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The Big Day!!

     THANKYOU!!! To everyone that made this a great presentation!!
Pictured left to right: Jackie, Stephanie, Barb and her children, Reidun, Jason, Me, Warren and Peter. Missing: Gary, Marco, Katharina, Tracy and Megan.

65 horses INSIDE the arena!

Where do I start to say Thankyou?? I never knew I had so many friends. Thankyou, to each and every one of you that pitched in without complaining, that did what had to be done and performed above and beyond the call of duty.

Mother Nature obviously did not read the paper or she would have known it was not a good day to SNOW! Yes we woke up the morning of our preparations and could not beleive our eyes, it snowed 4 inches!!

Against all odds the arena looked unbeleivable. There were 65 horses inside and everything was clean and every horse had been bathed and groomed (huge thanks to Reidun and Jason). Every horse had it's own number painted on their hip (Thanks to Gary, Peter, Marco, Kat, Reidun and Jason for staying late Friday night). Shavings were spread in the riding ring, along the walkways and in every stall. Kat helped with hanging the backdrop curtains to section off the working area.

Jason, Reidun, Stephanie and Jackie were in charge of gettting the horses into the ring, and Stephane, Jackie and Gary rode. Warren and Barb and her children helped leading horses and returning them to their stalls.

Night before we did a trial run with all of the horses that were to be rode. Here's me on Annie, Palladin was brought in just to show him off!

Here's Gary riding Annie, me leading Moonlight, and Cypress Lady ready to go!

After the horses were all turned out the least I could do was take everyone for supper! Lots of laughs and many reflections. Everyone agreed that it was a great experience and that they all enjoyed putting on this event.