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November 18th, 2008

We have been SOOOO fortunate with the weather. It has been in the pluses every day untill today (-20C). We had record warm weather for November since 1880!! Thankyou heavens above for this blessing.
November 18th, 2008

Getting closer to having the "shack" closed in. The final windows go up today. Huge job, they weigh a ton and are 9' high!!
October 27th, 2008
One step forward and two steps back.
Finally have some professionals out and they got 4 sheets of tin on the roof on Friday, and then Saturday we had 100 k/m hour winds. The entre $9,000 pile of tin was destroyed. Wraped right around the tractor. And there is a huge picnic table under the pile in the second picture.
The wind was so strong there were people calling into the radio station that trampolines were blowing all accross the highways. I was in the city for 9 AM ordering our appliances and could not see accross the road for all the dust and snow that was blowing. Yes, I said the S word. And we don't have a roof, and now it will be delayed again as we have to reorder all the tin.
It blew tin all the way from the house accross the 40 acres. Right into the tree line! Didn't think the damage was going to be too much at first, but when we were cleaning it up today noticed that all the sheets have some dents and they are all scratched and ruined.
One day we may have a roof. We just thank our lucky stars that the weather is hanging in as far as rain and snow goes.
October 18th, 2008

Had a super Birthday! complete with flowers, cake, family and fireworks!
Lots of guitar playing, signing and just good old fashioned fun.
Look like a bunch of Gypsys, complete with the Gypsy Vanner "wild" stallion!!
Just going to throw a bunch of pictures on here. Had all the horses up in the corral last weekend and kept them around for some pics when Chandra and the kids came out. Antigua with her mom and her sister in the first pic, the Charisma and her mom

You can see they were all very excited. Broghan wouldn't even bother to look at us, let alone get up! Same deal with Broghan. These are 2 of our JJ Irish Draught babies.
Chaustise and Charleston - Charles.
Chelsea and our wonderful sporthorse curly babe, Charisma.
Our only two years old left at the stables. Chico and Stardust.
You can always tell when Annie wants something. She figured they had been in the corral long enough, so it was time to come up and play nice!
This boy never needs an intro. Chance is always front and center.
Can't miss an opportunity for some affection! Checking out Chandra's shoes.
Final pic of Chance and then one of Curly Sarah's gem, Flasha Chrome.
Every one who comes must say hello to Kruz!
Ebony then Charisma with the herd.
And finally posting some pics of Martika and her gorgeous curly filly, appropriately named - Ebony!
This is going to be a real flashy girl, jet black, NO white anywhere!
Flahsa again. Beautiful Gold'n glitter, our gaited curly palamino filly.
Golden Girl, then Gold Rush. Our two palamino gaited curly moms.
Gold Rush, then her with Golden Girl. funny how these two are always together. They are not related at all.
Gold Rush and Chance. The herd heading out to pasture.
Our Gypsy Vanner supreme filly, Keemah then her mom, Sally out with the herd.
Then we head out to Winchesters pasture and catch LT with Fury.
Fury and Nellie's colourful foal Senza.
Senza is a knockout. She certainly has it all. Full MFTHBA, colour, and of course personality.
She certainly stands out no matter where she is.
Then our little one out of Star. Star is our super gentle lesson mare and it shows in her babies. Christine has done a wonderful job of working with the babes to socialize them.
Spangles is destined to be a real family horse. she loves the affection and attention.
And of course we couldn't leave Winchester out of the picture taking!! He is looking super.
Sept. 23rd, 2008

Another sad goodbye. Lucky Charms and Silverado say goodbye to Kristine. These two wonderful boys are heading off to Quebec to join Marie Claude and Bernard on their new homestead. They'll be meeting up with Commanche and Tulsa.
Truck arrived at 6:45 this morning and our two super stars just walked right into the big strange trailer. Sure do love our curlies. Then I headed off to work in the bright sunrise of another new day.
Micha sent these super picture of Marie and Bailey!! Looks awesome to see them enjoying the fall day. Bales had an allergic reaction and they didn't ride him untill now. Wonderful to see them enjoying each other.

and an update from Franzi - Guess something you like to see ;) first ride on Seleena in Germany here. Seleena wasn't sure it was time to work yet and rather slept, but she is an awesome mom. Anyone is okay to touch the baby, she just calls it very quiet, when it's too far away, that's all. I can ride her, she doesn't care, baby bucking around, she is just fine with anything. Well, that's Seleena.
and we can see the foal bucking and jumping and just having a gay old time while mom just wants to sleep!! Thanks for sharing Franzi!
Sept. 9th, 2008

Franzi is one HAPPY girl!!! Seleena had a GORGEOUS colt!! Here's a couple of pics of the little one born in Germany! Congratulations Franzi!!

and this picture just tugs at my heart strings. Doc is happy. Wow, isn't that a wonderful picture.
Even Franzi agreed "Gave me goosebumps to see Doc like this. Seems to be perfect family for him. In october he'll go his first 30 km distance ride, isn't that great? Guess he gets all the work + attention he needs."
Ralph tried to email these pictures a few weeks ago, but for some reason they would not come through. THANKYOU Franzi for taking the time to fix them so we could share them. And THANKYOU Ralph for the extremely WONDERFUL pictures.
We are thrilled to see Both you and Doc so very, very content. Doc always was one that loved to be working and sounds like he has met his perfect match. Good luck to both of you on your first ride next month.
August 29th, 2008

Well -- the house is ready to depart British Columbia!! Wow. so fast. Think we are ready. Will be here Tuesday and then the real work begins.
Last night Rita and her girls came out to ride and it was so nice out that there was no way we were going to stay inside the arena. So we went out to catch up Red, Mac and Dusty and Raquel wanted to come along so we caught up Peggy and Pall. Then Roland decided that he wanted to ride his budy Chilli Pepper. Which amazed me. But what really amazed me was when he climbed on bare back with a halter and rode him back to the arena!
We all headed out to the trails and the herd of mini's decided to tag along. It was a fantastic little ride, except Roland and Chilli, for Chilli decided to be a mule again and refused to go along the ride.
Mac and Robyn are a nice team, Raquel remembered everything from camp and Rita actually relaxed and enjoyed her ride. Jaqueline had a great ride on Red and followed up by doing some trot poles in the arena.
August 1st, 2008

LOOK!! The house is really coming along!! Can't beleive it is almost ready for delivery. We have been extremely busy getting ready for it's arrival. They put the top log on and now they just need to build all the ridge poles and gable ends.
Charms appears to be falling asleep as he awaits his turn in training.
He has totally calmed down this year, matured and settled right in. And still looking handsome!
Steph spent some time with softening his bend, and it paid off big time. He's very responsive and attentive.

Chico!! What a pretty boy.
Chico was Steph's project horse, so he certainly got the most rides of all the ones in training.
part of the training is to make sure they are supple, responsive and willing. And look how it paid off.
All our horses are desensitized to the rider to accomodate green riders so there is no surprises in mounting or dismounting. Everyone must stand still and quiet and await the signal to depart.
Curly Sarah's little gem, Flasha. Must have gotten named for wanting to always be in the spot light for camera flashes!
Look MOM! I turned Misty loose!!
I must say that Golden Girl has won a spot in my heart. She is the MOST gentle, kind, willing filly I have ever seen, and that covers alot of horses.
Here she is with only second offical ride and she was foxtrotting around to beat the band.
Steph asked for a canter even on our first ride. All the babes gather around to check out what is going on!!
Look at this angel. She never missed a beat, never got excited, never rushed, just steady as a dream.
Kodiak finally got mounted. He's one of the ones that somehow got left on the back burner. Look how solid and stocky he has become.
And Steady.
our Irish Draft boy, Mandy, posing as usual in graceful form. and Mysty's babe never misses an opportunity to be in the lime light.
If you look real close you will see Flasha working away on Mysty's lead rope to free her!
And speaking of Mysty, we realized we didn't have any pics of her being rode, so she got saddled up also.
She is a dream to ride. Smooth, easy going, and as you can see, nothing bothers her. Even when little squirt goes bucking by!
And then gallops by! He was sure full of himself that day.
Check out what the heck this stuff is that they keep putting on the big girls, and then back for another race past mom.
I like this pic of Mysty. Shows how balanced and flowing she is. Western pleasure winner here!
And look at the chest on her!! You don't see that on many Missouri Foxtrotters.
Babe checks out if this thing hanging here is going to compete for a drink! No, guess not.
Here's our pride and joy, Red (Babushka). She has come a long, long way since her arrival from Montanna.
Had her teeth floated, gave her some supplements and she filled out to be a gorgeous, gorgeous girl.

Heard the term - "pretty as a picture!". Here it is.
She is now in our lesson string full time. Everyone wants to ride her as she always beats the other horses.
Red is very attentive, always ready to take on the next task, never hesitates at anything.
First choice for running the poles and barrel racing in lessons. Ride her with your seat and she'll stick so close to the poles you'll have to move out of the way!
Another pretty as a picture picture! Love it. thankyou Red, for shining through.
Another girl I realized we had no pictures of being ridden. Curly Sarah. Another bold, strong girl.
She's been on trail rides and stuff, but it's been awhile. Picked up our Christmas tree off her 4 years ago.
She knows all the ropes and of course she is also very smooth to ride.
Pretty girl, great stamina and awesome take it on attitude.
Stephanies favourite (after Chance) this year. Silverado was a super, super star. Just did it. And look at him!!
He's going to finish a big, strong boy. Steady as a rock. Amazing for a 2 year old.
We don't ask much of them this year. Just accept the saddle, bridle and rider. Max ride is about 10 minutes. Don't want to stress those growing bones.
Trotting up on the second ride, no problem. Silverado could probably go straight to the mountains, he has that type of mind.
and a pat, and a kiss, for a job well done!!

Wow mom!! That was a long day and a lotta work!!! Played me right out!
July 28th, 2008

Couple of wonderful pictures from Mario of Serrando and then Buffy with her filly, Emily,in Europe!!
Thanks for sharing Maria!!
July 25th, 2008
     Klondike Days!
Waaaay too much fun at the exhibtion.
Got day passes and rode all the rides we could fit in to 8 hours!!
Took a bunch of pictures from the rides, but most didn't turn out because we were just going too darn fast!!
Raquel got her snakes she wanted so bad from the midway.
Grandaughter Amanda and I. Raquel waits patiently at the bottom of a ride. The Zipper was a bit too much for her and she needed a break.
Gotta do the swings!!
July 24th, 2008
Some of the boys in training. Mac, Silverado, Kodiak and Chico.
The mule, Chili Pepper, waiting to go to Germany.
You get the drift from this series of pictures. This is all the girls plus the young horses in training. They had been in the paddock and as soon as I opened the gate to the field Cookie and Gold Rush saw and started the stampede! That's little Mandy in the front.

Charms and Golden Girl.

Reilly and Kruzer then Curly Sarah and Flasha.
Our picture perfect Antiqua with mom Sally, then another Kodak moment of Pall.
Ambrosia's Brigadier. Our years of selective breeding really show up in this boy.
Evita's JJ baby, Bro. And Charisma.
Native Chautise's new JJ baby at a day old. Charleston. Chautise's dad was a world renown Celle Frances stallion, Tango Selune, and we have kept the dance theme will all his offspring.
Chautise. Then Angelic Anika's babe, Craigdarroch, another JJ baby.
Keemah, who has turned almost a chestnut this summer. Then our orphane baby, Lucky Stars, who is looking super!
Martika has to say hello. No baby yet.
Petting time and Pall is always the first. Sally and Jenny don't miss many opportunities either.
Sally our donkey. Savanah and Sienna head for the willow brush to avoid the flies.
Savanah checks out Shilo. Savanah always seems to be in the spotlight.

And this solid boy never needs an introduction. Look how solid Winett is. He's stockier and taller every time we go out.
July 24th, 2008
Pics from a fantastic, but way too short trip, home.
Finally a bit of a break. Head home. Dad lives on a lake and it was a wonderful 4 days there. Pics of a Heron in his bay and a momma duck and her ducklings.
Quick trip to the Peterborough Lift Locks. Highest hydraulic locks in the world. Built in the 1800's.
Then the part I LOVE! Out on the water. I think I could live on the water. Went out in the canoe a number of times, the row boat, and of course the fishing boat.
Roland caught some small mouth bass, large mouth bass and perch.

This is dad piece of heaven. I hadn't been home in the summer for a number of years and certainly wonder why not!
Trip to moms and see her new place. Took a tour around the park in a wagon, then back and they built a fire and we brought out our guitars and Roland strummed some tunes by request. Then back out on the boat and tour Stony Lake, over to Burleigh Falls. It is gorgeous.
Dad surrounded by a rainbow. And a wonderful sunset picture on the lake, was serene.

And all to soon it's time to head home. This pic says it all. Just cruise on the lake and you forget all the pressures of home and relax.

We took our guitars with us and on the last day we built a fire and sat around played. That was an awesome first for me. To play a guitar around a fire at dads. Wow. Never thought I would be doing that.
July 7th, 2008
right in the middle of training a huge hail storm blew in yesterday. The water just came down in sheets and then the hail. It was extremely loud inside the arena and the horses where excellent!!
Culry Sarah's little gem, Flasha Chrome.
Curly Sarah and Flasha, then our awesome mare, Star.
Angelic Anika, our Friesian/TB mare, and her sporthorse Irish Draught baby.
Everyone will know this gem. Think you are destined to see lots of pics of our unique Antigua. I'm sure she's the only Curly Gypsy Vanner alive.
Kresky! Look at the spunk just emulating from this gem. and a current pic of Lucky Stars, our orphan baby.
Savanah always in the pics. And super Curly, Brigs!
Another shot of Anika's new baby, and the Airetina. Look how Airetina is shedding out. It's anybodies guess what colour she will turn.
Must have been a grooming competition. Martika and Anika share scratches. Then Pall and Oaks.
Our good old donkies, Sally and Jenny. Then Siverado falling asleep inside the arena awaiting his turn for classes.
Now look at Silverado. Yes, he's destined for a good life. Silverado and Chance are so close in temperment it's amazing. True ambassadors for the breed.
Cookies wonder, Chance. I know, nobody can beleive the handsome horse he is turning into. and so gentle and quiet, and trusting.
Look at me! I'm a big boy now!!
Mac has been improving steadily. He's now flexing and starting to respond to leg aids. He is a gorgeous boy.
Don't find them much more solid than Mac.
July 3rd, 2008

Pictures from Dagmar in Germany of her riding Klondike Kitty (Cjura) in the river and then Bernard riding Whitney. Now that looks like fun!!
and the wonderful pictures from Tanja of SS Oakley's Ahani Spright, who, as you can see, is the splitting image of her mom, SS Annie's Oakley. And below is her wonderful emai:
     Hi Deanna,
     Hope you are well even you have so much stress with your new farm and the accident of starshine.
     I`m so sorry about starshine and so I think it`s the wright moment to report about Ahani:
     Since 5. May she`s in training. 5-6 times a week. She is really great. Until today she had never try to run away or buck someone down. Evertytime she try to make anything well. Now she is able to turn on her hind quarters, turn on her forehand, go back, canter, trott, barell in trott, also she is very often away from the stable on trail. And last Saturday my trainer was away on Ahani together with a two year old near horse (a horse that you lead from your riding horse?). And everything of that only with sidepull. Ahani never took a bite.
     My trainer says now she train horses for 30 years but she never had such a horse as Ahani. She knows prompt what you want from her. Sometimes it is enough to think about what you want and she will do it. She is everytime attentive. If you want to stop even in trott it`s enough only to breath out. And she stands. My trainer says she is very high intelligent for a horse. More than others and so kind and friendly. She is learning so immediately. My trainer says you can learn Ahani everything. You don´t have to drive her along. She is very fast a very fast trott and walk.
     In September Ahani will start on a 3 hours ralley for her first time
     I love this little girl so much. And know I`m sure, that I want breed her maybe in 2 years when she is full-grown.
     Thank you Deanna that you had chose Ahani for me. This sweet heart ist the best what could happend to me. We have done it. Can`t find the wright words to explain how I feel about her.
     But not anything is going so perfekt. Since weeks we have a problem with her tail: The hair on the top of the tail is broken out.
     Can you help me?
     Be care
For follow up we sent Tanja the link to Denise's website where she has some advice and treatment for the hair loss.

And now some pictures of Baley in his new home in the Netherlands!! Think this boy is going to be spoilt! The moment they met at the airport it was love at first sight on both accounts I think!!
Baley is the attraction around town for sure. Everyone loves him and gets along with him.
He's obviously settled right in and has made friends with another horse there.
Now just some update pics. Here's a shot of our sporthorse/culry babe Airetina and then our miracle babe Antigua, the Gypsy Vanner curly surprise.
Angelic Ambrosia ready to foal her JJ Irish Draught baby. And Martika also ready to have her baby.
SS Broghan O'Slainte, our Irish Draught/Canadian Warmbood colt making his debute in the world.
Anikan Brigadier, Angelic Ambrosia's gem. Curly Sarah's little one, Flasha Chrome.
Photogenic Charisma in the lime light. Baxter isn't sure about her intentions!
LT's first baby for us, a flashy, shiny black. Remember the old book series about a foal named Fury? Well, here is Sunnybrooks stables Fury.
Can NEVER say enough about Golden Girl's temperament, and look what she does, she passes it to her first baby. Golden Girl was orphaned as a baby, so it is only fitting that she is one of the moms to adopt Lucky Stars. This little fily is going to be a real winner. SS Walcurly Golden Shimmer.
Gold Rushes little poodle girl. This filly has all the curl you dream about, and the temperament, friendly. She will also be the first foal to keep since importing Gold Rush 4 years ago. SS Gold N'Glitter (Glitz)
Holy smokes!! Look what Nell's gave us!! This is why I fell in love with Nellie when I saw her pic on the internet 4 years ago. I knew she was a winner, and she gave us a winner.
I think you will be seeing lots of pics of this little filly. Ideas for names???

Cookie's Luna Crescent (Kresky) is another of her solid, friendly fillies.
Some pictures that Christine captured of Mysty's baby only a couple of hours old.
Look how Kodiak has filled out!! He is doing wonderful in his training. Annie's wonderful foal, Walcurly' Winnetou (Winnet).

Now here is a calendar picture. Amarrilo Sunset's Irish Draught baby, SS Mandeigh O'Slainte. Look at the conformation JJ has passed on to his foals. Could not be happier.
June 13th, 2008

5 New Babies!!! Annie had hers on the 11th and other 4 were born on the 12th! The big storm that came through must have cause alot of high pressures!! Got this excellent shot of Ambrosia and her new babe.
Then Annie with a super palomino boy!!
Cookies marvel.
And a huge surprise, Sally had a baby. Winchester certainly was prolific one week last year!! I'm sure if I check my notes I'll find where he jumped the fence 11 months ago. But what an awesome surprise.
and Rillo gave us another wonderful JJ baby.
And of course Silverado had to come and say hi every time we go out into the field.
June 12th, 2008

Robyn came buy to try out Mac last night. She handled him very well.
Then she took a spin on Red. Time to get this girl in our lesson string.
June 10th, 2008

Our little Kruzer patienly waiting for his charge to find her balance. He's doing excellent in lessons.
One we don't see alot of, our Cierra Amberina.
Charisma and Airetina enjoying the green grass. Keemah doing some babysitting.

Two of our gems, Savanah and Lucky Star.
And look at the progress on our new place!! Power poles are installed and the quonset is almost finished already!! Coming along!!
June 6th, 2008

Rose sent these awesome pictures of her son riding Holly!
Look how calm they oth are. Laid back and enjoying the ride. And look at the lovely countryside they have to ride in!!
June 3rd, 2008

Brought some of the horses home from winter pasture on Sunday. Last night Sydney saddled up Kruz, after being out on pasture for 9 months, and he was just like he was when we turned him loose. Love it. He is so sweet and friendly, just loves the attention.
LOOK AT SILVERADO!! He just gets more handsome everytime I look at him!! And so funny that he is living up to his name. His first winter he turned dark brown on us, last winter almost black and now he's shedding back out to a gorgeous "silverado!"
Can never take pictures without Chance getting in on the action. Always ready for a hug.
Not a great pic of Charms, but will probably be the last of him as a stallion. Going to be gelded tomorrow. Don't have the room for 5 stallions (yes, back up to 5 again) so somebody needs to turn into a riding horse. And a pic of one of my favourite girls, our Friesian/TB girl, Angelic Anika, just about ready to foal.

Had to throw in this pic of our Parti Poodle boy Baxter sitting beside his best friend, our Russian Siberian Forest boy Mishka. These two are always together.
May 28th, 2008
Whirlwind trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia
We left home at 9:30 Wednesday evening, arrived Halifax 7 AM their time. Headed straight to downtown and toured the Citadel hill army fort, the boardwalk and then went south and West to the gorgeous oceanfront.
Then it's up through Peggy’s Cove. Documented as the most picturesque place in the world. Stopped at Prospect and visited the monument a grave sites from an ocean tragedy in 1873. The SS Atlantic enroute from England crashed and 362 persons perished, every woman and child of the 550 aboard the ship except one boy.
Stop at the monument for the crash site of the Swissair 111 flight crash. The 229 passengers perished in 1998 after an electrical fire consumed the controls. Arrive in New Germany just in time for the military Red Flag Day.
Every place is so serene and peaceful. Mahone Bay is no exception. Next stop is Lunenburg. Awesome place. Must come back here again. Established 400 years ago! I didn't even know Canada had such history.
A wonderful super on the waterfront, over looking the Bluenose, Canada's infamous sailboat. Next day we head North to the Bay of Fundy, stop in Digby, Annapolis Valley, Annapolis Royal (another must return to see) and Cornwallis. Have the BEST scallop meal I have ever tasted in Digby, in the restaurant just behind the boat.

And 1,000 KM of driving later we enjoy our last meal with friends back in Lunenburg. Lobster of course!
May 19th, 2008
Model A is back up and running!!

Tipper and I in the Thorsby Haymakers parade!
Sunday before the parade Greg arrived to change the fuel pump for me, only to discover the new one I had leaked! Mad dash to Sherwood Park to get one at the only place that had one, and to get there in 45 minutes before they closed. Made it!
May 16th, 2008
Our new Ranch is under construction!

Builders arrived Wednesday and started the quonset. Hard to believe by fall the cabin will be up and we will be in our new home for Christmas!! Hooray!!!

Jade takes a ride on Baley. Amber's babe, Airetina (Tina) poses for the camera.

So they say that animals become their names. Well, it is certainly true with Charisma!! She is certainly full of character and charm.

She is going to be one of our finest fillies ever. With her thoroughbred touch she is sport horse supreme.

Look how Chico has filled out!! He's going to be one nice solid boy. And level headed, so he will be great for any discipline.

And then there is Phantom Jaxx. Everyone loves his markings. You can see the roaning in his sides from his mom, Curly Sarah.

Jaxx scratching off the last of his winter coat. And Kodiak, looking handsome!

Now there is a picture for a calendar!! Jaxx and Savanah sharing a hug!! Jaxx must be Savanah's foster brother!

No! I don't have favorites!! But here are some more pics of Savanah. Playing in the trees then off to pick on Pall.

Oh my, is that Savanah again!! And her ever-elegant mom, Annie's Oakley. Look at Oakley’s coat this year. Gets darker every year.

Here's Misty Maxx. Gait galore, full MFT as his mom is Misty and poppa Whiny. And another of my favorites, Chance. His momma is Cookie, our Percheron cross girl that pulls our wagons.

One of our JJ babes, Sairapheena, looking super elegant. She has awesome bone, which is not surprising once one sees JJ!!

Another one of our MFT mares, Star. The angel. Ever sweet and always passes it on to her babes. Speaking of which, here is Stardust! They don't come more balanced and refined than this boy.

And of course another of Star's superstars, Sunshine!! In awesome form and friendly as ever.

Rillo, then Echo, our little miniature Curly stallion. He'll be ready to do some breeding to our miniatures this year!!

And everyone's favorite, our Golden Girl. Her coat just gets richer every year to. Such a deep golden color now, and her blonde mane and tail are super model highlights!! Curl and color every girl would die for!!

Our Gypsy Vanner prize, Keelah. Out of the champion stallion in Denmark!! And the children's favorite, Silverado. Living up to his name to, turning almost a blue roan now. Hip pocket friendly and just like a puppy dog. True Curly showcase boy.

And last, but never least, for this go around, our gaited Curly Sarah from Missouri. She's produced some of our best gaited foals anywhere!! Should be having her baby in July this year.
May 8th, 2008
Jeder and Seleena arrive in Europe!!

Seleena is reunited with Franzi!!
Franzi is one happy lady!! Seleena is FINALLY in Germany!
Lots of hassles at the airport, new ruling that nobody knew about stating the vets would not work after 8PM, so the horses all were held over to the next day. But after that was sorted out they arrived home safe and sound.
May 6th, 2008
Jeder and Seleena off to Europe!!

3 O'clock Friday afternoon and we await the arrival of the Federal Vet for final clearance to leave Canada. Seleena Knows something is up and gives me the run around to catch her. Not like her at all. Jeder doesn't care about anything, anytime. She's such a sweet filly. The vet finally arrives and all our papers are in order. We head out to Calgary and arrive at 9 PM. At 10 we head to the quarantine barn in the airport.

Start unloading the horses around 10 and both horses are super to load into the crate.

Seleena doesn't care about anything. She's got food!

Jeder is a bit more nervous, but glad to be beside Seleena. So nice when they can travel together.

And off they go to the huge Beoing 747 to take them to Europe!!
Plane leaves at 1 AM our local time, almost 9 hours to LUX and they are 8 hours ahead. So they arrive at 6 PM their time.

April 21st, 2008
NO, Can't be the end of APRIL!!
Record cold and snow in 60 years! They just said we received more snow in the last 48 hours than we recieved all winter!
Deb put her truck in the ditch yesterday, I got stuck in our driveway and just keeps coming. While I was plowing us out Deb took some of these neat pictures.
Thank goodness we have the old John Deere tractor! Put the blade on it for the first time this year. Had to plow through 2 feet of snow at the end of the driveway!
Anywhere the wind blows it is bad. Really swirling off the arena. Shilo wonders what on earth has happened!
It's beginning to look alot like Christmas! I made some cookies last night and while Deb was polishing up the bowel she said - "Wow Auntie, now it REALLY feels like Christmas!" LOL
Out in the open the wind really bites. This is Keelah, our Gypsy Vanner filly, Anika and Kodiak braving the winds. Next pic is Curly Sarah, Phantom Jaxx and Amber coming in from the cold.

Here's someone we haven't posted alot of pictures of. This is our wonderful Gypsy Vanner colt we found in Texas, Reilly. He's really filling out great and looking fantastic!!

Look at this shot Deb got!! Wow eh!! Keemah and Savanah kicking up their heels. Amazes me how tough the horses are. They really could care less about the wind and cold. Just having fun.
Chelsea and Charisma stay close to the yard where the wind doesn't howl. Savanah's babysitter, Sairapheena,takes her out for a stroll.

Incredible pic of Savanah! Looking spunky, and ready to take on the world. Wonder where she gets that characteristic from? Oakley?? No, never!!

Look at Sairapheena!! Think she'll make a dressage horse? wow, eh!!

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