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Winter Activities!!

     Here's some pics of what we do around the stables in the winter.
Merry Christmas!
Would like to take a minute and thank each and every one of you for your support and belief in us here at Sunnybrook Stables. I sincerely hope that all of you are surrounded by your family and good friends over the holiday season! Here's me on Daisy beside our Christmas tree! We all need to stop and realize the great things in our lives once in awhile. I am so blessed to be able to enjoy such an experience as being able to ride my own horse, on my own property and go hunting for a tree!
This was really a cold day, but just one of the Kodak moments. This is Gary on Curly Sarah on her first winter ride in Alberta. She was a bit confused about the snow issue! Gary just got Chinook hooked to the cart and started out the drive when a squall blew in and made for a very cold ride.
Meg & Anastasia
This should be a picture for a calendar! Anastasia is our miracle baby. And what a perfect little angle she is. Maybe she gets it from her dad Archangels Gabriel? <Do you think that Meg and Anastasia have bonded? Both of these little sweethearts are a joy to behold.
Items of Interest
Our future stallion for our Gaited Curlies. SS Walcurly Winchester! SS Walcurly Gypsy's winter coat! Seems the Gaited Curlies have a greater tendency to produce the poodle like curls.