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Spruce Meadows!

     What a fantastic time we had at Spruce Meadows! Another successful showing of our great Curlies. Thousands of people came by the booth, and again, and again we heard "I've never heard of them before."
     Gary rode Prospector and Deanna rode SS Dandee in the showcase of the breeds. Saturday morning was exciting and loads of fun. Both horses, true to curly temperament, were excellent. It was the first time for both horses to attend anything of this caliber. Sunday saw a huge crowd and exceptional weather. We were proud to ride our beloved curlies and show them off to the world.
Look at Dandee! What an awesome ambassador for us to showcase the world at Spruce Meadows. Breath taking! Prospector is ready for the big show! He took it all in stride. Never once flinched at the Miniatures or all the carts and quads and vehicles running around.
The grande entry for the big ride. We were very proud of our boys at this extravaganza. Prospector and Dandee performing in the Showcase at Spruce Meadows. We rode to a two minute speech on the origins and uniqueness of the curly horses.
In the warm up ring before the show. The horses were exposed to everything in this ring. Donkeys, mules, horses in harness, the quick pacing of the Paso's and traffic, flags, balloons, you name it. Final preparations for the big ride. Then we have to ride down a long hill and wait for the big bar to be raised before we enter the grounds.
Dandee in the booth. Both he and SS Butch Cassidy were on display. Curly Horse booth at Spruce Meadows. There was lots of information on the curlies available. We had representatives from all over Alberta and even Bruce Tislon from Ontario were there to inform people of the Curly traits.