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Here's some pics of what's been happenin!

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July 6th, 2006
Golden Girl taking in the attention. Magic Maruba checks us out.
Annie's gorgeous, curly boy, Silverado (as named by mom!).
July 4th, 2006
Some of the top pictures from our awesome turnout at the Bergen Horse Show!! There will be a full story done (we took 200 pictures!!) above is Wyatt coming throught the tarp on the trail class and Charmer jumping.
Dilon and then Dandee doing the barrels. Look at the agility in Dandee, even though he missed the first barrel, with his speed he still came in second!!
Nicole on Oakley on the stretch home and Copper through the bending poles.
Dean about to loose his hat on Copper they were going so fast and Diego and Amy doing the poles.
Nicole and Oakley on thier cow! And a cool shot of Dilon on his.
and Amy and Diego on the chase. Midori accepting her prize for Reserve Grand Champion overall horse. congratulations Midori and Pride!!
June26th, 2006
Super, super day on Saturday. Chandra and 3 of her friends came out for their orientation for the trail ride they have booked. Everyone did awesome. The two riders that had never ridden rode Dilon and Major and were thrilled at the end of our day. Diego was the mount for a lady that had not ridden in about 10 years. And Chandra rode Oakley (who she wants to buy, but sorry dear, not for sale) and had a wonderful time. First pic is Dilon with my old boy Major, second is the group; Oakley, Diego, Dilon and Major.
We did an hour inside the arena first, then headed out to our trails in the jumping field. Was a gorgeous day also, plus 28 degrees and sunshine!!
Diego, Dilon and Oakley. Then Oakley leading the way down the trails.
Dilon followed by Diego then Pepper. Diego.
Gold rush takes a roll! Then she is loaded up and comes home with Annie. Shawnee asks where she is going!!
Our pinto boy from our Percheron mare, Angel! he is going to be one very big boy.
Shawnee Dreamweaver's babe.
Pictures from Anna in Denmark of their very first Agricultural Show for the Curly Horses!! Good job Anna. Deelite looks wonderful!!
And pictures from Karen in Germany with her boys. Love the trust displayed in her pictures. They spend countless hours together and it shows.
And our Russian Siberian Forest girl, Anastasia, after her strenuous workout and vacuuming all day!
May 29th, 2006
Toot! Toot! Ya, we're tooting our horn, we had a fantastic tour group come through and we received so many compliments and good wishes that it made it all worth while. The night before Amy and her husband came by to help us set up. Only took 3 hours with 4 of pitching in.
We set out straw bales for everyone to sit on, and set up a round pen so I can show how we train the horses. Stop for coffee and then do a riding demo. It is so neat when it is dead quiet in there while I explain how our bodies actually control the horse. Tons of questions, and good questions to.
Beauty was in with her baby, Winchester, Dilon, Wyatt, Charmer, and of course Sally!!

Beauty Girls winner from Prince.
Buffy's babe from Pall.

Chautise's babe from Kenny. Wow, this is one refined babe.
Chelsea's wonder from Kenny and a shot of Golden Girls huge tail!

Look how LT filled out since she arrived. And her January baby is real fur ball!
Chandra came out after our tour and we caught Major and Snippy scratching each others back. Snippy has really settled in now.
Stars babe from Winchester and Chandra following her rainbow!

Some of the girls came up for a drink. With, of course, Annie in the lead.
Sunday after the show I took 5 minutes to try and get ahead of the weeds in my one and only flower garden!
May 23rd, 2006
We took a quick trip down south to visit my sister in Coaldale. Then a quick jaunt over to the Crowsnest Pass (one of my favourite places in Alberta). Stopped at the old Ft. McLeod and they had excellent displays of Native American history. That's a buffalo jump in the first photo.
Stopped at the falls and Deb finally gets her first glimps of the Rocky Mountains!
Head over to the Crowsnest Lake and stop for a picnic in the rain.
May 8th, 2006
Dunner showing off for the camera. Debbie caught this picture of a gorgeous rainbow sunday night. The sky was very dark and forbiding, but the rainbow was illuminous and colourful.
Debbie fending off the bears during one of our walks in the woods. Then I had to protect her!
Angel looking pretty pregnant and Gary riding Cookie.
The sign says it all!! We're Open for business in our Gift shop!! And the logs sit quietly curing for our real Log Cabin Gift Shop in the fall.
Some pics of our gift shop in the building.


April 25th, 2006
Star gives us a gorgeous, Gaited, Curly Filly!! By Winchester. Tipper checks her out while momma watches over.
I get our first ride on Sally!! and I love her!! She is a total gem, and we get along awesome.
April 17th, 2006
LOOK at Doc! He never forgot a thing, is so much more self confident this year and ready to prove what I knew all along!!
Our Angel is getting huger. That's bigger! She is such a gentle, sweet mare, and good thing with her size. Tipper tries to wake up Dunner, but Dunner was enjoying the heat of the day.
Our babies in quarantine! This is Blue Jeder, our only filly ready to head to Denmark.
Walcurly Marengo, our Friesian blooded colt from Prince and then Shawnee Dreamweavers colt, Trojan Nicker.
And our last fellow, but first choice! is Prince Trevino. Anna knew the moment she saw him that she wanted him. He has excellent natural foxtrot gait and the perfect gaited curly curls! and of course the temperament that these foals are notorious for. Last pic is Seleena, she really filled out and matured this winter.
April 1st, 2006
JJ showing off for Kim and her parents. Gorgeous extension, and huge stride. You could tell it was spring weather, everyone was sleepy!! Anika in the foreground and the other girls all taking a nap.
Here's a shot of our January baby, Dunner. Opal checks us out, and even leaves her hay to come and say hi!
Trying to take a picture of Davinah is impossible! At least you can see the awesome curls she has. And then there is Quanita!! She has matured to be a very stocky, solid and micro curly girl. Yes, she is for sale for only $1,500US. Have some interest in her, but no deposit yet!!
February 22, 2006
Finally we get snow!
January 30th, 2006
Our first baby of 2006! We have never had a babe in January before!! Marvin said she had been with a stallion, but we never dreamt she would be bred to foal now!! But it sure is a looker!! Beautiful buckskin colt, just like momma.
Lillian is thrilled! They can have a horse!! Her son did not react at all to the curlies!! This is from a boy who's allergies are so bad he was told he must have an epinephrine needle handy when exposed to horses. First we tested him on Winchester just to be safe, then on Dilon and NO reaction!

Copper and Pall check it out. Lillian was impressed with how calm all the horses were and loved Pall.

Picture from Natasha of Andee with all his ribbons!!
January 19th, 2006
Chayana's new babes born January 18th.
January 17th, 2006
DeeLite and Bill waiting patiently in the trailer with Hero. Ready for their big trip to Europe. If only they knew in 10 hours they would be on the other side of the world!! We had terrible fog driving down to the airport. Took us almost 5 hours to drive what normally takes 3 1/2!
The crate is prepared, ready for the journey. We back the trailer up to the loading ramp and the horses are loaded. DeeLite goes in the middle as she is the momma of this group.
Then it is out to the plane and up the lift into the belly of the plane. Bill doe not like all the noise and commotion and gets a little bit excited going up.
We all arrive safe and well. All the horses were super during the flight. Very calm and relaxed. It was only when Bill heard the roar of all the other planes, the fork lifts, the buses and the cranes that started to get nervous again. He settled down nicely though. Was fantastic to see Anna again, and I'm sure DeeLite thought so to! They then headed to Denmark and dropped me along the way so I could go to my hotel.

Bill and Diana get acquainted. He was in good form and Diana was very pleased when she first saw him. He then headed off for a 4 hour drive to Germany.
January 11th, 2006
Here are the real pictures of Sally. Katja advised that the pictures bellow are actually of her stallion, Gigant, that Sally is bred to!!
January 6th, 2006

Sally in quarantine in Denmark!! Katja forwarded these awesome photo's of Sally in the snow! Look at that mane. Is your first thought the same as mine???
Is she an Irish horse or an English sheep dog?? Look at the feathers on this beauty. Wow, never would have thought we would have a horse as gorgeous as Sally heading over the ocean to Sunnybrook Stables. Thankyou Katja, for your endless patience and persistence to make this happen.
January 5, 2006

Christmas Greetings from the Dipple family and Nakita in Germany!
December 27th, 2005
Wow! What a great celebration of Christmas! Gary hooked Cookie up to our Democrat and made at least half a dozen tours around town. Everyone sang Christmas carols while we listened to the bells a jingling!
Thankyou to everyone who came out to join us for this fantastic evening. Wasn't it a blast! The weather was unbelievable. We were able to stay outside and enjoy each others company until the wee hours of the morning!
Thanks to Brian and Larry for bringing all the logs to the fire! Santa Claus brought an early Christmas present and we even got to sign Kareokee songs! It was a ton of fun, and thanks again to everyone that came out, if it wasn't for your participation it would not have been half the fun!
Sorry, have to brag about the kitties again also. Trying to wrap presents is impossible, this is Denny totally sprawled on the wrapping paper.
And our little babes demolishing the Christmas ornaments!
December 23rd, 2005

Reidun's Christmas Santa's in Norway!! Wow, are they getting BIG!! Nice shot Reidun!
December 19th, 2005

So many emails come in this time of year! Here is an excellent picture from Sophie in France of her children and her curly mare, Sassy.
And of course pictures from Dagmar in Germany of her horses SS Klondike Kitty (Cjura) and SS Misty Whitney. All wishing everyone and their Curly horses a very Merry Christmas!!
Chandra and the kids came out on the weekend and played with the horses for a bit. It was -20 with the wind chill, so we didn't do more than we had to. Here is Ryley on Little Marky.
Setting up the Christmas Tree. Little Deb and I fetched our tree from the back of our farm and then all the kids decorated it!
Chayana and Denny have to help wrap the presents.
Tracy, Jordy and Megan came out to see all the horses. That's Dilon with the blue halter watching over the proceedings.
Nellie and Golden Girl come to check out the visitors. Tracy LOVES Nellie. Then our gentle giant, Angle, has to say hello.
Amanda says hello to Golden Girl, then of course Major has to say hello to Megan.

Tracy with another of her favorites, Oakley.
Delite and Bill half way through their quarantine.
Took some shots of the boys also. Winchester in the first, and of course Pall in the second.

Our gorgeous sporthorse stallion, SS Anikan Ambassador (Kenny) comes doddling along to say hello.
Then Kenny has to perform. He was sure there should be some treats in the bucket. So he tried to paw it.
Then he tried to knock it over. Then he was totally frustrated and I caught this cute photo of him ready to take off.
But of course he had to come back, just to make sure he wasn't missing anything. Then off he goes!
December 13th, 2005
Tanja and her family with Ahani in Germany. They, and everyone who visits the stables, love this little filly out of Annie, by Charming Prince.
December 12th, 2005
Middle of December and we have the best weather of the whole fall!! It was plus 10 on the weekend so we had to take picutres. Here's the whole herd of girls coming to check out what we want. That's my niece Debbie with Oreo, the barn kitty.
SS Walcurly Marengo! Wow, he is elegant, curly, leggy, perky, everything! What a horse he is going to be with the best Friesan, Thoroughbred and Curly bloodlines in the world!! And then it only gets better with SS Native Davinah! Colour you ain't never seen before, with curl and class!!
Cookies Girl Flicka then SS Annies Buffalo Girl's colt Kodiak Braveheart! He's going to be a very solid boy.
Cookies Girl Flicka! Another solid babe from Cookie. Then Snippy's late comer.
SS Trojan Nicker, Shawnee Dreamweavers colt. Poodle curl or what!! They don't come any curlier that this hugable teddy bear. Next pic is Nicker and Davinah.
Everyone knows who this little charmer is. Prince Trevino. Look at the curl on this boy! The colour, the conformation and the personality to outshine every other foal. Complete rubber stamp of his pappa.
Our Black Beauties!! First is our gentle giant Angle, purebreed Percheron, then Cookie, Gary's favourite, Percheron quarter horse cross. We will oneday have our Curly draft team to pull our covered wagon into the hills!
Delite, just before going into quarantine. Another we haven't seen much of, SS Walcurly Lucky Charms What a sweetie he is! Can't wait to decide who to breed him to this year. Doesn't really matter, whoever the lucky girl is will certainly produce a colourful, gaited, Curly superstar!!
SS Walcurly Golden Girl is just as curly as ever. HUGE tail for a yearling, rich golden colour for the summer and friendlier than ever. Next is Gold Rush, lookin good for winter. She certainly had an easy summer.
LT has really matured this year. She has filled out and is very regal now. Her colour has become very rich and deep. Next we have SS Native Martika, one of our sport horse fillies.
Here's one we don't see much of (as was pointed out to me on my last trip to Germany!), SS Magic Maruba. Looks like a golden/bronzemini draft! Then our Missour Foxtroter, Nellies Tattoo. She's still gentle as ever.
SS Annie's Oakley of course, look at how her coat looks richer and richer every year. Curly Sarah next struttin her stuff as usual. What a tail, eh!
SS Shawnee Dreamweaver is perfect. Look at the confirmation of this mare out of Nicker. Such excellent quarters. SS Annies Buffalo Girl next. Don't need to say anthing about her.
Can't keep Jenny out of the camera! and the weather is so awesome Sally kicks up her heels for a roll in the sand.
Nov. 28th, 2005
Doc, Kruzer and McCoy ready for action!! Kruzer is soooo laid back, McCoy is soooo friendly and Doc is soooo tall!!
Look how much McCoy has matured this year! He's always going to be a hip pocket boy.
Seleena is really growing and she has such a gorgeous mane and tail.
Needed some new video on Bill and wow, was he a super star. He was soft, supple, willing and steady. Never even flinched when a huge tanker truck whizzed by right beside him along the road!!
Here's Bill snuggling up to Stephanie. He was back to his sweet self again and Steph is going to miss him alot when he goes. She says she would take him anywhere and do anything with him now.

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