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The Big Trip!!

     Here’s some pictures of Gary’s travels to Texas to deliver Spar, into Missouri where he picked up Charmer and Star, then up through Quebec where I met him, (see those pics on the Quebec page, and then at my home in Ontario. He travelled 12,000 KM before he arrived back home!!.

Spar in Texas!

Here is Spar in Texas! Clyde had contacted us due to allergies to horses in his family. They were very happy to find a hypo-allergenic broke Curly horse. It was love at first site for Clyde and Spar. This beautiful palomino gelding caught his eye right from the start and Clyde knew he just had to have him. Pictures here of Monique, his daughter riding him and also with his wife, Jo-Anna. Clyde was very excited to receive Spar and here are some of his comments after - "The vet gave him his shot this morning and he took it like a champ! She said she has seen only 1 other curly in her life so she was taken by his demeanor, she said she is talking to a personal friend about purchasing a horse and now since she has met Spar she'd talk to her about buying a curly. Anisse who runs the stable just had to ride him and she did so this morning, I think Jo Anna got a little jealous becuase she was just babying him. So many people are coming to see him and he's really living the part. I'll give you all a plug (Sunnybrook Stables) when ever I see someone interested in a curly. He's a very good horse we all are very happy with him."

Charmer & Star Travel 7,000 KM!

After visiting in Quebec for 3 days we headed to Peterborough area in Ontario so I could visit my famil. Here's pictures of me and my father on his front lawn. We unloaded the horses up the road and I rode Star bareback and Gary rode Charmer up to my fathers. He was surprised to say the least. Then next morning we stopped at my Aunt and Uncles then at my mothers work. Was a huge surprise for everyone!