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What we've been doing!

     Here's some pictures of our activities the past while.
Our new Democrat!
We finally took out our beautiflu Democrat, built in the 1940's. It is in excellent shape and all original hardware. This is Diamond, a 1/4 Curly, pulling it. Gary drives her all over with it. Through town and down the secondary highway. It is our hope to use the Democrat in some parades next year with Cookie.
Cookie's first tour.
Cookie is so amazing. Gary hooked her up and third time in harness he had her out on the road and through town. She is so steady and looks awesome in harness. She is part Percheron and so black she really looks sharpe pulling the cart. Can't wait untill she is ready for the Democrat! She is bred to Pal for next year.
Don arrives from Oregon!
Don made it out for his visit on Monday! All the way from Oregon. He was the orignal owner of Charming Prince. He was able to watch some of our camp and joined us for lunch. This is a picture of Don, Reidun and I with the eight children from the camp.
One of our best Camps!
What a great bunch we had for this last camp. Half of the riders had never ridden before and they all rode out on the trail ride, unassisted, on the last day. L - R Kalee on Lily, Tessa on Patches, Melissa on Scarlet, Danielle on Fancy, Garrett on Cindy, and riding CURLIES - Branden on Diamond, Emma on Prospector and Rachelle on Roper.
Prospector at K-Days, Edmonton
And here he is! I was as proud of Prospector as I have ever been of any horse. What an ambassador he was for both the Curly horse breed and our stables. Despite the 30 degree weather he never once got cranky. The ring we had to use was very small and he responded to my aids perfectly, no resistance at all.
Booth at Klondike Days, Edmonton
This was a long week for both the horses and us. It was 33 degrees Celsius on Wednesday and did not get alot cooler the rest of the week. The horses were sweating just standing in the stalls. Gary rode Tuesday and I rode the rest of the week doing some dressage work and Natural Horsemanship demo's. It was a great time if it had only been a bit cooler!
Annie's Oakley at Klondike Days, Edmonton
Oakley was very patient for a four year old with so much commotion around her. By the end of the week she was definetly ready to go home though. She was awesome for the Natural Horsemanship routine. I would run around her and she would stay facing up to me and then she would trot loose beside me around the whole ring and would stop on a dime when I stopped. Many people would stop me afterwards as they were amazed that a horse would do this.
Austin at Calgary Stampede
Austin was truly awesome at Calgary. He was looking for attention at all times. Not once did he get cranky or fed up with all of the people pokeing him and prodding him.
Riding Camp
Six students participated in our first riding camp in July. We had three Curlies in the camp and my first horse Major (now 24 years old) participated also. Lots of fun was had by all and no one wanted to see it end.