Sunnybrook Stables

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Cowboy Bill's visit to the Wild West!

     First trip for my Uncle and Aunt to visit me in the West! Here's some snapshots of their trip.
Camera Shy!
Never try to take pictures on a windy day! .
Our Mares
Here's 20 of our mares out on the fall pasture.
Winters Feed
Our first of 10 loads needed for the winter feeding.
Future Calf Roper!
And here's Cowboy Bill roping his first calf! Poor critter didn't stand a chance!
History is Made!
Yes, that is my Aunt Mikie on a horse! Never thought I would see the day. She became so comfortale around the Curlies that my Uncle could not belive his eyes.
Lesson on driving!
Uncle bill steadies Snowden for his first driving lesson.
Stable Mate
Our resident hound dog, Bear.
Regular riding lessons.
No Fear
This is my class of first time riders. 2 five year olds, a six year old and a seven year old.
Too Much Fun!
Although these pictures are not of my horses, I thought everyone might get a chuckle from them. They were taken the Thursday night before Reidun was to leave for Norway and we did shut the place down. Another first for Aunt Mikie to sing in public. And my Uncle surprised me with his excellent voice. It certainly was a nice send of for Reidun.