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The Boys in Germany!!
Ball Anyone!

     Here’s some pictures and the email from Karen and Marian in Germany of Prospector and Austin playing with his ball.
     HI Deanna!
     It was POURING rain this afternoon when I got to the stables, the boys were outside and had been caught in the downpour for about 10 minutes. I ran out to get them as there was a lot of lightning, and both trotted up across the big field when they saw me and heard the clicker (yes, Prospector now LOVES to be "caught"... This time he was even quicker than Austin! Believe that?).
     I had wanted to take photos of Austin with the ball so instead of taking them outside in the big pretty field as I had planned, I took them in his box. If you use the photos in the website, PLEASE tell people that he is SOAKED with rain, and not covered with slime, blood or any other gook. For some reason he doesn't look WET in the photos, he looks GOOEY, which he was NOT!
     At any rate, here he is getting his ball, throwing it around and finally bringing it up for the "handoff"! Isn't he CUTE?
     Since it was POURING; and I was waiting for Marian I started to work with the clicker and Prospector. It was a HOOT to see when "the light went on" and he realized all he had to do for a carrot coin was to touch the ball with his nose. He got around to nosing it and picked it up in his teeth once - all this in about 10 minutes. Not bad, considering I had my doubts that Prospector would enjoy clicker work.
     Well, the old man is full of surprises... Not only does he LIKE the ball (Austin is NUTS about it, Prospector is much more dignified) but he now eats carrots, apples, bread, bananas and molasses. He trusts Marian SO much he will now try ANYTHING. Austin was MUCH quicker with this, and even got hold of coffee in a thermos one morning and decided it was pretty good too... The horses appear to assume if we give it to them, it must be YUMMY! Ho ho! It is fun to give them rewards they enjoy, although we are sparing with the bread, I think the horses are BURSTING with good health, which is another way of saying they are probably FAT!

The Chase!

    This is the BIG field where the horses hang out, and this is the typical herd the boys stay with, although they do mix the horses up quite a bit. There are 45 total horses here!

1.    The quiet side of the herd!
2.    Two seconds later - CHAOS! I LOVE this photo! Know why? Our horses are now in the alpha position in EVERY grouping of the herds. They slowly made their way from scruffy underdogs to the top of the heap! My horses are finally CHASING, not being chased all the time!
3.    A foal clacking his teeth at Austin asking to be friends after the great race.
4.    Prospector on the lookout while Austin eats. He is saying "Relax, I got your back!"
5.    Austin and I deep in conversation. Who is funnier looking, me or the horse?
6.    Marian the cowboy.

1.     Give me the ball, please, Austin!
2.     Here you go!

3.      Nice handoff, boy!
4.     Would you like a piece of apple of carrot for that exchange, Austin?

5.     What else have you got in that bag????
6.     Austin After his Bath!


     Today we worked on the umbrella again, Prospector went from YIKES (photo 1) to WHATEVER (photo 2). It was too funny to watch. He still needs work with both the bike and the umbrella, but we're getting there!