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Here's some pics of what's been happenin!

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October 2nd, 2006 -
KEELAH!!! Everthing we hoped for from our Gypsy Tinker mare and the champion stallion in Denmark, Gigant!! This "little" girl already has character and loves everyone she meets. Franzi scratches Sally's belly and says nobody can pet the babe untill they perform the same custom!
Isn't she just GORGEOUS!! or beautiful, as her name is in Irish.
September 18th, 2006 -
Chandra and the kids came out and we took a tour. Cookie takes in all the lovin she can have. Kenny is right in the middle of any attention.
Kodiak followed us around like a puppy the entire time. McCoy has to come and see if there is anything for a sweet boy.
And of course Rialgo has to be scratched, and rubbed, and scratched and rubbed. What a ham!
Amanda love Jenny, said she wants to ride her. Don't think so, not yet anyways. And Davinah followed Chandra all over, as usual!
September 10th, 2006 -

Awesome true jumper form from SS Nevada Warrior with Kim on another sixth place finish. This time at the Peace Country Three Phase Event in Grande Prairie!!
Love the way Warrior is looking Kim, super riding..

Jeanette and Franzi spent the day taking pics of most of the horses they have been working since they arrvied.
Here's Cierra Amberina and her full sister Cierra Martika. Both looking super for the camera. Amber has a rich bronze colour to her coat, while Martika still has her reagal presence.
And Kenny (Anikan Ambassador) and his full sister Ambrosia, Anika's angels. These two will be showing up in the sporthorse winners circle.
McCoy is true pony style. Flashy and has full mane and tail. He's going to make a young child happy somewhere! And Tadbit has comes miles since she arrived from Arizona. Put on some weight and really settled in. She's still the puppy dog buddy she has always been.
Look at the pic they got of Curly Sarah! Love it. She is going so well now, we will probably put her in the lesson string next year. And of course, Prince Rialgo, wainting for his mom, Beauty Girl, to have her feet trimmed.
And then we tried to get a good pic of me and Major. Figured he's 27 now, so should try to get a good shot of him. But he would not stand still!! He wanted to go check out Beauty Girl, so off we went, accross the field with the cameras following, bareback, no halter, no bridle, I know, not professional! But we had fun.
August 30th, 2006 -

Kim on Warrior grinning from ear to ear with their sixth place ribbon from the Alabrama Three Phase Event!!
Congratulations!!! Awesome finish.

Recent pic of JJ, our pure bred Irish Draught sporthorse import Stallion.
Just turned two and I would say he's about 16.1hh already.

Beauty Girls' gift, Prince Rialgo, says "Chandra! Don't stop, scratch me more!!"

Charmer KNOWS there's some treats there somewhere. Amanda is thrilled to be back on a horse again so her and Dilon do the mug race bareback!
Charmer find the source and Brittany takes a spin on Dilon with no saddle or bridle!
Ryley is fearless on Dilon. Walcurly Prince Riaglo LOVES the attention.
Pics from Kruzer in early July. Jeanette loves how soft and light he is.
Franzi takes Seleena for a bit of a ride. We actually used Seleena in our regular riding lessons last night for a 9 year old girl.
Pics of Chelsea's colt, Native Anikan's Chilcoten Heart.
August 15th, 2006 -
Finally got some pictures of our demonstration for the county Tour with SS Annie's Oakley.
July 26th and 27th we were honoured to be included on the Alberta Agriculture tour for 700 provincial delegates to showcase our Curly horses!! I was to busy to get pictures working with the horses, but hopefully we will be getting some from the photographer for the tour. We set up our booths inside and mom attended the sales of our gift shop treasures. We were all invited in to the banquet and had an excellent time.
July 24th, 2006
Franzi, Jeanette, Deb and I went camping for the weekend. We took a side trip to Em Tee town and found our place! The Hotel for lost Women!! The town is a little old west set up and built by one fellow about 20 years ago.
It's a neet little town, the church is used for weddings and the seats are just logs!
There's even a store where we purchased some ice cream. It's set right along a river and is a very pretty place.
Lots of old wagons and artifacts everywhere. Deb finds some raspberries and Jeanette wants to help her go for a swim!!
Sunday evening we run into Edmonton and attend the Capital Exhibition. There's tents and tee pee's set up inside. Deb wants to try the bungie explosion, but, sorry, Deb, none of us are crazy enough to join you!
We're short on time, but still have lots of fun touring the midway and listeneing to everyone scream on the rides!
July 16th, 2006
Palladin and Andee in the Greates Outdoor Show on Earth, The Calgary Stampeded and Exhibition!!
Franzi and Daphne do an awesome job of riding our boys for the entire world to see!!
Everyone looked great and I was so proud of both our riders and the horses!! THANKYOU!!
July 10th, 2006
On our way home from Rocky Mountain House and watching Warrior perform on his first Cross Country course, we stopped to see JJ, our Irish Draft Stallion! He is looking awesome!
He was backing into Amanda and she thought he was after her, but all he wanted was his but scratched!!
Look at Sienna! She is really showing the Friesian elegance. Looking mighty fine!
Sunday morning a group of 6 riders arrived for a trail ride. 5 had never been on a horse before. The youngest cowboy got to ride old Major and after some convincing that this huge horse was not going to hurt him, had lots of fun.
Oakley in the first pic and followed by Charmer in the second.
Dilon, then our newest addition to the stables, Pepper.
Diego, then our full group, 8 riders in total.
Sunday evening took everyone Gold Panning in the North Saskatchewan River.
Debbie found lots of little gold dust in her pan, the water was warm and it didn't rain on us!
Natasha and Linde stopped by and went for a trail ride on Andee and Oakley. Andee is looking Real Good!!

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