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Home Page     Tracy, Jordy and Megan are one happy family! They can now have horses in their life, thanks to the hypo-allergenic traits of the North American Curlies. They still find it hard to believe that Jordy does not react to the horses. His father raised horses and Jordy could never get within 200 yards of them without a major reaction.
     After their initial visit they decided to purchase Wrangler and Snowden, both 4 year old Curlies. They drive 2 hours, one way, every week for two one hour riding lessons and to learn how to care for their new family members. Now that is dedication!!
     As their "graduation" present we took them on a trail ride along the beautiful Pembina river. Even though the weather did not co-operate one hundred percent, it was a great weekend. Jordy mentioned that "If I did this with normal horses, I'd be dead now!" Eight year old Megan was thrilled to be the trail boss on Chester. She is a natural in the saddle and was trotting up in the lead along the trail.
     They are now very busy building a new shelter for their new friends. They have fenced the new pasture and will be taking delivery of the horses by the end of October.
Jordy and Megan preparing Wrangler for the ride. Tracy and Snowden ready to hit the trails.
Our Curly string crossing the Pembina river on the bridge. Gary on Prospector, Jordy on Wrangler and Tracy on Snowden. This was Tracy's first time riding Snowden. After they figured each other out, they had an excellent ride.
Jordy and Wrangler. Wrangler took everything in stride. He is truly a perfect example of our beloved Curlies. Tracy, Jordy & Megan enjoying the day.