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Our Horse Show!!

     What a fantastic Day!!
Super weather! Super participants!! And SUPER horses!!!

Spruce Meadows Challenge!

Gary did an excellent job of presenting the participants with some challenging obstacles.
One was to move a rope from one pole to another, Second was to cross over the bridge, third was to do a side pass over the pole, fourth was to get off your horse and pour grain from one bucket to another without your horse crossing over the line, fifth was backing through the L, sixth was to cross the "water" and final was to pick up a pail of water and move it from one barrel to the other.

Our Alberta Horse Improvement Program winner - SS Annie's Buffalo Girl!! Ridden by Tracy Dick. No problem on the bridge, but she sure wanted to check out those oats!! Such focus - on both parts!!

There was lots of cheering all day long. The weather was the best!! 20 degrees and sunny. First two pics are Beauty Girl, then Charmer posing like a statue!! Faithful old Maj standing patiently while Hilory races back to him after pouring the grain, and look at him strutting his stuff in the next picture!! The last two pictures were from ribbon presentations for the trail class.

We did pole bending, stakes race, egg and spoon, toilet paper, keyhole, barrels and the mug race. Sunnybrook Stable's horses entered in the show were: Major Deln (my first horse!), Charming Price II (Charmer-5 year old bay Curly), Justa Travelin Man (Traveler-3 year old gaited Curly), Beauty Girl (18 year old palomino gaited mare), SS Sunnybrook's Wyatt (3 year old grey gelding), SS Annie's Buffalo Girl (4 year old bay filly), Happy Heart's Morning Star (Star - 5 year old MFTHBA mare with her dun filly, Star's Dun Dazzlin and her adopted filly SS Walcurly Golden Girl) and SS Ivory Felicity (3 year old palomino filly sold to Reidun!).

My favorite boy Maj in the first photo. He really got into the competition and was hard to believe he was 25!! Second photo is Meg on Traveller, headin home! Photo second from the end is Reidun on Ss Ivory Felicity. Look at her bend around that pole!!

Some excellent times were turned in for the pole bending and stakes race! Everyone performed these two challenges twice then on to the mug race. Amazing bending and I was very impressed to see the riders using their seat and legs!!

Charmer, Major & Charmer (preping for the toilet paper race), Beauty Girl and Star (also preping for the race), and Star's babies catching a snack time!

SS Sunnybrook's Wyatt was the star for the keyhole race! This awesome three year old curly was so steady throughout the whole day. Everyone was surprised to see him win first place!! He is in the first picture, then: Major, Happy Heart's Morning Star, Justa Travelin Man, Beauty Girl, SS Ivory Felicity and Charmer!