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Prince Has Arrived!!

He's Homozygous & Gaited!

Gaited!       Homozygous!        Pure Curly Jim!        The Walcurly Foundation Sire!

*Charming Prince
ABC 270
Foaled: 1983
Sire: Prince Charming T
Dam: Curly Sue

Curly Jim

Prince Charming T,
Charming Prince's Sire

Prince Charming T

Charming Prince 1988

Don on Curly Sue

Don purchasing Curly Sue

Deanna and Don

Fall 2001
    We are on a mission! To preserve the Curly Jim Fox Trotting line of Curlies.
    And what a foundation we have building. We've searched for a long time and have found our select few horses to become part of our preservation of the Curly Jim line of gaited horses, aka the "Foxtrotter line" and the "Walker's Prince T line". Curly Jim was registered with the ABC as Curly Jim and with the MFTHA as Walker's Merry Lad. He was also known as Hodge's Curly Jim, (MFT)) preservation.
  • *Charming Prince
  • *DCC Gold Rush
  • *SS Sunnybrook's Winchester
  • *Beauty Girl
  • *Whoopi
  • *Curly Sarah
  • Nellie

    March 9th, 2003 I headed off to the Western United States to pick up *Charming Prince. Where do I start? Prince was running in the hills just West of Jacksonville. Don, his owner since birth, agreed to part with him. I visited Don in his home and received a very warm welcome and I will include excerpts from my conversation with him.
   I then met Marge at Medford, Oregon where she delivered *DCC Gold Rush and Winchester from California! Marge was very reluctant to let Gold Rush go, and I wish to thank her for allowing Goldie to be part of our "History in the Making"!
   We also received *LS Daisy and will be receiving Gypsy from San Jose. These two excellent mares are of 3/4 and 7/8 gaited blood and goes to *Curly Jim, and also carry Damele blood.

Charming Prince on his journey
in the Canadain Rocky Mountains.

    My trainer will be heading off to the Eastern States in May to pick up the rest of our new herd. *Beauty Girl is bred to a pinto TWH stallion, and will be bred to *J. Silverheels ABC 2261 before she comes home. *Bigcone Whoopi is going up to spend some time with *Sir Patrick MJT ABC 274 before she heads west, and hopefully *Curly Sarah will foal in time to be bred to *Star's Lucky Touch ABC 269-1/2! Nellie is only a yearling, so she will be bred to Prince in a couple of years!

A Little Bit of Curly Jim History

    "So what's the big deal" you may ask, about the Curly Jim line?
    First off, he is the original and only Foundation Curly in the gaited Curlies we now have today. Less than 10% of the Curly horses are gaited. (There are only about 45 of them in the world). This is amazing, in that all the Missouri Fox Trotters that he was bred to carried his gene and many passed in on through generations of breeding.
    He has several daughters in the first ABC stud books, most notably *Blaze (MFTHBA 1000498, 0ABC 135(f)), dam of *Walker's Prince T (MFTHBA F-12781, ABC 90(f)), who is one of the most influential stallions in the Curly breed.
    Secondly, the pure *Curly Jim horses are never string tails or baldies, even when they are homozygous for curls. When bred to string tail curlies they seem to always put mane and tail on the offspring.
    Thirdly, this blood line mostly consists of very well conformed, refined horses with great dispositions. Not many Curlies can boast such a good, strong gene.
    Proven Curly stallions that purely (meaning no other curly blood lines) go back to *Curly Jim are: *Walker's Prince T, *Prince Charming T, *Walker's Curly T, *Klif, *Charming Prince, *Sir Patrick MJT, *Charming's Curly King, *Sunshine Kypchak, *Walker's Prince no. II, *Kreskin, *Riley, *Star's Lucky Touch, and the list goes on. All are beautiful stallions and prime examples of the breed.
    Of these are *Prince Charming T (dec), *Charming Prince, *Klif (dec), *Kreskin and *Riley curly bred top and bottom, and all are homozygous for curls!
    *Charming Prince is the ONLY homozygous pure *Curly Jim stallion in the west!

Charming Prince's Story

   *Charming Prince was foaled in 1983. Don purchased Curly Sue in 1983 with Charming Prince by her side from a fellow in California. Prince was very undernourished and Don feels his growth had been stunted. Don then bred *Curly Sue W to *Tchubtchik ABC 50(f) and she died after foaling when this new foal *MD Zarya ABC 389(f)(aka Squeak) was only 3 month old. Don is certain that Sue died from poisoning from pesticides. -
   *Charming Prince has traveled across the country as his homozygous traits became well known. He seemed to spend about 2 years at a home and then would be leased to another home. We are proud to provide him his final destination!
   He was started under saddle around the age of ten and Cindy's comments on him were "He is one of the few very gaited Curly stallions and since I trained him under saddle I know for a fact all his gaits. He was a blast to ride."
   Prince is one of only 3 stallions proven to be Homozygous for his Curl. He had about 17 foals by 1997, all of which were fillies. He then started to produce colts when Amy March leased him. He has sired about 50 foals from Arabs, Morgans, Quarters, Missouri Fox Trotters, Tennessee Walkers and of course, Curlies, and every foal has been Curly.

   This is Prince as a youngster and I have to share Don's little story with you. Yes, Prince has his head stuck underneath the chain link fence. Don came out one morning and found him in this position. Couldn't figure out what on earth had happened. So they got Prince's head back on the right side and got him back up on his feet. Next morning, lo and behold, here he is AGAIN with his head under the fence! Don says he did this for about two weeks straight. Every morning that they came out of the house, Prince was laying there with his head under the fence.

Our Goals

    The past few years we have noticed that a large majority of our prospective Curly inquires are from people that wish to own a great family horse and a quiet trail horse. What better horse is suited for this than a foxtrotting Curly Horse?! It is our goal to produce the greatest, smoothest riding Curlies around.

1997 Gaited Mare

Our Foundation Stallions

1983 Gaited Stallion
*Charming Prince ABC 270
From Oregon
Here he is! Our foundation stallion to our Walcurly's! Out of own *Curly Jim daughter *Curly Sue W ABC 168(f). By homozygous curly *Prince Charming T ABC 93(f) who was sired by *Curly Jim grand son *Walker's Prince T ABC 90(f) MFTHBA 12781 out of *Curly Baby T ABC 115(f) MFTHBA 15009. Even thus *Prince Charming T was eligible for MFTHBA registration he was never registered but goes back to famous Walker's Merry Lad, triple registered Tennessee Walker, Missouri Fox Trotter and American Fox Trotter.
*Charming Prince can trace his sire line 20 generations through the American Horse Breed history all the way back to legendary Darley Arabian f. 1700.

2002 Gaited Colt

*SS Walcurly Winchester
From California
Our future stallion prospect. What a personality this fellow has. He traveled the 1,500 miles from California like he was just going next door. Extremely people oriented and a true sweetheart. He was foaled in 2002 and his sire is *Walker's Curly T ABC 295(f) (by *Walker's Prince T and out of Mr President's Molly (MFTHBA 11381). His dam is *Lovely Lady ABC 256-1/2 (aka Yella Horse) (by *Memorial 's Fantasy Pizazz ABC 404(f)) (Golden Governor line) and out of Double Heart Duchess C (MFTHBA 21407). Winchester is one of only a handful of colts in the world that are registered MFTHBA and Curly, and that has both parents curly (which gives him a chance of being homozygous). He goes back to *Curly Jim top and bottom, but carries only 25 % of *Walker's Prince T, thus an excellent cross for mares with *Walker's Prince T or *Prince Charming T in their pedigree. See his page at Winchester!

2004 Gaited Pinto Colt

WOW!! Here's *SS Walcurly Lucky Charms!
Out of Curly Sarah by Lucky Touch. He is one handsome fellow and he is showing his natural gait already! NO Walker's Prince T in his pedigree!!! An ideal stallion with the much needed new blood for the gaited lines. His curls trace back through his sire, Lucky Touch, to *Star JH, *Black Star, *Curly Lady and of course *Curly Jim. His lines include FOUR time World Champion Rex's Golden Touch and Walker's Merry Lad, Mr. President, and Danney Joe W. Hoping to register him AFTHBA and SSHBEA.

Our Foundation Mares

2000 Gaited Mare
*Gold Rush ABC 2005
From California
Goldie is one of the prettiest Curlies I have seen. She stands about 14.3hh and is a Palamino. She is sired by the beautiful MFTHBA stallion Epsilon, and out of *My Girl Lollipop ABC 465(f) (own grand daughter of Curly Jim).

1993 Gaited Mare
*Bigcone Whoopi ABC 2005
From Missouri
Whoopi is a wonderfully conformed daughter of *Prince Charming T ABC 93(f), own son of *Walker's Prince T. She is out of an unknown Hickey mare. The late Dr Phil Hickey, who once owned *Prince Charming T, had mares of different breeds, among them some bay Arab mares and it has been deduced that Whoopi's dam was one of his Arabian mares. (We lost Whoopi to colic in 2005. Her intestine was wrapped and blocked)

1985 Gaited Mare
*Beauty Girl ABC 360
From New York.
This mare is a real welcome addition to our breeding herd and especially to the stables. Don advises that Beauty has taught many a person to ride. Sired by *Walkers Prince T out of Blondie (Mattison's).

2002 Gaited Filly
Nellie MFTHBA 02-74174
From Kentucky
Nellie is going to add alot of height and color to our breeding program. Her sire measured a little over 16h and her dam measured right at 15.2. She goes back to Walker's Merry Lad. Out of Missouri, Big Shot-L's Nellie Ta (MFTHBA 95-48012) by Apache Rebel (MFTHBA 96-49470).

1993 Gaited Mare
J4 Chestnut Swirl MFTHBA 93-41798
Grey mare
"Misty" is a sweet, well put together mare. She is grey with a black mane and tail and was born chestnut. She is out of Jo Jo Star (MFTHBA 81-20231) by Willwood's Chestnut Ripple (MFTHBA 89-34624)

Happy Heart's Morning Star MFTHBA 97-52867
Imported from Missouri.
Star is the absoulute sweetest mare I have ever owned. Anyone can ride her and she is so smooth. Responds to all seat and leg cues, can ride her bareback with only a halter. She is out of Pusher's Show Biz by Pierson Creek No Limit. She threw us an Amber Champagne filly in 2004.