skybox Premium - Gold Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) - 1:10


Base Set Cards (w/ Parallels)

  • Base Set (1-100) - 4:1
  • Base Set - Copper Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) - 1:2
  • Base Set - Silver Dots Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) - #’d to 299
  • Metalized (101-150) - 1:2
  • Metalized - Copper Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) - 1:4
  • Metalized - Silver Dots Parallel (Blaster Exclusive!) - #’d to 199

Stated odds reflect an average of the entire production run; no ratio is guaranteed to exist within an individual pack, box or case.

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