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Best Camp of the Year!!

     The last camp of 2004 was full and fun! Just a super bunch of kids and everyone pitched in, true to the character of all the children that attend camp!

Camp Fever!


The start of another great camp! Upon arrival the children were all assigned their mounts based on their riding level. Mattea was the only rider that brought her own horse, Prancer. Tesa rode my old friend Major, Bailey rode SS Annie’s Buffalo Girl and Sunny, Freya our 20 year old Gaited Curly, Beauty Girl and Sydney rode Holley. Left is Hilary saddling our curly Charmer and Amilia with Skookum. Megan is saddling up Sunnybrook’s Wyatt, our 3 year old Curly boy that is heading to Germany in October.


Thanks to Gary for adding a bit of fun to lunch on Wednesday. We had true Mexican style Fahita’s!


At the end of the last rie each say At the end of the ride each day, all of the children wanted to ride bareback. Since this is the best way for everyone to find a centered seat I encouraged them to have some fun!


Here's Everyone progressed so well we even did a jumping session in the middle of camp! Was very impressed with Megan on Wyatt!! First picture is Baily on Buffy, then Sydney on Holley and then Beg on Wyatt.


 And of  course we had to go for our tour of the ranch!!

Above is Winchester; SS Annie’s Ahani Spright with Duchess and Flashy Fenacia in the background; Ahani again; and Black Beauty (aka Cookie!).


Duchess and Flashy Fenacia; SS Annie’s Oakley with her babe Ss Annie’s Ahani Spright; the gang with Winchester; and Sunnybrook’s Seleena!


And what is camp without our windup trail ride! I was super impressed with everyone and of course the horses! We were out for over two hours without one person requiring assistance. That’s pretty impressive with 1- 7 year old, 1-8 year old, 3-9 year olds, 2- 10 year olds and 1-11 year old and also with two three year old horses!! Good work gang!


Snack break along the trail. Lots of stories and some good laughs!!


The end of camp – If you look real close in the last picture you will see Amilia’s legs are bowed, just like a real cowboy!! The horses were pretty tired by then and I think they were very grateful to be turned back out on pasture.