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Calgary Stampede!!

     Another fantastic week for the Curly horses at Calgary Stampede!! Tons of inquirys, as usual! And Luc Skywalker was the star of the show!! Everybody fell in love with him! Not one person walked by without looking at the "cute baby!"

Curly Mania!

More fantastic exposure for our unique Curly horses! Thanks to Dawn for making this opportunity possible!
The weather was atrocious, 35 degrees Celsius on Saturday! But the crowds were huge. Our booth is always the one with the most visitors. Everybody has to stop and see the curly horses. Time and time again I am amazed at how many people have never heard of them. We had our mare, Sukie Warrior and her baby, Luc Skywalker on display. Luc was definitely the star of the show. Not one person would walk by without petting him. And he had never had a halter on until we loaded him up Friday night! True to Curly character he soaked up all the attention he could get. With the heat inside the barns I was super impressed with these two. Not once did Sukie get upset with all the handling of her babe or the heat.

On Sunday we displayed SS Walcurly Winchester. He is our registered Missouri Fox Trotter and ABC two year old stallion. Again we were not disappointed, he was very well behaved and took in all the scratches he could steal! He has one of the most beautiful crushed velvet summer coats that I have seen on any Curly and there were no questions "Why do you call them Curlies?!".

Here's Luc, dead to the world! He was so calm and cool we could not have asked for a better behaved pair in the booth. Reidun and Ida accompanied me to the Exhibition and we took the heat alot harder than the horses! But it was awesome exposure for these awesome horses!