Nitro Surge

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Nitrosurge is packed with clinically validated ingredients, delivering everything you need to crush your workout and leave it all on the gym floor.



Upon slamming a scoop or two, you will feel a clean surge of energy, noticeable strength gains, elevated focus, more endurance, and grotesque pumps.



Nitrosurge is the fuel you need to perform at your highest level in the gym. Body composition changes don't happen overnight, but you get out what you put in, and Nitrosurge exists to make those training sessions count.

Why choose us?

Knowledge and authenticty

Ask anyone who shops at Curly's, we treat you like family. We only carry products we back 100%. If you can't come in to meet us, know that we put as much care into our online customers as we do our customers in-store!



Needed help with supplements and finding specifics on protein bars as I’m on a specific diet for liver function. Staff answered all questions and helped with anything I needed. Great pricing and environment. I’ve gone here for awhile but great businesses deserve recognition every time they go above and beyond #supportlocal


Excellent and friendly service, very appreciated! Thank you!

Amherst, NS

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