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Here's some pics of what's been happening!

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May 8th, 2008
Jeder and Seleena arrive in Europe!!

Seleena is reunited with Franzi!!
Franzi is one happy lady!! Seleena is FINALLY in Germany!
Lots of hassles at the airport, new ruling that nobody knew about stating the vets would not work after 8PM, so the horses all were held over to the next day. But after that was sorted out they arrived home safe and sound.
May 6th, 2008
Jeder and Seleena off to Europe!!

3 O'clock Friday afternoon and we await the arrival of the Federal Vet for final clearance to leave Canada. Seleena Knows something is up and gives me the run around to catch her. Not like her at all. Jeder doesn't care about anything, anytime. She's such a sweet filly. The vet finally arrives and all our papers are in order. We head out to Calgary and arrive at 9 PM. At 10 we head to the quarantine barn in the airport.

Start unloading the horses around 10 and both horses are super to load into the crate.

Seleena doesn't care about anything. She's got food!

Jeder is a bit more nervous, but glad to be beside Seleena. So nice when they can travel together.

And off they go to the huge Beoing 747 to take them to Europe!!
Plane leaves at 1 AM our local time, almost 9 hours to LUX and they are 8 hours ahead. So they arrive at 6 PM their time.

April 21st, 2008
NO, Can't be the end of APRIL!!
Record cold and snow in 60 years! They just said we received more snow in the last 48 hours than we recieved all winter!
Deb put her truck in the ditch yesterday, I got stuck in our driveway and just keeps coming. While I was plowing us out Deb took some of these neat pictures.
Thank goodness we have the old John Deere tractor! Put the blade on it for the first time this year. Had to plow through 2 feet of snow at the end of the driveway!
Anywhere the wind blows it is bad. Really swirling off the arena. Shilo wonders what on earth has happened!
It's beginning to look alot like Christmas! I made some cookies last night and while Deb was polishing up the bowel she said - "Wow Auntie, now it REALLY feels like Christmas!" LOL
Out in the open the wind really bites. This is Keelah, our Gypsy Vanner filly, Anika and Kodiak braving the winds. Next pic is Curly Sarah, Phantom Jaxx and Amber coming in from the cold.

Here's someone we haven't posted alot of pictures of. This is our wonderful Gypsy Vanner colt we found in Texas, Reilly. He's really filling out great and looking fantastic!!

Look at this shot Deb got!! Wow eh!! Keemah and Savanah kicking up their heels. Amazes me how tough the horses are. They really could care less about the wind and cold. Just having fun.
Chelsea and Charisma stay close to the yard where the wind doesn't howl. Savanah's babysitter takes her out for a stroll. Keemah's grandma is also Savanah's grandma. Their mom's are full sisters, Buffy and Oakley.

Incredible pic of Savanah! Looking spunky, and ready to take on the world. Wonder where she gets that characteristic from? Oakley?? No, never!!

Look at Keemah!! Think she'll make a dressage horse? wow, eh!!
April 15th, 2008
Look how happy Wyatt is!! Here's an update from Chris on their horses:
     Hi Deanna -
Just thought I'd send you a quick note to let you know how well Wyatt is working out with us. He is perfect - we love him! Charlotte (my 7-yr-old) has claimed him as her own and is taking lessons on him. He works great for her.
Doug also has taken a few lessons on him as well and is really enjoying riding.
Katie (on Charmer) and Charlotte (on Wyatt) have joined Pony Club so we'll all be learning lots this summer.
     I’ve attached a few pics – my girls with the horses and of course, our favorite girl – Pearl. She is gorgeous – only an inch shorter than Charmer already and starting to fill out – she is going to be a big girl. She is fearless – a plastic bag had blown into our field and she was checking it out – so I went to pick it up and just to see what she’d do – I shook the bag then ran it up her legs, then put it on her back and rubbed it all over her – she just stood there – so I ran it up her neck and laid it across her ears – when I took it off she just grabbed it with her teeth and shook it some more. She will go anywhere and try anything – we are just setting up a round pen so she will start doing some work. She is destined for great things!
Amazing silhouette of Mac and Brittany on their barn. The trust and promise of things to come. Pic of Brittany leading Mac down the laneway on his way home.
And of course a farewell to Baley. Her friend and confidant the last couple of years. And Luanne was kind enough to share the picture of the heart. As always there is heartbreak when one must move on and let their friend go. As Luanne was leading the horses to the trailer she just asked God to please give her a sign that she was doing the right thing and that the horses would be alright. She looked down at the mud in the driveway and there was a perfect outline of heart, left as an imprint from a leaf. The only one in the driveway and right in front of her as soon as she asked for a sign. Amazing, eh!
April 14th, 2008
Chelsea's awesome, awesome filly, Walcurly Charisma! Look at the Winchester imprint here. What a filly she is going to be.
Impeccable conformation at only 1 week old. She's going to be a star for sure.
Chelsea is such an amazing mom. Passes on her athletic ability to all her babes. With her personality and Whinny you know this babe is going to be a winner.
And then Oakley gives us this little gem. Named her Satin Savanah, as she is just like satin and the color of the Savanah desert.
Only a few hours old and already showing the boldness of her momma Oakley. Oakley, as everyone knows is our showcase girl. She does all our demos around the province. One of the horses that will never leave our stables. Also the first Curly girl born here from the very first Curlies that I raised from babies.
Pic of Amber and her little angel, Airetina, Tina for short. Look at how proud she is. And Silverado and Chance had to get in the action.
March 19th, 2008
Heading to work this morning and saw the most beautiful sunrise I have seen in awhile. Pictures never do it justice, but I did happen to have my camera along.

The red was so rich and powerful, and it was just tucked behind the clouds and then the gold lit up the rest of the sky. What a way to start a day.
Here's some pictures from Brittany in Michigan of her boy Bailey. Wow, is he looking awesome. Will be a thrill to have him for a lesson horse.
And pics of her boy Mac Dilon. Mac is Kruzer's daddy.
Our first 2008 baby. SS Airetina. Affectionately known as Tina. Amber, mom, is almost 16hh, so Tina is going to be tall. Just look at those legs!
Lucky the weather is warmer so she can be out in the fresh air.
And some new pics of our mini's. Look at the curl on SS Lucky Kit's Kitty! Yes, she has a new name. Decided Little Britches wasn't cute enough for a filly with such character.
February 18th, 2008
Well, hopefully this makes up for the lack of pictures! Was minus 30 the last three weeks, so finally got a great weekend to head out and get pictures and hair samples for Franzi in Germany. Saturday morning found us in the boys pasture, in a howling wind. Way too windy to try and get pictures. But Deb caught up Wyatt, no problem there. Even though the rest of the herd was crazy.
First have to share pictures of Chayana on a coat she pulled off of the couch so she could have a soft spot to sleep. Then while I had the guitar out Mishka climbs right into the guitar case and takes a snooze!
Saturday Chris and Doug brought Kodiak up and Charmer came along for the ride. They were very thrilled with Kodiak for loading. They purchased Black Pearl, who was down south with Kodiak for company for Charmer. They fell in love with Pearls personality and just could not let her go.
Chris wanted another horse like Charmer, so they came to try out Wyatt and took him home!
Saturday night we got more snow and Deb and Tristen built a snowman!
Sunday we headed over to get some current pics of the girls. Roland was the center of attraction for everyone to figure out who he was.
Chautise is very, very pregnant. Looks like Evita caught also, both are bred to our Irish Draught boy, JJ.
Doesn't take Seleena long to figure out who has the treats!
Christine didn't realize that Red is trained. She was riding Misty when we pulled up. She loves Misty and has been riding her quite a bit.
LT is looking awesome. another one to figure out there are treats around.
Really filled out and looking pregnant also. Think we'll put her back into training as she really was quite steady today.
Christine has been leading her friend around on Golden Girl. She says she is so quiet, steady and friendly she never wants her to leave. Needless to say she is her favourite of all the girls. and look at how beautiful she has become. and goregous curl.
Our Irish Draught filly, Folly, took an immediate liking to Roland. What a beauty she is.

Then Monday is over to the other pasture to see the group Annie herded off.
Buffy's little Keemah is filling out nicely. Always loved the speckles on the white.
Dundee even came up to check us out.
Annie wasn't sure if she had to work or not, she took a minute before she came up to say hi.
You know who this is, Ambrossia. Looking absoulutely awesome. Jet black, and so rich a coat it is dappled. A real looker.
Amberina is looking mighty fine. 99% sure she is bred from the looks of her.
Aaaand!! Pictures of Buffy in Germany!! We are told that all she wants to do is sleep and NOBODY bothers her. Even their Tinker mare!
Serrando does not go far from Buffy. He's so lucky to have someone to fill in the void for him there.
December 27th, 2007

One of the fun parts of Christmas - finding the tree!! This year Raquel spotted our spruce. Deb sawed it down and we packed it home and the girls had a blast decorating it.
Christmas eve we held our traditional walk through the horses at midnight. Every year I go out to listen to the animals talk.
Christmas morn was magical. Santa had arrived in the night and filled all the stockings.
And he brought a race car set! Never had so many laughs on a Christmas morn. Our new male Siberian cat, Mishka, had more fun with the set than anyone! He kept pouncing and pouncing on the cars as the wizzed by. He finally got tired and just lay in the middle of track and swatted at them as they went by.
December 17th, 2007

Spent 5 wonderful days in Victoria visiting my old bosses. I worked for them for 7 years, 23 years ago! Was a wonderful reunion. Stayed on the harbour in Victoria and saw some gorgeous sights.
Took a tour along the beach, through an old fort, Castle, the wax museum and lots of walks through old Victoria.
Amber in training. She is doing awesome and Steph says she is the steadiest of the girls she was just working.
Amber is so pretty and also the tallest of the current girls, standing 15.1 and half.
Martika is right there also with her training. Probably the friendliest of the girls in training.
and our newest addition to the herd. Red has had lots of miles and is a real worker. Loves to be doing something and the bonus is she is in foal!
A very pretty and flashy mare, Red is going to do us proud for sure.
November 26th, 2007

Awesome picture from Leslie in South Carolina with Chief! She acquired him form Califorina and is super thrilled with our boy.
Also some pics of her with Chris Irwin, one of my hereos from the training world.
November 4th, 2007

Winter arrived in a flurry!! 7 inches of snow (20 cm) overnight! - 10, and wind chill. Yuck! But it sure was beautiful!!
Went for a walk to check the horses and Tipper and our two standard poodles came along for the jaunt. Was hilarious!! They could not figure out what to do with their paws as they had accumulated a ton of snow!
Natasha and Lindey came out for a visit also and of course the first to greet us on our trek was Cookies boy, Chance. Such a friendly boy. Then we met Star's baby, Stardust.
Martika will never miss an opportunity for a hug. She's all healed up now from her porcupine encounter.
And Star's angel from last year, Starshine is ALWAYS in the middle of the action.
And Amarillo Sunset's drop dead gorgeous filly from JJ, Sairapheena.
October 17, 2007

Time for fun!!
Chandra and the gang came out for my birthday and carved up the jack-o-lantern!
And after everyone joined in for some kaereokee tunes!
October 3rd, 2007

Our new Russian Siberian Forest momma with her wonderful little babies. Czarina is a super affectionate mom and blessed us with this amazing litter of 3 black/grey kittens, 2 seal point and one orange. They are all reserved and heading to Newfoundland, British Columbia and Michigan.
Real nice picture of Annie here. She is our boss mare and certainly know all the tricks. That's our two donkeys, Sally and Jenny with Annie in the second pic.
Needed some updated pictures to send overseas of the horses for Franzi. Here's Doc. Isn't he looking handsome!
Golden Girl and Seleena in the first, then Nellie with her babe, Serrando, who is heading to Germany.
Annie's awesome babe Princess Annie! Look at how proud she is. Then Buffy, whom we took to the vet and she is pregnant! Both these girls are also heading overseas.
And had to get pictures of Sally and her wonder filly Keelah in here. Keelah is really starting to fill out and look like a real feathered Irish Tinker now.
September 18th, 2007

Yes, that is a real, wild wolf. Yes, it is VERY rare to see one so close. It was amazing, chilling, thrilling. Came right up the window of the car to check us out. Eeerie.
Took a scouting trip to Cadomin on the weekend and this fellow was scouting us! I guess he was an older alpha male that was exiled from his pack. But who knows. He certainly was out of place, out of character. Just appreciated the opportunity to see him and watch him and talk to him.
The area around Cadomin is pretty, lots of quads though, so not sure how it would be for the horses. A number of staging areas, lots of low land, lots of rivers and thousands of miles of trails. Bill, a friend from work, brought a book of maps of endless trails for that area. Could make for some great stories next year!
Pics from my trip to Athabasca a couple of weeks ago. Look at Meg ride now!! That's thier 16hh Curly boy, known affectionactly as Merp! And then Meg jumping Copper!! Great job Mg!!
And their newest additiona Annabelle the donkey, and of course thier very first horse, the wonder curly boy Cassidy.

Here is our newest additon, Folly, the purebred Irish Draft girl that I found south of New York, USA, in Maine. She has picture perfect conformation.

September 14th, 2007
Pictures from the EAGALA training! It was a super weekend, learned lots and met some awesome people.
Lots of heavy concentration on not concentrating! All the horses were right into every session. Amazing to watch, I'm struck every time.
Too funny to see the horses read the situation. Amazing how they react to shouting that is not from the heart, or how they don't react! And how they respond to real needs.
And how they will actually circle around someone needing protection, or stand between an abusive person and a victim. And how they will try anything for just plain old attention!!
Only a mule is a mule. Would not get up until she walked away, and then promptly stood up and followed. Hilarious. Water please!!
Rocky Mountains, Jasper, with dad
Had a super trip with my dad to the mountains. He came out for a couple of weeks and we squeezed in a trip to Jasper. Saw this regal bull elk just as we entered the park. The sun was just starting to set as we drove in and I saw the glow on top of this mountain range and it was one of those breath-taking moments.
Maligne canyon, one of my favorite spots by Jasper. The gorge is very deep and narrow and makes for a fantastic waterfall.
We drive out to Maligne Lake, which is another very pretty spot. Have some lunch and take more pictures. It's been 8 years since dad was in the mountains.
I love the mountain flowers, took lots of nice shots. The lake is surrounded by mountains, heaven.
Last stop this trip is Pyramid lake. It is just north of Jasper and a nice quiet spot. Again the sun was highlighting the mountaintops, as if it was setting them on fire to glow just for us!
July 26th, 2007
How many stallions do you ever see like Winchester?? What a gentle, sweet boy he always is. He's out with the mares, and still respectful, quiet and friendly as can be.
You can always tell Annie's babies, just look at Princess Annie's neck!! Here she is sharing scratches with Serrando.
And of course Chance. Chandra and the girls came out to pick up Amanda after camp and we just had to go for a tour and see the new babies. Chance is everybody's favourite, and knows it!!
and will take all the loving you will give him.
and more!!
Nellie's gorgeous curly babe, Serrando, and then Curly Sarah's very flashy babe, Jaxx.
Amanda gives Gold Rush some affection. That's Sienna in the back ground.
Amarillo Sunsets beautiful Irish Draught baby, Sairapheena. Then Golden Girl. Look at her tail!! Golden Girl just gets prettier everyday. She's so elegant and extremely graceful.
Charms says, please pet me toooo!! McCoy always has to be in the centre of attention!!
Look at the dapples in Golden Girls coat! McCoy says, ignor them, PET ME!!
Misty's foxtrotting supreme babe, Mysty Maxx.
That's Star's babe, Stardust taking a drink, then some more of Maxx.
Nellie and her foxtrotting Curly babe, Serrando.
Finally you get to see a bit more of Jaxx! Lucky Charms baby out of Curly Sarah. He's one flashy boy.

Here is Anika's gem Shanleigh, by JJ, our Irish Draught Stallion. This little guy is really going to be a show stopper. He is ONLY 4 days old in this picture!! Look at his size. I would not be surpirsed to see him in the World Champion Jumper competitions.
His first time in halter, as we had to take him and his momma to JJ. He did real good, but boy oh boy, does he have character!!
"Coming through, Outa my way!!"
He has NO fear. Right up to anything and everything. Just love him.
and here's a couple of shots of JJ. He's now almost 16.2 hh!! Same as Anika. His coat is a gorgeous rich blood bay this year.
July 23nd, 2007

Congratulations MIDORI and SS Western Pride!! You won Champion Horse at the Canadian Classic Curly Horse show at Bergen Ranch!! Wow, what an accomplishmetn.

You must be able to guess who's baby this is by now! One clue - the neck. Yes, it's Annie's Princess Annie. Think we'll call her PAnnie!
Starshine is always looking for scratches. She's a real pet, as are all of Star's babies. Starshine has excellent curl, conformation, and a strong foxtrott.
Jaxx isn't camera shy. He'll check us out. Curly Sarah gave us a very nice boy here.
Stars babe, Stardust, and of course Jaxx again.
Star's babe has wonderful curl, smooth foxtrott and friendly personality, exactly what we breed for!!
Anika's new, wonderful, gorgeous baby!! Only 2 days old here and legs tall as momma's. He's going to be HUGE, HUGE, HUGE!!
Nellie's curly wonder, Serrando.
Misty's Foxtrotting boy, Mysty Maxx.
Our very first miniature horse born at the stables!! Introducing Little Britches, a Lucky Charms baby!!
He is soo cute!!! You just want to put him in your car and take him home!! He will have excellent conformation for a mini. Has wonderful parents and we may just keep him for breeding.
July 22nd, 2007
Pictures from Denmark!! From Anna and her curlies. Here she is performing in a Western Horse Show with DeeLite!!
And here we have Marengo, an awesome Curly boy out of SS Angelic Anika by Charming Prince. He is for sale in Denmark.
And another pic of DeeLite and a nice shot of Ss Walcurly Prince Trevino, who is out of Curly Sarah by Charming Prince.
And Anna's favourite boy, Trojan Nicker, out of Shawnee Dreamweaver by Palladin.
June 26th, 2007
COWBOY cOUNTRY tELEVISION arrived at the stables on June 25th to record a series on our Curly Horses!! It was an awesome day. Amanda, Nicole, Chandra, Sydney, Daphne, Cindy, Lisa and her children, were all here to support the stables and assist with all the set up and grooming of the horses. Amanda did a jumping presentation, Nicole showed off Oakley, Sydney saddled Charmer, Lisa showed off Wyatt, and of course we had Pall and Lucky Charms front and center. As soon as we know when it will be aired we will let everyone know!
We had the arena all set up with our displays and of course the Model A and 1040's democrat. Lisa's two children go for a ride in the Model A and the Democrat.
Nellie's little gem, Rebel posing for the camera.
Misty's MFTHB foal and Curly Sarah's baby from Lucky Charms - Poco.
Little Bandit and Chance.
Golden Girl and Sydney with Cookie, our gentle giant and Chance's momma.
Daphne says hello to Black Pearl, Angelic Anika's silky soft fily from last year, and then Jedder checking out Chandra. Jedder had her first training session today.
Do you think Chance is going to be a card?? He is always the first to come up and say, scratch me, please!! Daphne and Cindy accomodate him.
Buffy's filly from last year, Keemah. And another shot of Pearl keeping Chandra's attention.
Little Rebel says I kinda like all this attention!
Guess who's still in the center of attention! Seleena says enough of this, I'm going to find someone who appreciates me more than chance!
And Keemah says, pet me!! okay, if you don't pet me, I'll pet you!!
So Keemah gets some loving, and her and Seleena talk over their strategies for next time.

And then it starts to pour, so we all head back to the stables.
June 11th, 2007
Some awesome pictures from Stephanie in Germany with Wild Bill Hickock. Bill originally went to another lady there, but they did not see eye to eye, so Stephanie acquired Bill and has done wonderful with him. Never ceases to amaze me what can transpire when a horse and rider CLICK!
In an email from Stephanie - I am really glad that I bought Billy. First I was not sure at all as I didn't have the money. But now he is paid and I wouldn't want to miss him. Under the saddle he is great. We are doing western dressage. I will send you some pictures. He looks great - he is a little muscleman.
Many thanks for all your help.
Take care, Stephanie
June 6th, 2007

Kruzer and his Super Happy new mom, Amber!!
Amber and her mom are so happy they drive out from Drayton Valley (one hour away!) every opportunity they get. Kruz is going to be one spoilt little boy. They always bring him treats, bought him all new brushes, halter, bridle, bit, the whole works.
Finally had a moment to fix up some pics. Here's Curly Sarah looking very pregnant and Anika looking even more pregnant!! These will be two special babes for sure.
JJ's first babe in Canada!! You'll probably see lots of this little big guy! any ideas for names are very welcome!! Mom is Amarrilo Sunset.
Misty's Missouri Foxtrotter boy.
Guess who again! Look at the legs on him. Long as momma's already. He can hardle reach the ground to eat!!
Misty's babe says "Come On mom, I want to go play!" Then Misty watches over her jewel like a guardian angel.
Nelli's Curly MFT babe takes it's first steps. This one's not camera shy!
We'll even perform for the camera!!
And then crash for a snooze. Not much energy yet mom, but stay close and guard me.
Okay! It's lunch time, I'm getting up!! Just gotta find my legs again.
Guess who again. And how many of you know the golden palomino girl??
Hasn't she grown up into a gorgeous filly. That's Golden Girl. Marky's lucky filly.
Chance needs no introduction to anyone that has been at the stables. He is our mascot.
Can't visit the herd without giving him a scratch on the butt. He is going to be a very stocky, big boy.
Chance and the herd then Star and her perfect curly foal, Stardust.
Black Pearl is growing up to be an elegant lady. McCoy always has to check out new visitors.

Nancy says hello to some of our yearlings. Or rather, they say, come and say hello to us too!!

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