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Cow Tales
Cow Tales
Cow Tales
Cow Tales
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Cow Tales are a delightful and chewy confectionery treat that is beloved by candy enthusiasts worldwide. With their unique texture and rich flavor, Cow Tales offer a truly satisfying snacking experience.

Cow Tales consist of a smooth and creamy center made from caramel or a mixture of caramel and cream. This delectable filling is then wrapped in a chewy outer layer, creating a perfect combination of softness and bite. The caramel provides a rich, buttery taste that melts in your mouth, while the chewy texture adds a delightful element of fun.

One of the distinguishing features of Cow Tales is their elongated shape, resembling the tail of a cow. This playful design adds a touch of whimsy to the candy and makes it easily recognizable. Each Cow Tale is individually wrapped, ensuring freshness and convenience for on-the-go snacking.

Cow Tales come in a variety of flavors to satisfy different taste preferences. The classic flavor is traditional caramel, which offers a sweet and indulgent experience. Additionally, there are other delightful variations such as chocolate, strawberry, and apple, which add a burst of flavor to the creamy caramel center.

These delicious treats are perfect for enjoying on their own, but they also make a delightful addition to desserts and baked goods. Cow Tales can be chopped up and used as a topping for ice cream, incorporated into cookies or brownies, or even enjoyed as a sweet surprise in a milkshake.

Whether you're a fan of caramel, crave a chewy texture, or simply enjoy indulging in a flavorful treat, Cow Tales are a fantastic choice. Their combination of creamy caramel, chewy texture, and playful design make them a popular and satisfying candy option for people of all ages. Treat yourself to the delightful experience of Cow Tales and savor every moment of their deliciousness!

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Truly an amazing shop and one much needed in the area. This man watched a supplement store and a candy store close their doors and decided to open both because our town needed them. Amazing service not just at the store, but in the community.

Amherst, NS

Excellent customer service. Has helped myself and my other half find products that would help us on our health journey... Cannot wait to try more products. Everything I have tried has been just great.

Jacki Siddall
Amherst, NS

An amazing store with extremely friendly staff, the owner went out of his way to explain and answer all the question I had and help me find the perfect things for my needs.. beautiful hair on the fella too

Rob Doucet
Revelstoke, BC