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Here's some pics of what's been happening!

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May 25, 2007
I went out to check the girls at 5, and Misty was off by herself. When I went back out at 9 - wow! she just had this beautiful little foal. Still wet and hardly standing yet.
SS Amarillo Sunset has a GORGEOUS filly. She had this little angel on the 24th. Legs as tall as momma's already. No wonter Rillo was the size of a house. How do they carry that much horse around?? This little girl is fast. Galloping around with the girls at only a day old, and HUGE joints. She's chestnut, so MAYBE she'll turn grey like her grandma??! That would be awesome.
And finally a couple of newer pictures of Stardust, Star's lovely colt. He's going to be a charmer for sure. Already loves to pose for the camera.
May 23, 2007
Deb and I took the afternoon off on Monday, as it was a holiday, and went for a drive down by the lake. It was pretty cold and we didn't walk around much, but it's always nice to go to the lake.
Amber looking for some loving. She's darkened up again for the summer. That's Golden Girl in the next shot. She's a gorgeous palomino colour this year. I imagine she will just keep getting darker as she ages.
Deb is with Amber, then Nellie, Erin (Amarillo Sunset), Anika and Chautise. Look how HUGE Chautise is. The last three girls were exposed to our Irish Draught stallion, Jaunty Star, but I don't think Erin caught. That's our three sporthorse girls again in the next shot.
And of course Annie, mom's wonderful girl. She was soaking in all the attention she could get.
Buffy, Annie's second baby.
Another nice shot of Chautise, Sienna's mom and Sanantonio Stroll's mom (now a stallion in France!). Misty in the second pic, our Missouri Foxtrotter girl. Looking very pregnant!
Our gaited girl, Curly Sarah. Looks like she might be open this year. Then a good picture of Shawnee Dreamweaver.
Our yearlings taking a nice rest in their field. Then all the rest of the mares coming up to see what they are missing!
April 25, 2007
Marshal Dilon and his new momma, Jeannette. It was heart warming to see how they bonded in such a very short time. It is always sad when we part with one of our horses, but Dilon was super special and will be very missed at the stables.
Amanda and Robyn stopped by a couple of weeks ago and put Buffy and Doc through their paces. Started some jumping with cross rails. I took lots of pics, but it was too dark and they are all blurry.
Last weekend Tracy came by as they were at Genesse for CPC Quiz. We had 5 inches of snow the day before and everything was VERY wet. That's Kruzer, Doc, Pride then Wyatt in the first pic. The little Hailey catching Lacey with Belle following.
Meg wanted to ride Pall to see if she will be okay in the Open House and at Fultonvale. She did good on him, just needed to be a bit more assetive, but Pall sure liked her. He likes anyone he doesn't have to work for! Meg is going to get a pair of spurs and then she can get his attention better.
Charmer, then Wyatt, getting rid of some winter hair. Poor Wyatt had been picked on by someone. He was a bit too sore to ride.
The three girls on Pall, Charmer and Lacey. Charmer was his normal, steady, quiet self.
Lacey coming through the trot poles, then a pic of our little girl, Shilo!
April 9, 2007

Well, lookie here. Sophie has the first baby born in Europe, France to be exact, from a stallion home raised at Sunnybrook Stables. This is a goregeous curly filly from Sassy by SS Pal's Sanantonio Stroll, aka Tony. Tony is out of our mare Amarillo Sunset who was out of one of our lesson jumper mares (Rillo) by our first curly stallion, SS Sundown Buck. Rillo goes back to Doric's Order and other famous thoroughbred horses.
Sophie was kind enough to share these pics of Tony during his stallion inspection. Wow, he is looking AWESOME!!
March 4, 2007
Sorry for the black and white pics, but my camera was dead and I had to use my cell phone to catch these shots of Meg with her buddy, Chance!! Cookie is such an awesome mare, so gentle, and she passes this through to every foal she has.
Meg couldn't get enough hugs with Chance. He already loves having his but scratched. And then Tracy with one of her favourites, Angelic Ambrosia.
Stephanie rode Warrior for the last time and he was excellent. Stayed nice and round and supple as if he knew what was up. These were the only pics I got on Sunday as my camera died again!
February 19, 2007
Awesome weekend. Chandra came out Saturday and we spent a few hours just visiting the horses. Here's Seleena coming to say hi.
And the girls all checking out what they might be missing! Thatís Amber on the left in the second pic, with Seleena, Anika, Cookie and Golden Girl.
Golden girl and then Chandra still being followed by the gang.
Chandra gave Golden Girl a treat and here we have LT and Amber begging her to share! Next is Deb with Chico, Starshine, Ecko and Silverado and Charms in the background.
Deb and her buddy Pearl. She is so friendly, just like her momma, Anika.
Regale Rialgo again and Silverado taking a bow.
You could certainly tell spring was in the air. Here's Kenny just being plain silly!! All the boys in this corral were running and bucking and just enjoying the warm weather.
Winchester performing and Kenny again.
Look at Whinny go! Sunday I brought them both into the arena and you would never have dreamed that Whinny was performing on Saturday. He was his normal puppy dog self again. Just standing around quiet as could be with all the other commotion going on.

This shot is hilarious!! I caught Winchester, Kenny and Warrior all if full flight!!
So of course everyone was snorting and running. Here's the girls all charging around the field. See little Chance trying to figure out what all the excitement is! Come on mom, I just want a drink!!
Sunday Steph was out and rode Doc, Andee, McCoy, Kruzer (todayís star!) and Warrior. It was allot colder than Saturday so we didn't do much outside. but everyone was awesome, all flexing and bending and stopping, smooth transitions, you never would know they hadn't been ridden since last fall.
Cookies surprise, Chance. What a handsome boy he is going to be. So curly, cute and friendly, just like momma.
He's going to be one big boy. Look a the bone on him, his knees are huge!! and what a perfect star.
Found some more pics of Tracy's visit that I had to share. Here is Meg with our other shining star, Keelah.
And Meg with Pall. What a charmer he is.

And last but never least, Tracy giving Pall a hug, or is it Pall giving Tracy a hug!!??
February 11, 2007
Here is a story that Dawnine sent us from her visit on Sunday, it was so cute I just had to share it.

Hey momma.....what's that thing coming over here?

What's this noisy little "pink" thing? Why is it sitting in the snow?

Let me smell you - do you smell like a horse?

Ha! Have you ever kissed a horse before? Come on....right on the lips!

Just a FYI buddy.....I'm not a Curly...I'm an Irish Tinker!

Okay "pink thing"'re in my space- try to keep your hands to yourself...

Come on momma - I could take her - if she'll ever stand still?

Oh....where did "it" go? Will "it" come back? I guess "it" wasn't that bad!
February 11, 2007

Well, speaking of surprise colts, guess what Cookie did on the weekend! Here's Cookie's beauty! Chance. Named by Megan as she figured it was by chance they came out for a visit and found him, by chance that 11 months prior we were sorting out the studs and put Cookie in with Prince for a couple of days only! and by chance she came into heat and caught!

Tracy, Jordy and Meg came up for a visit and Jordy is swamped by the babies. That's Keemah, Jedder, Chico, Ecko and the rest were on his other side!
February 9, 2007

Reidun's surprise colt, Val, from Felicity, less than a day old!! Reidun had Felicity bred to Kansas, so Luc was running with her last winter, but no foal last summer, so they thought they were out of luck. But Luc had other plans!!

Dagmar, in Germany, sent me this awesome picture she made of her riding Kitty.

So I sent her this picture of me on Pall by a lake in the mountains..

And she did this to it! Cool eh!!!
February 5, 2007
A very excited Dawnine arrived Sunday and I think she could have spent the entire weekend with the horses!! She loved them all, knew half their names just from visiting the website so many times and they loved her!! She will be bringing her husband back when it is warmer so they can ride some of the horses.
Carla and Midori came out Saturday to ride Pride. Pall followed Carla around like an old lost budy.

Prince is keeping Sienna company while she heals the cuts on her legs. The old boy is doing super and should be in fine form for spring.
Here's Chico, one of our sport horse He is one of our sport horse colts out of Native Chelsea and Anikan Ambassador. He should be one of the most athletic boys in the Curly World!!
And Black Pearl is from our Friesian/Thoroughbred supreme mare and Prince, so you know she is going to have charm and elegance.

And here is Phawnee, from our Canadian Sport horse Curly mare, Shawnee Dreamweaver and Anikan Ambassador. Amanda is interested in her as we believe she should mature close to 16hh!!
Beauty Girls beauty, Prince Rialgo, by Charming Prince. A gorgeous, gaited palomino boy that will be a champion stallion. And Starshine.
Starshine is from our gentle lesson mare, Star, and by Winchester. She has awesome curl, awesome temperament and a super natural gait.
Group shot of some of the girls checking to see if there are any treats. And that is our future mini stallion, Ecko.
Ambrosia, Anika's elegant filly and Cimmaron, Annie's handsome curly boy.
LT taking in the sunshine. Franzi has a lady in Germany that might like to have LT>

And last, but not the least by far, Seleena, Franzi's angel!! If she could snap her fingers and have her in Germany, she would be gone!!

January 29, 2007
Sunday was an awesome day! Joined up with some friends for their annual sleigh ride. 17 teams and sleighs and 5 riders joined in the fun. Had a nice BBQ afterwards. The weather was perfect. That's our girl Cookie in the second picture.

December 28th, 2006
Mom takes a tour of the horses before she heads off to Texas for a few months. Her first stop is, of course, Annie, and Annie's giant from last year, Cimmaron.
Cimmaron is going to be gorgeous. Caught a cute pic of Kit, then Lakota and Curly Sarah.
All the girls come up to say hello, here's Martika. Then we check out the babies. And again, mom's first is Silverado, Annie's babe from this year.
Chico, Chelsea's awesome sport horse curly babe, is really curly this winter. And Star's cutie, Starshine, is looking superb.
Anika's Black Pearl is soft as silk. A real glistening, satin coat. That's Anika with mom.
Beauty Girl is looking fantastic! Then we go to see the boys. Andee is having a snooze on this gorgeous day.

Diego says, I'm not moving unless there's a stampede! So Charmer moves in for all the hugs.
Dilon is pretty lazy on this bright sunny day.
Then it's over to see Pall and Sally. Pall does not want mom to take any pictures of anyone but him!
And LOOK at Sally and Keelah! Keelah is growing like a weed!!

December 21th, 2006

My new car!! Look at what I found!! And it's red!! And it's a convertible!! And it's a 1930 Model A Shay!! Love it. It's in New York, USA right now, hopefully have it home first of the new year.
Debbie and I headed out in the freezing cold snow storm, snow over our boots, and found our Christmas tree!!
Tipper, or course, had to be part of the big tree hunt. It was very cold, but still lots of fun!
and the result of our hard work, certainly worth the effort, it is a gorgeous tree.
Some pics of Chayana and Denny's little Christmas treasures!
And some more.
And pics of Shajana and Dennys little gems.

December 11th, 2006

Congratulations to Dagmar, Bernard and Anna. A lady contacted Dagmar to write a story with their curly horses and a professional photographer arrived to take thier pictures. WOW!! what a fantastic job. This is Bernard and SS Misty Whitney, one of Andee's gorgeous fillies.

Just LOVE this picture of Dagmar and SS Miss Klondike Kitty (Cjura) in action. Kitty was the first horse we exported into Europe and we thank Dagmar for this opportunity and her continued support of the Curly Horses!!
Our future Curly Horse Ambassador in Germany - Anna!! This girl is amazing with the horses, performing and winning in vaulting for the past couple of years. She is a natural and a definite asset to the Curly Horse promotion.

December 4th, 2006
Winter arrived with a flourish! We had -35 degrees Celsius last week. Little Keelah is not impressed with our Alberta weather. I'm certain she would rather be back in Ireland!! Pall just wants to say on our rounds. The weather never seems to bother him.
Chayana's little babies were born on November 11th, and Shajana's, in the second pic, were born on November 24th. All the babes have found new homes and will be traveling to Florida, Michigan, Ontario, British Columbia, Calgary and Edmonton!!
I think if little Ecko new what the weather was like where he was heading to, he would have put up alot more resistance!! Here he is leaving Wisconsin to arrive in our -25 daytime high!! He is a super sweet little boy and will be a lovely addition to our pony breeding.
Home! No matter what the reason I always love going home. This is where my super dad lives and look at the view. Even though it was snowing and cold, it's still one of the best sights for sore eyes.
Dad shoveling the deck and the only place to be after a day in the cold. Curl up in front of his wood fireplace and fall asleep!!
Chandra, Deb and I took some time off and went for a drive and did some shopping. I love taking pictures of the old barns and fences. There is a unique style to all the barns that I have only found down East.
We all got together to watch the Peterborough Santa Clause parade. It was VERY cold because it poured rain the entire day before and then froze. Thankyou to my sister Donna for the blankets that Jacquie and I curled up in. Mom was pampered in her own chair wrapped in blankets. Most of my 22 nieces and nephews where on hand, along with 2 great nieces.

November 8th, 2006
Another first for the North American Curly Horses! The International Farm Fair at Northlands Agricom in Edmonton requested our attendance for their Genetics Exposition, so we jumped at the opportunity.
Pall was our chosen one to represent the breed and of course everybody loved him. We were in for 3 days and Saturday was extremely busy. I was able to take in alot of different seminars while there, so it was a learning experience also. Bought some Christmas gifts at Dodge City and more books for learning!
October 16th, 2006
Lornette and her family came out Saturday for a visit and toured the farm. Nellie never passes up an opportunity for a treat! That's Cimmaron beside her and Star waiting patiently.
Was a gorgeous day Sunday so we just spent some time taking pictures and getting ready for winter. Here is Anika's Black Pearl!!
Amber and Ambrosia enjoying there break from training. Amber is 3 but Ambrosia is only two. These two are going to be awesome athletes, they already are! Look at elegant form of Ambrosia just in the field!
Angelic Anika, Kenny and Ambrosia's momma. Then we have the gang coming in to make sure nobody missing anything! Gold Rush on the left then Golden Girl and Nellie and that is Kodiak's head on the bottom left. He would not leave me alone so I could take pictures!!
Look at Annie's baby from last year (yes, he is a momma's boy, still hangs out with mom) Giddy Up Go (Cimmaron). He has been a looker since he was first born, and just getting more gorgeous as he fills out.
Golden Girl and Kit (our miniature shetland) exchange scratches while Lakota watches on. Mom giving Golden Girl some affection. And they both love it!
Gold Rush and her awesome babe, Lakota. The finest of our gaited foals this year. Deb gives her best friend, Snippy, a hug.
Shawnee Dreamweaver, our Canadian Warmblood Curly mare. Her babe from this year is sold already to Amanda!!
Mom's favourite, of course! Silverado from her mare Annie. Every year Annie surprises us with a horse of a different colour.
Starshine. Star's perfect gaited curly filly. Excellent curl, mane, tail, gait, conformation, everything! Plus personality!
And loving, caring Tadbit. Never misses an opportunity to be petted and loved.
We catch Keelah, our Irish Tinker baby, sleeping. Not long and she is up and posing for the camera.
Love the first pic above. Shows the gentle nature of the Tinkers and why I chose this special breed to go with our gentle curlies.
LT and Kodiak stop to say hi.
Couple of pics to show the picture perfect curl of Lakota. Only in our gaited curlies do we usually see this kind of curl. Our babies look like big sheep!
And last but not least, one of my favourites, Sienna. She has such perfect balance and natural carriage even as a baby. She is what our breeding programs are all about. Why we struggle through the years and the problems and hang in there. She is going to be a looker the rest of her life and has the athletic breeding to do anything she is asked to do.
October 12th, 2006 -

WOW!! Look at Quick Fraise in France!! Thankyou to Sophie for sending us this photo of her and Strawberry in a huge horse show there, over 5,000 people! And Sophie is wearing our shirt!! Hooray!
Too refresh memories, see the page on our delivery of Sassy to France and Strawberry being born!
Pic from Reidun of her curlies, SS Ivory Felicity and Moonlight, in Norway in the very, very deep snow!! Glad we are not there!!
October 10th, 2006 -

Fantastic weekend with Chris Irwin. He is a world renown horse whisperer/trainer. Was awesome to be able to talk with him one on one and discover his beleifs in the native totems and traditions! Even got to see his main totem animal. Learnt lots about his horse physicology and some new methods to try with our young stock. Loved his way with the horses and how he captured thier attention as soon as he was in their space. Was just a super weekend to spend with Chandra.
New pics from Katja of Gigant in Denmark. See why we choose this champion as Keelah's proud poppa!!
Some pics of Chandra with Amber checking her out first, then Cookie, Martika and Amber all wanting the attention!
Shot of Dagmar's car in Germany promoting the wonderful world of Curly horses there. A very happy Lauralie, Laurie and I when we delivered Fool's gold to them.
Our two latest new additons to our family!! The Pirate will be joining us as our herd stallion for our mini breeding program. He should be arriving from Seattle, Washington, USA, the end of this month along with Daisy (Who was bred to Skipper of Bancroft Curlys!).
Bit behind in our pics, but here are some shots from our trip to Fort Edmonton Park.
It was a gorgeous day. We kinda go there late and only had an hour to tour around but got to see all we wanted to see.
They have reconstructed the entire Fort as it was way back when.

Lots of walking and mom was happy to sit while we took some pics!

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