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What we've been doing!

     Here's some pictures of our activities the past while.
International Trail Ride!
What a perfect weekend for a trail ride. The weather was awesome. And the company was even better. Nancy, from Germany, had and excellent ride on Babe. She loves this mare. And her boyfriend, Jens, from Germany arrived from his holiday in Sweden, and he rode Prospector just like a real cowboy.
Awesome Austin.
This horse has never let us down yet. Gary led the trail ride on him and he crossed every stream, bridge and river as if he had been doing it all of his life. He is a very proud, confident mount and I am thrilled with the job they have done with him. He is going to be an excellent family horse.
Crossing the Pembina River!
Not one of our trusted Curlies refussed to cross the river. With 3 horses on this ride tha had never crossed a river before, I was very impressed. Even Spirit crossed first time with me asking him to leave his buddies and head away from home. It is such an excellent training area here.
Wet Feet!
Poor Reidun, she was the tallest person riding and she was on the shortest horse. Her and Toiya get along so well. I have never seen anyone ride him like she does, they are a perfect match.
Crossing the Bridges
Here's a picture of Austin and then Babe crossing one of the many bridges. Nancy had Babe so light I could not believe it. She cantered up one of the hills so slowly it was like watching a passage. Found a picture in Reidun's files of our house and areana.