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CCHA Meeting & Clinic!!

     Super weather, people, and of course Curly Horses!!

Look out Spruce Meadows!

September 18th saw another gathering of enthusiast curly owners for a great get together and lots of fun on horse back. This was an introduction to the elements of Spruce Meadows and all felt that the Challenge of the Breeds is something that we are aiming for in the next couple of years.

Dublanko's set up a super little trail course! Thankyou for your time, effort and thought that went into this presentation. Lots of time was spent tackling the various obstacles. There was a big ball for the horses to push, a bag to drag towards your horse, a tarp to cross, a "spear" to drop, rails for backing into and sidepass and a pole to walk with.

Jumping! I gave a miny clinic on jumping, and everyone progressed tremendously in the hour and a half we had. Focus was on rider position and safety, and we ran through some trot poles and finished with all riders going over a couple of cross rails. Reidun took her filly, SS Ivory Felicity over a real jump for her first time!

After the clinic some members headed off for a very enjoyable trail ride. Here's Verlin on Sockeye, Katharina on Wild Bill Hickock and Gary on SS Annie's' Buffalo Girl. Dawn is hiding in the background in the second picture on her mare. Beautiful rolling hills surround the Rau's residence and the weather was perfect for a trail ride.