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January 7th, 2010
Wonderful, wonderful pictures from Hannah of Savannah!

Savanah is of course out of our award winning mare, SS Annie's Oakley. Hannah started emailing us over a year ago as she had fallen in love with Satin Savanah from her pictures on our site. Last fall her dream came true when her dad tested his allergies and passed!

Hannah sent us this email, "Riding Savanah is a REAL BLAST! She was a really soft back! Not hard and uncomfortable! And she NEVER bucked once! But the hay IS making her gain a few more pounds than necessary! lol! But that is better than less I suppose! :D "

And a couple of update pictures from Lynn of Amber! Looking VERY pregnant from Sasha.

---And some new pics from Franzi of Seleena in a training clinic in Germany!

Franzi reports: "A friend is doing her training, they have a HUGE stable and do all the western stuff, Seleena will mainly do Reining/ Cutting there. My friend does a LOT in the AQHA and is internationally very successful. Seleena and I will be in the small Equitana... the BIG Equitana is in 2011 (all 2 years), but already invited there, too."
January 3rd, 2010
Wishing everyone all the best for 2010!! Hope you were surrounded by friends and loved ones to bring in the new year.

We had a wonderful Christmas. Opening our gifts on the 31st when Roland came home. Had a terrible drive to Olds to pick up Raquel. Vehicles in the ditch everywhere. Almost had a terrible accident on the way down. Crested a hill and the woman in front of me panicked and hit her brakes to almost stop dead on the highway when she saw a semi tractor trailer and a car in the ditch ahead. Hit the brakes on the avalanche and it locked up and we had to veer to the left to miss her. Huge semi on my right, not allot of options! Was NOT impressed with her lack of respect and experience. On the way home we passed numerous more vehicles in the ditch and stranded. Took an extra hour to make it back.

Raquel was very happy to receive a hamster for Christmas. She named him Rhino and he wasn't too sure about people to start with, but after some handling became very inquisitive. But we didn't get all the information about hamsters and looks like he is not allowed to go home with Raquel, so Sitka will have something to entertain her for awhile!

John, Cam and Kim stopped by on News Years eve on their way up from Okotoks heading back to Armstrong, BC. They dropped off our handrail for the basement and John sharpened Rolandís chain saws for him!

Played some "Barrel of Monkeys". Amazing how the simplest things in life can be so much fun!

Reo stayed over for New Years eve and we all played guitars and had too much fun till well after 3 in the morn. Sitka was quite content to stay on Reo's lap, even after he didn't have one!

Off to see the horses at midnight. With a full moon it was magical. Chili was the first up to say hello to Raquel. Didn't take Pall long to take his place!

Mr. Big has to check out what all the excitement is about! Raquel makes an angel in the snow while Baxter tries to figure out if she needs help!

Stardust checks out Raquel, trying to figure out what the heck she is doing on the ground!

Pall says "Don't go yet!" what a guy.

Our lazy kitty, Sitka, too much effort to move from under the chair. Then it's crash time from too many late nights, well, at least for the rest of the family!!
December27th, 2009
Hope everyone had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!!

A heavy fog rolled in last night, great time to take some new shots of the cabin!

Was a cold, damp evening, with just the right light to capture the warmth of the logs.

Had big plans of decorating right this year, but just plain ran out of time! Next year.

As the fog was rolling in the sun was setting and pictures do not do it justice.

The stark red against the pale sky with the mist rolling in from the forest was breath taking.

Natasha and Lindey came out for the afternoon and we took a pleasant stroll through the horses. Sitka found her spot! First stop, as always, say hello to Princers.

Love him!! He's such a ham. Just took his blanket off and he was rolling and rolling, must have felt super. Still almost falls over when you scratch his withers. Tell him "other side" and he spins around for the next scratching.

Senza sure grew up over the winter. Thought she was her mom for a second! she's just a yearling!!

Starfire was happy laying in the sun. Phleap is all legs still!

Good old Mac. Content to just hang out.

And our angelic Peggy. Her bud is Airebella.

Thought you would love to see an updated pic of Star's very late baby, Latte. What a gem.

Love it when they pic up mom's attitude, no rush, I'll just hang out here.

Ambrosia and Chile.

And of course Andee has to be in the middle of everything. Look how FAT he is!!! Maybe we should have him preg checked to!!!

Fury sure grew also. Golden Girl enjoying lunch.

Keemah and Kresky.

Amazing that there is no scar left from Kresky's terrible shoulder wound this summer. Well, I guess it's really not amazing considering the care and attention that Ramona gave this girl.
October 25th, 2009

The weather co-operated and we had a good push to get the walls and rafters on the garage.
October 23rd, 2009

Our Marengo arrived in Germany from Denmark!! Thankyou Ramona for this, and for the wonderful pictures of our boy!!

Franzi was happy to be back in Germany and says Seleena never forgot a thing, and it sure doesn't look like it either!!
October 13th, 2009

Saturday morning up early to catch up Savanah. Walk the fields for an hour, can't find her, Roland brings the Avalanche and as soon as Pall hears that he brings up the whole herd to follow us into the corral.

Savanah is perfect, not sure she wants to leaver her buds. Load mom first and the step is a bit too high for her, so we reposition the trailer and in she goes. The rest of the herd says goodbye over the fence. They know.

Scott came back Sunday morning to see LT and Keemah. They were the 2 girls he reduced it down to. Look at little Carrie!! She is sooo gorgeous! and mom was so good. Did some round pen, lunge and driving. Just a tad bit too cold to do much riding.

Some pics of Princess's little gems, just opened their eyes on the weekend.

Wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving dinner! Raquel was with us and then Chandra, Ron, Amanda, Reilly, Reo, Devon, shelly and Joline all came and we had turkey, stuffing, gravey, ham, cheese spuds, acorn squash, sweet potatoe, cream corn, peas, salad, and Joline brought fresh saskatoon pie and of course we topped it with fresh whipped cream!! Yummy!! Thanks everyone for pitching in to make it wonderful time.

Roland and Sitka take a catnap Monday. And Ramona was happy! I finally figured out how to use Skype on our laptop so she visited with us for about an hour Sunday on video from Germany! What a world of technology.
October 7th, 2009

Chandra got me intrigued to learn more about my camera, so played around with the wonderful candle arrangement that Ramona's mom gave us and got these neat shots!

Franzi sent us these wonderful pictures of our wonderful Doc!! Look at him! WOW!! As tall as his Friesian pasture mate and he has so much wonderful mane!! They LOVE him!
September 27th, 2009

Teary day at the stables. Ramona and her mom left yesterday to lots of goodbyes and "I don't wanna go home!"

Ramona became part of the family during her 7 months in Canada and will certainly miss her Kresky horse, Cookies last year baby. Curly, her standard poodle she also fell in love with, had her first bath Friday and headed south with Ramona heading back to Germany.
September 25th, 2009

Well the count down is on. Ramona leaves TOMORROW~~
We all headed downtown for a last big supper together. Roland treated us to a wonderful meal at the top of the Chateau Lacombe and we revolved around for almost 2 hours and enjoyed the wonderful view.

Stopped at the Leduc #1 on the way in and Roland explained how this landmark impacted Alberta's history.

The meal was fantastic, right from the appertizers to the dessert!!
September 16th, 2009

LT had her baby!! Finally on Sept. 11, just before we left for Spruce Meadows.

And she is a gorgeous filly, just like Franzi said, everything she wished for.

Excellent Dun markings, perfect curl, just a little angel of a package.

Everyone had to get some pets in with the soft little one.

LT is the perfect mom, ever watchful, but respectful.

Roland had never touched a baby that was only about 4 hours old!! She's a sweetie. Expect to see lots of pictures of this gem.

Ramona wanted to some jumping before she leaves so Franzi got her up on Mac and they did SUPER!!

Mac took her to every jump and they both figured out what to do.

He has pretty good form for his first time jumping outside. Then Franzi climbed on Chico to take him over a few.

And look at Chico tuck!! Nice focus Franzi.

So now we know for sure that Chico is an all around boy, he looks handsome no matter what he does.

And then Franzi was pumped so she asked if she could take Oakley over a few of the cross country jumps the next day. Told her Oaks had not jumped for a couple of years so make sure you warm her up good. and she did. and Oaks never forgot a thing. Love this girl.

They jumped all the jumps on the course and Franzi said she had a blast!

The rock jump and the tire jump.

Last week Franzi wanted to visit the stables she is hoping to work at next year. and they were kind enough to offer the girls a chance to ride cutting horses!! So we went back and Ramona had her first ride on a cutter. And never fell off!!
September 14th, 2009

Once again the Spruce Meadows Masters competition was everything we hoped it would be. Fun, fast and furious competitors. The CN International 1,000,000 was one of the best ever with Eric Lamaze for Canada loosing by only 2/100ths of a second!!! OUCH!!

Always a crowd favorite, and one of mine, good old Ian Millar.

Kinda like a Cinderella story for him with Big Ben, way back in my show jumping days. He's 63 now and still competeting. Although maybe he shouldn't be with 20 faults in his first round on Saturday, but then he did post a clear.
September 11th, 2009

A definite stable favorite, Our Cookie's Chance. Steady, easy going and chosen.

He is going to make an awesome mountain horse for Roland. Plus a super Ambassador for the Curly Horse breed. You'll be seeing them in the parades.

Wish they were all as easy to train as this sweetheart. Just as friendly as Chance, but, sorry Chance, she is the pretty one.

Would be awesome if we could always keep the ones like her.

Would have to say Keemah was probably the biggest surprise for Ramona while at the stables. This was Ramona's first experience working with young horses and she was both amazed and pleased to see the quick progress of this girl.

Keemah is bred to Prince for what will probably be one of our last full ABC babies.
September 11th, 2009

Wonderful job girls! Our new stallion, Sasha's Thunder, under saddle and very handsome.

And another proud stallion, our Tubbs O'Reilly. Our Irish Tinker boy imported from England.

Both girls were extremely pleased how easy he is to handle and how simple to train.

Good old Mac. Strong and solid as a rock!

Colorful! and his tail has even grown in.

Mysty's Maxx. Turning a very nice dark chestnut.

Our next Dilon, Stardust. Trusting, willing, caring, just an all around good boy.

Star always stamps her babes with her personality and with Winchester as a dad you know we always have a winning combination.

And a wow for beauty. Our Ambrosia. Fantastic job Franzi.

So balanced, elegant and athletic. What a stride.

Couple of shots from Franzi and Ramona's trail ride at Strawberry creek with Ambrosia.

Excellent area to train the horses.

Golden Girl was Ambrosia's rock for her first trail ride. such a sweetheart.

Nothing bothers this girl. surprised? No! Nice shot of Chelsea now under saddle.

Okay, ready to be wowed?! Look what Franzi did with Chico!! Turned him into a reiner!

Amazing how a couple of trips to the mountains can set the foundation for anything. He is so steady, flowing and confident..

I've never had much to do with western reining but after seeing how quiet and steady Chico is, it just might be something to pursue.

And willing, and forward, and controlled and beautiful!

Nice work girls.

Kodiak going very well. Tad bit on the lazier side of things, girls needed a popper to get him to canter, no resistance, just said "no thanks, I'd rather just trot nice and fast!".

Another one of our very solid, very square boys. Like a tank!

September 10th, 2009

Some pics of our Angelic looking Ambrosia. From our Friesian/TB mare by Palladin.

She is certainly one of the most impressive horses we have raised.

Franzi has done a wonderful job with her this summer.

Huge stride, tons of energy, potential to excel at anything asked of her.

had a fun lesson on the weekend. Shot of Susan on Chico.

And Claire on Golden Girl in her lesson. Franzi has also done a fantastic job with her, doing flying changes and leg yields with hardly any rein pressure.

Ramona on Kodiak for a little lesson. Franzi hoped on to get him to canter but he had had enough for a full day and decided he would much rather trot very, very quickly!

Ambrosia and Kodiak ready for the trails. Franzi has some pics of their first trail ride, will try to post them over the next while.

Ramona and Kresky. She has decided to take Kresky back to Germany with her after she is old enough to breed.

My bud.
September 9th, 2009

First time doing concrete work and wasn't even sure what it was going to look like. Had to wait 2 days before we could wash the powder off to see it!

But certainly worth all the hard work. Looks pretty professional.

John and Cam arrived and finished off the dormers with the logs and installed all the hand rails on the steps. Now the cabin looks finished. Ramona and Franzi helped with the staining.

Lovely sunset after a hard days work.

Took Saturday afternoon off and went to the Lakedell Fair for a couple of hours. Had to have ice cream! Watched some young kids (2 year olds even!) try to ride some sheep.

Got to watch a demo on polo cross, very interesting. And the cowboy shooters where there also. Great entertainment.

Sunday my sister arrived from Ontario and we had a wonderful family super. Her daughter and her granddaughter, Chloe, arrived and got to have her very first pony ride.

Lots of tears when she had to get off, all she could say was "more, more, more!".

Stroll through the herd and of course Pall is front and center. Oakley and Savanah are his best friends. Andee is not!

And so ends another busy and super weekend at the stables.
August 26, 2009

Finally a couple of pictures of the fantastic job Roland did on our stone work!!

Looks so natural and blends in perfect with the cabin. Great job!

And some shots of pouring the concrete for our cabin yesterday. That was allot of work!!

Tom helped float it all and do the edging. Was a perfect day, 22 degrees and a bit overcast so it allowed us a bit more time. But still not much time to get it all floated, edged, powdered and stamped. The stamps are 4'x4' and very awkward to place and lift by yourself! My back was killing me by the time I was done.

Will post some pics of the final product, but here it is ready to edge and stamp. Should have lighter highlights from the dye I put on before stamping. Can't wait to see it!! Have to wait 2 days to remove the powder.
August 25, 2009

Finally got the final coat of stain on the front of the cabin. Franzi held the ladder on top of the scaffold for me while Ramona told me the parts that needed more stain that I could not see!

Kodiak, so solid, like a tank!

Elko baby from Kim, Irabella.

Flasha Chrome! Look at that mane!!

Brigs has the most amazing coat of curl! and a super curly, ringlet mane.

Angelic Ambrossia. So super to see Franzi riding her. This mare is huge!

One of the prettiest, quietest, gentlest curly girls we have ever raised, Golden Girl.

Keemah, Ramona's favorite. After Chico, after Kresky!

Max, such perfect conformation.

Kits super curly, super mini!!

Senza just gets more beautiful every day.

Winchester's stamp, Stardust. Going well under saddle now.

Megan fell in love with Starfire's tail, not hard to see why. Such unusual color combinations.

And another perfect conformation from Winchester, Mysty's Stormy.

And finally a couple of updated pictures from Anna in Denmark competing on Deelite!!
August 18, 2009
Keelah and Folly both had their first outside rides yesterday!! Superstars!!

Ramona and Franzi have loved working with Keelah, especially Franzi as she was here 3 years ago when Keelah was born!

Keelah is going to be an awesome girl. She is so gentle and so easy going, just like her momma.
July 18th, 2009

Wonderful news and pictures from Chris!! SS Sunnybrookís Wyatt won overall show high point CHAMPION at Bergens Curly Horse Classic Show with 8 year old Charlotte Axani riding!! and Charmer won reserve with 11 year old Katie Axani riding!

It was a Huge first for the sisters to win the over all show! Charlotte and Katie got 1st & 2nd place in Equitation & Pleasure classes - except for the Senior Pleasure class which mom, Chris, won 1st on Charmer.


Finally here's some pics of our amazing mini curly born June 25th!! Out of our perfectly confirmed girl Little Britches, who is out of Kit by non other than Lucky Charms!!

This little gem is perfectly curly!! First time we have had a foal this small born at the stables!
June 18th, 2009

Nellie had a wonderful colt last night. Kristine reports that she got up every half hour and finally at 4 AM he arrived!
June 17th, 2009
FINALLLY!! Some updated pictures of some of the horse!!
Everyone in these pictures is for sale (except Antigua) and since we are heading into one of the worst droughts on record would sure like to find some new homes for some of them!!
Talk to me!!
Cookies new baby!!
Ramona was not impressed that the only morning she did not check the horses Cookie had her baby!! We were up at 5 to head off to the parade!!
Here's Keemah's gentle one, Blaze. He has such a soft, kind, gentle eye. Easy to halter break to.
He's going to show some of his grandma's sport horse qualities for sure.
And here is his mom, Keemah!! Look how soft she is going. We are very, very pleased with her progress. Started her training in March and she has progressed in leaps and bounds!
Intelligent eye, level headed, but no surprise. Her mom is Buffy, our girl that is now in Germany and full sister to our winner of the Alberta Horse Improvement Program for Superior Alberta Bred Curly, Oakley!! Then add Pall to the mix and we know we have a winner.
Keemah is an excellent prospect for an all around family horse, trail horse or 4-H project. She has the brains and the beauty with the breeding!!
This "little" (not) girl should need no introduction! She's our oups Irish Tinker curly girl!!
She is already amazing. Such conformation and temperament. No wonder these horses survived thousands of years!
And then there is our Angelic Ambrosia. She is one of the gentlest, touch seeking horses we have ever raised. She totally responds to and desires to be stroked on her forehead.
and LOOK at her!! As I told Ramona, she truly is the result of 20 years of selective breeding. She CAN do anything. Has the build and the brains.
And the HEART!! Of course. She's a Pall baby.
BRIGS!! Our super sport horse boy! This is Ambrosia's gem from last year, so we really don't need to say more.
Curly Sarah's gaited girl, Flasha Chrome.
Who's baby is this?? Solid, stocky, yet not bulky, HUGE for a yearling, confident and conformed??
Has a half sister in Germany, cousins around Europe, brothers and sisters all around the US and his half sister was in the parade on Saturday!! Yup, another Annie winner, Goliat!!
And look at our Mac now. He's been ridden every day for the last couple of months now and has progressed tremendously!! Here he is in one of our beginner jumper lessons.
Always has been steady for anything we throw at him. Pic of Susan taking one of her first few riding lessons to!!
Here's Manly, our JJ boy out of Rilo, our sport horse jumping mare!
A new arrival to our stables. Here is Phleap, who is going to be one of the tallest curlies you will find anywhere in the world!!
We did an exchange with Kim and received this gentleman out of Lacey, ICHO 690S, by non other than her foundation Curly stallion from the wilds of Nevada, Elko!! Now here is a find.
And Curly Sarah is back in our riding string!! And of course doing awesome. Took her out for a trail ride along the highway and she was steady as a rock, as always.
She's one of those rare horses that I would take anywhere as she will face anything head on!!
Here's Tina (Amber Airetina) out of our gorgeous Cierra Amberina by Winchester.
She has the same content attitude as her mom. And not sure what color she is going to finish up as. Her mom is that gorgeous Amber color, hence her name!
June 10th, 2009
Ramona caught these cool pictures of Ambrosia and Keemah SWIMMING in our lake!!
The two escape artists knocked down her fence in front of the arena and made their way to our new place where Ramona found them playing in the water!!
Keemah even lays down in the lake!!!
June 8th, 2009
Wonderful, fairytale evening at the 1915 Fairmont Hotel MacDonald in Edmonton
My favorite daughter asked me what I wanted for Mothers Day. I told her, a day off. So being the caring daughter she is, we received a gift certificate to spend an enchanted evening at Edmontonís oldest, grandest hotel along the riverbank downtown.
Grand. That is certainly the first word that comes to mind upon our arrival. We are booked into a room overlooking the garden court and downtown. Request a smoking room and the staff are very accommodating. They tell us we will have to down grade, but we get a room with a view of the river valley! Works for us!!
Reservations in the Harvest Room for supper. And what a supper. Start with Seafood Chowder! Compete with caviar atop smoked salmon and shrimp, with the broth poured separate around the mound! Then appetizers and the main entrťe, salmon for me and tenderloin for Roland. Wow.
Take a stroll around downtown, stop at a little club for a drink, meander along the riverbank and see the Chateau Lacombe!
Carry on along the crest of the river valley and decide to take the elevator to the top of the Chateau Lacombe. The La Ronde Restaurant, famous for its incredible view, is the perfect place to spend an hour on a magical evening.

It revolves once every 90 minutes and provides a unmatched panoramic view of Edmonton and the river valley.
Back to the Mac, stop in the lounge, talk for hours, and where did the time go? Did we really do all that in an evening?? Another perfect memory to stash.
May 25th, 2009
Book an afternoon off with Ramona and take in the local long weekend events.

Thorsby has it's show and shine with lots of old and new vehicles on display.
Head over to Gitzel's museum. Boy have they got tons of local history on display. I'm impressed.
Larry brings out his new team of Percherons to do a plowing demonstration.
Impressive Larry, very impressive.
May 15th, 2009
Stacy first contacted us in March as she wanted to meet a Curly horse "in person". She loves horses, but her sister has extreme allergies to horses and she wanted to know who we had available for sale. Stacy and Ralph came up for a visit and fell in love with Red, who is going to have a foal this year from Charming Prince! So the next step was to see how her sister was with the horses.
Stacy's sister has allergies so bad that she would need a hospital visit if she was in the same room as the boots from someone that had ridden a regular horse. So of course they were very apprehensive about testing her. They got all the information on the nearest hospital before allowing her to even touch a horse.
But to their surprise she had NO reaction at all from petting and brushing Red. So Ramona decided to put her on Mac and for the first time in her life she got to ride a horse!! Shiver material!!
May 13th, 2009
     Very nice, heart warming email from Tanja in Germany. She has SS Oakley's Ahani Spright, a filly from SS Annieís Oakley and Charming Prince.
     Hi Deanna,
     Almost one year has past since I told you about Ahani. Itís time for an up date.
     She hurt her leg very heavy. Nobody knew whatís happened. I need the vet two times for this leg. 2 days later I got the call that she hurt all 4 legs. But whatís happened? She jumped into this haybox. (hay feeder)
     She jumped in this box two times at least donít know why. She hurt her legs by jumping out of the box. The legs are healthy now and all the horses are on the field since may. The whole day and night with out these boxes.
     Last year she was broken in- you know. Meanwhile we are 3 times a week for almost 3 hours in the forest for a ride. There was not one dangerous moment during these rides. This horse is a very special horse. She is so cool. I have so much fun with her and canít believe how I could have so much trouble at the beginning. She loves the rides in the open country but she hates riding on the riding arena. If I tell her something to do what she doesnít like- as trot- she says no-but when I say yes she is trotting. And you will not believe- but I love it when she has her own thoughts. For me itís very important that she has also fun with me and her work. I donít want a slave under me. Think she know that I respect her and this make our relationship so special. Here are pictures of us. Look at her lips:

     look she is smiling J
     Many many greetings for us and be care of you
May 4th, 2009
Hailey arrives from cold Lake to test her allergies to the Curly Horses!
April 23rd we received an email from Jennifer:
My seven year old daughter Hailey has severe allergies and asthma. I would like to bring her to your stables and see if she reacts to the curly horses. We live on a farm and work our cattle with horses, Hailey often feels left out. If a curly horse works for her that would be so great. If you have available time next week I would really like to bring her out. Please let me know.
And so they arrived and were thrilled that Hailey had no reaction to the horses. We had Mac, Chico and Kruzer ready, but as usual, Kruzer was the one that made the decision. The horses always seem to know who is the right match.
After doing the brushing test Ramona takes Hailey into the round pen for a lesson on how to ride a horse! Hailey is all smiles.
And is thrilled to ride a horse by herself for the first time in her life! Kruzer stands patiently while Hailey gives him his well deserved rub down after the ride.

Ramona, Helle and Kristine have a lesson and Ramona is thrilled to ride SALLY!!

Ramona was suppose to ride Oakley, but Oaks knew what was up and headed to far end of the field. So I told Ramona she could ride Sally. Her face lite up - Really?? and so with all smiles she had another good day in Canada!!
Kristine had a very good ride on Mac. She learned lots and it was her first time outside this year. More smiles!
Helle had a nice ride on Pall. He's not the easiest horse in the world to ride and she did fine.
Sally also tested Ramona to start. But of course Ramona thought it was just plain fun!
And then they got to go for a gallop and then Ramona was totally all smiles! Love it.

Our first baby of 2009. Little Kit, our miniature Shetland, had a very cute little filly on April 29th.
April 19th, 2009
Photo Shoot for Provincial Museum
More pics on the Easter Photo Shoot page!

Some shots from Linda for our indoctoration to the Provincial Museum Archives. This is Antiqua, our Curly Irish tinker baby!
And another stable favourite, SS Chance.
Oakley and Golden Girl make a pretty picture, then a silouette of Ramona with Oakley.
Few nice shots of me and my buddy Pall. No time to ride him this year, so a bit of action to start with.
but I love him and trust him and away we went.
Some really nice shots of our new boy Sasha.
He's turned out way better than we hoped. Really gorgeous markings and size.
Oaklies gorgeous filly, Savahah lookly very photogenic for the photographer!!
Really cute pic of Pall and Savanah. Then a funny pic of black and white dogs bouncing out of the way of black and white horses!
Really nice shot of Sally, not sure why the handler looks so grumpy!! At least the rider is happy.
This handler looks a little happier, way to go Raquel. Sally with this years angel, Antiqua.

And Sally with last years jackpot filly, Keelah!!
April 19th, 2009
Trail Ride
The Ferro family arrived from St. Albert to learn about horses. We started with our grooming and saddling. Mac and Kruzer had their intro for this year.
Our newest addition, little Trixie, did very well.
And of course our Pegasus, Peggy, was the rock.
I was amazed after everyone entered the arena to find them all lined up and facing the rail. Usually we have mahem everywhere, but these guys are troopers! After a very quick orientation it's out to the trails!!
Peggy, Trixie, Dusty and Mac all got to be out and enjoy the wonderful day. The sun was shinning and it was in the high teens, a nice surprise!!
Everyone did super considering the limited instruction time we had.

Mac! And the day is done. Another super one for which we are thankful.
April 5th, 2009
Our new boy is HOME!!
Saturday we headed south so pick up our newest addition to the stables. We arrived in Cranbrook at 8:30 AM, 900km later, and were thrilled to see Tammy already there and ready to go. She had driven up the night before and slept at the truck stop. So we unloaded our new boy and he walked right into the little two horse trailer I had to borrow (worked on my one ton from 7 in the morning until we ran out of time, it just would not start). I told Tammy I love it when a horse actually looks better in person than when you see pictures on the internet. He is just plain handsome.
Have to find a barn name for this guy, won't be hard, he has tons of personality and very observant of what is going on around him. Ramona was thrilled to se the Rockies for the first time and was lucky as we got to drive through one of the prettiest parts, the Crowsnest Pass.
Thunder had a bit of sea legs when he finally got to get out of the trailer upon our arrival home. Who could blame him? He had been traveling for 2 days and yet never stomped or screamed the entire way. very impressed with him. Love the little bit of blue on his right eye also. Those of you that know me know I do night like walleyes, but I really like this.
Ramona and I stretched our legs in Longview and I picked up a couple of Birthday presents for someone special, then we stopped and grabbed some Easter goodies in Red Deer. Stopped every 3 hours for puppy and horse, water, feed, stretch, then on the road again!

Isn't this a COOL picture!! Dagmar galloping with Kitty (Cjura) out in a wonderful fall with all the colors and smiles and just good old fashioned fun! Thankyou Dagmar for sharing your wonderful memories. Kitty is the first horse that we exported to Germany and we could ever wish for a finer home.
Bernard with their second filly into Germany and a Happy Easter from Dagmar and Whitney!!

Second stop on our 1900km journey was to pick up our new little princess at the Calgary airport!! (first stop was dropping Folly off to "see" JJ). and what a gorgeous, cute, fluffy, friendly little girl we were greeted with. Her she discovered my fur covered slippers. Didn't take her long to get into trouble!
She started her journey at 5 AM Saturday from New Orleans, flew to Chicago, 7 hour lay over, up to Calgary then headed off to Cranbrook with us! Slept the entire way, not one peep out of her the entire journey. Here she is trying to decide if Sitka is a play mate! Then she didn't know what to make of the TV!!
Okay, what's next! Just full of energy after traveling for basically 2 days!
Received some very cute pictures from Kristine of our lovely gaited babies Starfire, Senza and Fury.
Kristine reports: I'm sending along some pictures of the foals. Senza, Fury and Starfire are all being ridden by our cat now, and seem to really like it. Bailey likes cuddling up on their backs and having a nap as well.
The foals got really interested in my headphones and so I let them try them out and listen to some classical music. They listened intently and really liked it, so I think they will be wanting their own set of headphones now!!
Starfire got to wear my helmet, and he closed his eyes like, "what next?!" He's so cute!
Then I got Senza and Starfire putting one of their front feet up on a log. Senza will basically try anything, and takes anything new as a fun adventure. They all learn so fast and are basically afraid of nothing!
March 25th, 2009

And now introducing our newest addition to the stables. Thunder, an ABC registered Pinto Curly stallion!! He'll definitely add some color, curl and class to our breeding program. He'll be arriving from Washington, USA next month.
Now here is a really cool picture from Franzi in Germany. She's riding Seleena and training Clooney, her son. He's turned out to be a real looker!!

March 15th, 2009

Finally a bit of warmer weather and time to stock up the wood pile. Reo generously offered us some logs he had stockpiled for the last 3 years, so we headed out on Sunday to fill the trailer. Roland had a new chain on his saw and Ramona joined us.
Ramona discovers just how deep the snow is! And that's not back in the bush where it hasn't blown away.
Back to the trailer and time for some "coffee" delivered by Reo. Lots of hard work, but feels great to be outside doing something, finally!!
Ramona needs a break and tries to lay down on a log, but rolls off!! Finally makes it and relaxes before the final load into the truck. Next day was -15 AGAIN!!
March 10th, 2009

Finally a couple of pictures of Shilo's little babies! They just started to open their eyes Saturday. They still sound like little seal pups.
the only pics we could get from Saturday of Ramona working Kodiak. Was -40 today!! No working horses until it gets warmer.
and a couple of pictures from Franzi of, first, Princess Annie, who she says is HUGE!! and then her girl, Seleena. Franzi has been training Seleena for reining and reports that she is doing AWESOME!!
March 9th, 2009

Terrible storm on the weekend. Knocked out power, internet and vehicles in the ditch everywhere.
January 23rd, 2009

Franzi forwarded some excellent pictures from Maria! Look at her and Buffy!! Wow, they are really starting to become a team. Wonderful to see.
And a couple of shots of Maria's wonderful upcoming herd. Buffy and Serrando, who is out of Nellie by Winchester, a full brother to Senza below, and Buffy's little one.
January 20th, 2009
Received an email and some lovely pictures from Christine:
I thought I'd send you a few pictures of the foals. They are all doing great and are training so fast! They sure love the new halter! Here's Starfire!

When I'm training the other two foals, Fury always stands right there waiting - he basically puts his nose into the halter when I put it on. He's even learned to give a hug on command!
Senza and Starfire don't mind plastic on or around them - in fact Senza really perks up when she sees it and comes running over to have it put on! Fury isn't as impressed! He thinks its a predator I think and LT seems to agree!

I'm also sending one of Nellie. I thought that since Whinny and LT are both curly she might want to look like one too! She looks cute in braids, but I love her with a wavy, curly mane when I take the braids out.
December 1st, 2008

We have been SOOOO fortunate with the weather. It has been in the pluses every day untill today (-20C). We had record warm weather for November since 1880!! Thankyou heavens above for this blessing.

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