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Curlys in Alaska!!

     Kathleen sent these awesome pictures of the Curly boys on their hunting trip. When there are no trees to tether to, you take the next best thing! The rack of your caribou!! Then Snowden and her Arab mare were tethered to Chinook's saddle!!

Curlies and Caribou!

Kathleen called me to tell me how thrilled they were with the boys on their first hunting trip. Her and Dean headed out for 8 days in the Alaskan wilderness hunting caribou with 6 horses. I was thrilled to hear that Chinook was Dean's choice every day to ride. Chinook was not impressed with the dressing of the Caribou but never got excited. The blood from the Caribou is rubbed on the horses nose to familiarize them with the scent. Kathleen said most horses will be very snorty the first hunt, but Chinook took everything in stride and they were extremely happy with his performance.

Here's pictures of Chinook on the river and Kathleen's Caribou. This country looks awesome, can't wait to one day go and visit everyone.
Toiya and Snowden didn't appreciate the packs the first day. (That's Toiya in the background of the first pic and Snowden in the second) I guess they bucked for a bit until they realized it wasn't so spooky!!
A bit of history - For those of you that do not know Snowden, Chinook and Toiya, here's some of the story. All three of these horses were pretty well broke but were not for experienced riders. They all could sense when their riders were nervous and would become nervous themselves. When Kathleen first contacted us about Curlies we knew we had found a match. Dean is a bronk rider and their children have no fear whatsoever!! Plus the hunting and packing aspect just made it a dream come true for these Curly boys. Kathleen reports that Toiya has totally bonded with her one son and they are the best of friends and he is riding him everywhere. Chinook is a very big, stocky Curly boy and he and Dean have hit if off very well. A big Thankyou to the Kitson family for providing these horses with a super home.