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July 30th, 2012

A visit from Tracey and Meghan!!
Meghan was competing in Thorsby for the PPG and WON! Now will be the first time ever Curlies are in Nationals!!
I was super happy they took time from their very busy schedule to stop by and see some of the horses. Antigua was a big hit with her one of a kind curly gypsy baby!!
Star had to try and climb into the car. Lady had to say hello also. She is our 16.2hh Irish draught girl by JJ.
Kiandra brought her baby up for hello's also.
And I was quite impressed, after 3 weeks of pretty good training, all three of the ponies came up for greetings. Tarriana would NEVER have done this 3 weeks ago. And Rosie kept her greetings for her special friend, Christoper before.
July 12th, 2012

Little Britches first ride! So sweet, she is doing way better than I ever would have hoped. Amazing little girl. She is out of Kit by Lucky Charms.
Britches Little Rose is such a sweetheart. Her first ride also goes with out a hitch.
And we have our wonderful Tarriana! She is just so pretty. She took the driving and weight tonight wonderfully!
July 2nd

Holly's little girl, Maple.
Maple then Kerry
Kiandra's boy Brady.
Kerry and Star sharing a back scratch.
June 24th, 2012

Holly's little girl, Maple. Born on Canada Day and Cherylee suggested the appropriate name!
Keelah's new addition, Bradiegh.
Tarriana and Little Britches.
Kerry taking a nap. Irrabella checking out Holly's new addition.
Perfect day for a BBQ on the patio. Even the canaries agreed.
100th Anniversary for Telfordville. I have audited their books for almost 30 years now!
Fun birthday party for four year old Kaely with our amazing, gentle Peggy.

And wonderful pictures from Hannah riding our Oakley daughter, SS Satin Savanah, a 2008 filly by Winchester.
Here is her email:
Hello Deanna!
    This is Hannah Friesen (We bought SS Satin Savanah from you) and I remembered you telling us that updates are enjoyed, so I thought I might quickly fill you in on all things Savvy. Well, over the few years that we've had her she has been a total sweet heart and even though she wasn't broke I could always sit on her bareback without fear. Well at the beginning of May this year the manager of a community pasture in this area offered to break her for free (our Churchs are partners) and I was elated! And so two months later, this friday, they phoned in the morning and asked if I wanted to come ride her so he could show me what he's taught her to do and such, and she was amazing! She even jumped barrels while lunging (taking after her mother) and feels gaited on a slow trot (like her father). I walked, trotted and loped on her and she did great! She can get a bit stubborn but she is a fast learner and a gentle horse. And the man that trained her said she never bucked once! You breeded a great little filly! I just thought you might like to hear about her :)
     I have attached a few pictures that my Mother took of her just so you can see how beautiful she has become!
June 24th, 2012
Wonderful email from Ramona in Germany (Netherlands)
i thought i give you a little kresky update!
she is doing awesome, i am super happy with her, we just had an open day at the sables where i stay with kresky, and i did a western trail show.
Kresky loves trail rides, she would be doing great at the mountains. :-)
I trained with her the western trail and i think she likes that too.

May 25th, 2012

Trout in our Trout Pond!! If you have a vision, then you can make it happen. Planted 100 trout in our pond and it was very exciting.
Picked up the little guys in my car and slowly climatized them to their new surroundings.
Now need to get air to it before winter so they can survive. Can't wait till next year to practice the fly fishing that Cherylee taught us in Africa!
May 7th, 2012

Folly had her baby on Friday!! A super leggy colt! Nellie tried to steal it so we had to bring her up from the back 40 to save it.
I finally built my bluebird houses!! For many years I have wanted to do that but never took the time. I built 4 of them and put them up a couple of weeks ago and on Saturday - Success!! Two bluebirds fought off the swallows for the one at the end of the garden for one, and the swallows won on the one behind the little cabin. was exciting to watch them.
May 24th, 2011

Extremely scary weekend. A huge fire wiped out 1/3 of the town of Slave Lake, just south of where Roland works. Then the fire spread North to within 10 feet of his Oil yard!! They were evacuated on Sunday two hours West of camp.
Roland caught these pictures just minutes before the fire lept accross the road in front of him and he had to make a run for it. 7,000 people were evacuated for two weeks! 1,000 homes were entirely wiped out. Two huge fires are still raging out of control.
April 30th, 2011

Finally spent a wonderful evening with my amazing daughter and grandchildren. The circus came to town, so I sponsered it and took everyone for a very entertaining evening.
We all rode an elephant for our very first time!! Amazing, amazing creatures. Amanda was a bit intimidated, but still climbed on board.
They had some horses too, but my pictures did not turn out. The dogs were soo cute! The clown was hilarious.
How can such a huge creature be so nimble. And so quiet and obiedient. Love it.
September 26th, 2010

Phleap is HUGE! He's grown to 15.3hh already at two!! And what a joy to work with. Was amazing on the weekend. Worked him and Goliat and neither one gave a darn about the saddle. Ground driving right away.
Roland says we should not sell Goliat. He's proving to be another one of those one in a million horses. So gentle, so smart, so willing. Plus he is our last Annie baby. What to do!
September 5th, 2010

Jennie proudly sitting on her new friend, Pal's Keemah Victory. They had a wonderful ride Saturday while her dad rode their other super curly, Agape, for the first time. Sad to see Keemah leave as she is the last daughter of Palladins, but thankfully we will be able to retain her foal that she should have next year!
September 1st, 2010

Our newest additions to the stables!! Holley, above, was imported from the UK! Super tall for a Gypsy Vanner, over 15.2hh!! She is trained to ride and drive, an excellent addition to the stables.
Holley's daughter, Kiandra is a DIRECT Lion King daughter! Wowsers!! And she is started under saddle. And she is already over 15hh!!
August 22nd, 2010

Exhilerating day at the Canadian Derby!! No Hesitation won the race, he was one of the favourites. Three horses finished the race riderless! One stumbled on the back stretch, another dumped his rider clearing that horse and then another jockey came off his horse! None of the horses were injured and all finished the race. I bet $97 and won $75, pretty cheap entertainment. None of my friends could join me, so I went by myself and had a fantastic day.
Love the chance to wear a fancy hat! People actually stopped me and said they LOVED my hat, one lady grabbed me and said I HAVE to have my picture with you. Too funny!!
July 12th, 2010

Another succesful year at Calgary Stampede. more pics at Stampede!!.

July 6th, 2010
Excellent ride for Brandon, Roland's son from Victoria. Roland rode Pall, and looked way too good on him! Brandon rode our stellar mare, Star.
Jen rode our wonderful boy Stardust and Ramona rode Keemah. Brandon Trail Ride.

July 4th, 2010, 2010
Happy days are here again, Finnaly found the gentleman of my dreams and married him.
Picture perfect day, more pics at WEDDING.

Wonderful, wonderful visit from Tracy and Megan while they attended the Prince Philip Games Championships in Thorsby with Cassidy! Megan will be trying out for International candidate next year! Congratulations to you Meg. You've worked for that one.

Our 2010 babies!!
More pictures at 2010 Baby Pics .
Amazing, amazing curly filly from our wonderful girl Cookie. This filly will really have everything, size, colour, temperament and curl. You will not find a better curly equine, anywhere.
Our Golden Girl surpassed herself. This little colt has the finest conformation of any foal we have had at the stables. He has the breeding, Winchester, the colour, palomino, the curl, micro and the looks. What more could we ask for??
Our very first miniature, curly stallion. Talorian!! What a winner!! We have the feeling his name will be known around the world.
Atty's gorgeous mini girl, Tarriana!! Look at her markings!
Another first at the stables, Kheirrian, our first Gypsy baby!! A wonderful filly from our first class girl, Sassy.
March 16th, 2010
John and Cam arrive from 100 Mile House BC to build our new sleeping cabin!!

John does such awesome work. Fast and efficient. It's so wonderful to finally see the logs become a building! 5 years after I bought them.
Will have two rooms, 3 windows and a door. Hoping to have it's final resting place at our little lake one day.
March 2nd, 2010
Our newest addition arrived at the stables on the weekend, all the way from Virginia!!

Very nicely conformed girl, super friendly, gentle sweetheart.
Not sure if she does not like any dogs, or just wanted to chase Baxter because he looked like a miniature her!
February 22, 2010
Roland captured some amazing pictures of a Fischer chasing a rabbit!!

Very seldom do you actually see one of these guys this close! He was so intent on getting his supper he didn't care that Roland was only 20 feet from him.
Look at that action shot! caught him in mid air!!
January 7th, 2010
Wonderful, wonderful pictures from Hannah of Savannah!

Savanah is of course out of our award winning mare, SS Annie's Oakley. Hannah started emailing us over a year ago as she had fallen in love with Satin Savanah from her pictures on our site. Last fall her dream came true when her dad tested his allergies and passed!

Hannah sent us this email, "Riding Savanah is a REAL BLAST! She was a really soft back! Not hard and uncomfortable! And she NEVER bucked once! But the hay IS making her gain a few more pounds than necessary! lol! But that is better than less I suppose! :D "

And a couple of update pictures from Lynn of Amber! Looking VERY pregnant from Sasha.

---And some new pics from Franzi of Seleena in a training clinic in Germany!

Franzi reports: "A friend is doing her training, they have a HUGE stable and do all the western stuff, Seleena will mainly do Reining/ Cutting there. My friend does a LOT in the AQHA and is internationally very successful. Seleena and I will be in the small Equitana... the BIG Equitana is in 2011 (all 2 years), but already invited there, too."
January 3rd, 2010
Wishing everyone all the best for 2010!! Hope you were surrounded by friends and loved ones to bring in the new year.

We had a wonderful Christmas. Opening our gifts on the 31st when Roland came home. Had a terrible drive to Olds to pick up Raquel. Vehicles in the ditch everywhere. Almost had a terrible accident on the way down. Crested a hill and the woman in front of me panicked and hit her brakes to almost stop dead on the highway when she saw a semi tractor trailer and a car in the ditch ahead. Hit the brakes on the avalanche and it locked up and we had to veer to the left to miss her. Huge semi on my right, not allot of options! Was NOT impressed with her lack of respect and experience. On the way home we passed numerous more vehicles in the ditch and stranded. Took an extra hour to make it back.

Raquel was very happy to receive a hamster for Christmas. She named him Rhino and he wasn't too sure about people to start with, but after some handling became very inquisitive. But we didn't get all the information about hamsters and looks like he is not allowed to go home with Raquel, so Sitka will have something to entertain her for awhile!

John, Cam and Kim stopped by on News Years eve on their way up from Okotoks heading back to Armstrong, BC. They dropped off our handrail for the basement and John sharpened Rolandís chain saws for him!

Played some "Barrel of Monkeys". Amazing how the simplest things in life can be so much fun!

Reo stayed over for New Years eve and we all played guitars and had too much fun till well after 3 in the morn. Sitka was quite content to stay on Reo's lap, even after he didn't have one!

Off to see the horses at midnight. With a full moon it was magical. Chili was the first up to say hello to Raquel. Didn't take Pall long to take his place!

Mr. Big has to check out what all the excitement is about! Raquel makes an angel in the snow while Baxter tries to figure out if she needs help!

Stardust checks out Raquel, trying to figure out what the heck she is doing on the ground!

Pall says "Don't go yet!" what a guy.

Our lazy kitty, Sitka, too much effort to move from under the chair. Then it's crash time from too many late nights, well, at least for the rest of the family!!
December27th, 2009
Hope everyone had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!!

A heavy fog rolled in last night, great time to take some new shots of the cabin!

Was a cold, damp evening, with just the right light to capture the warmth of the logs.

Had big plans of decorating right this year, but just plain ran out of time! Next year.

As the fog was rolling in the sun was setting and pictures do not do it justice.

The stark red against the pale sky with the mist rolling in from the forest was breath taking.

Natasha and Lindey came out for the afternoon and we took a pleasant stroll through the horses. Sitka found her spot! First stop, as always, say hello to Princers.

Love him!! He's such a ham. Just took his blanket off and he was rolling and rolling, must have felt super. Still almost falls over when you scratch his withers. Tell him "other side" and he spins around for the next scratching.

Senza sure grew up over the winter. Thought she was her mom for a second! she's just a yearling!!

Starfire was happy laying in the sun. Phleap is all legs still!

Good old Mac. Content to just hang out.

And our angelic Peggy. Her bud is Irabella.

Thought you would love to see an updated pic of Star's very late baby, Latte. What a gem.

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