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Horses arrive in Germany!

     Iíll post the pictures as I receive them!

The horses were to depart February 25th at midnight. The plane was delayed 3 hours due to a storm in Portland. Then it was delayed 17 more hours! The horses finally arrived the next day. Here is Nancy'síGran waiting with the whole family for the arrival of Babe.

Such excitment to await the arrival of the Babe. Nancy's grandfather owns a farm in Germany where babe will be staying and where she will have her foal in the spring.

After traveling for 9 hours on the plane, 2 hours to clear customs and 8 hours via trailer, Babe takes her first steps at her new home!

Jens reported that Babe was very cool through all the procedures and traveled very well.

Babe gets her initiation to her new home. She had some fear of the baby strollers, bicycles and such. It appears that the Halflinger there had to let her know that he is the chief!.

Finally comfort for Babe. Her own stall, fresh straw and quiet time. Iím certain at this point she is wondering what the heck has happened to her. Hopefully she will make new friends soon and be happy in her new home.

Babe with her new friends in Germany!

Gary performing demo in Germany. Dagmar reported that it was VERY cold!

Anna learning the round pen principles. She is going to be an awesome horsewoman.

Here is Anna getting Austin's attention. She is learning the Buddy-Up principles of Natural Horsemanship.

And here is Anna with Austin Buddy'd Up. He has given her his trust and attention and is now ready to follow her.

Gary, Bernard and Anna.

Nancy reports "At the beginning Babe was a kind of nervous, but today she behaved like being here all her life. I took her for a ride in the paddock, she was as great as I remembered. She is drinking well, eats everything