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Our former Stallion Palladin

   Pal is definitely the addition we desired to compliment our foundation we have built with SS Sundown Buck. We are thrilled with all of our foals from this gentleman. He has improved on conformation and temperament with every one.

    Pal was started under saddle the spring of 2002. He showed no resistance, no buck, no hesitance at all in his training. He is not spooky, very trusting and willing. After running with the mares all summer he ran with our geldings all winter. His temperament is truly exceptional. A huge, kind eye is there every morning looking for his affection!

    Pall is the only stallion that I can ride and feel I have total control. He is the absolute smoothest horse to ride. And responsive and agile. He is passing all of this on to his foals along with his super friendly, easy going attitude. We are thrilled and honored to own him!
We have a winner!

Pall was gelded May/06.

   Look at this guy! How often do you get it all in one horse? We realize how fortunate we are to have this special stallion at our stables. We searched for two years to find a herd sire with all of the qualities we wanted. We found many that could fill part of our requirements, but Palladin was the only one that could fill them all.

He has the height - 15.2 hh!! A hand taller than the average Curly.
He has the colour - gorgeous golden Palomino
He has the markings - 4 socks and a blaze, full chrome!
He has the temperament - quiet, easy to handle, not spooky, trusting. Bold to ride, yet soft in the bridle.
He has the conformation - square solid legs, lots of cannon bone, withers, travels straight, large black hooves
He has the mane - full flaxen mane that sheds to 4" and grows back in beautiful full ringlets
He has the tail - long flowing flaxen tail that does not shed
He has the breeding - full registered ABC, 22 Stars!
He has the movement - floating trot, extended walk, smooth canter. Easy to ride with his awesome smooth trot.
He has the personality - well mannered, respectful and friendly

   Full registered ABC2723, (Snowey's Golden Opportunity) out of Dry Creek Karen (ABC1689) by Mead's Golden Rocket (ABC1250). 22 stars out of 31 in his pedigree. View Pal's Pedigree