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I just don't seem to have the time to make up pages for everything that we are doing at the stables, so I have made this summary page of some pics from 2014.
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July 2014
Our super little pony Tobi gets his first driving in cart and does amazing!
Not surprising. He is so easy going, friendly and just wants to please.

July 2014, Another first for Sunnybrook Stables.
We were the travelling entertainment for my nieces birthday party for her daughter - Chloe!!

Our super reliable Peggy leads the way from the trailer to the birthday party, complete with her wings!

The horses were just super cute after the girls dressed them up, complete with painted stars on their hips

Nellie had a super sweet filly on July 18th.

July 2014 We headed off with Little Britches, her baby Dash O Splash, Rosie and Nikey to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!
The Calgary Stampede!!!
Annika and Sarah from Germany and Robyn from the stables came with us and presented all the horses in great fashion!

Oakley had a drop dead, gorgeous! Curly COLT!! This boy is a keeper if ever there was one.

Two families of Canadian Geese have made their home on our trout pond!

Nancy came out for the weekend and we dewormed all the horses and halter broke Britches little girl - Dash O Splash!

Robyn's son LOVES to ride in the tractor with me. When we are going down the road the dogs must be with us, or they run on the road. Dana always makes sure there is enough room for him too!
Gorgeous bluebirds arrived and they are using the houses I built!

I ordered a kit from the US for the hardware to build myself a shoeing stock. My back just can't take the big horses anymore and this will make it sooo much easier!