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New Pictures!!

Here's some pics of what's been happenin!

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Nov. 28th, 2005
Doc, Kruzer and McCoy ready for action!! Kruzer is soooo laid back, McCoy is soooo friendly and Doc is soooo tall!!
Look how much McCoy has matured this year! He's always going to be a hip pocket boy.
Seleena is really growing and she has such a gorgeous mane and tail.
Needed some new video on Bill and wow, was he a super star. He was soft, supple, willing and steady. Never even flinched when a huge tanker truck whizzed by right beside him along the road!!
Here's Bill snuggling up to Stephanie. He was back to his sweet self again and Steph is going to miss him alot when he goes. She says she would take him anywhere and do anything with him now.
Nov. 23rd, 2005
Look at the Curly coat Bill is getting for winter! And then there is McCoy. Can a horse be any more laid back! He is so friendly and easy going.

Look at the super job we did for our display for our first trade show for Best of The West American Heritage gifts!! Everyone loved our sign. Deb and I made it the night before!!
Nov. 16th, 2005
November 9th we arrive at the Calgary airport with 3 horses to travel to Luxembourg. Anna and Joerns must drive me to the airport and then return to depart for Denmark the next day! The horses arrive safely and everything goes smoothly for our departure.
The horses are transported to the Boeing 747 airplane.
Up they go into the belly of the plane. Then it is time for good-byes to Anna and Joerns. Not too sad though as I will see them in January when I deliver Delite and Prince Trevino!!
Bernd Dipple goes beyond the call of a friend and drives me in the middle of the night from Luxembourg all the way to Karen & Marian's home in Wiesbaden! Thankyou Bernd!!
Only have a couple of days with Karen and Marian, and they are super days! Prospector makes a bow for Karen and then takes his medicine from a beer bottle!!
Karen and Austin playing tag. She dashes along the fence line, then reverses fast as she can while Austin follows her every move! Then it's quiet time, very peaceful for the horses here.
Austin extending for Karen on demand! What a super smart boy he is!!
Then it's already time for good-byes! Again! Marian and his good friend Prospector bid us a farewell.

Austin loves to play with anything and willing takes the bucket for Karen. Then we head to Dagmar's place. Along the way we stop at the airforce base in Kauserslauten and then a flea market! Thankyou guys for a super visit and driving me around!!

Then it's off to Dagmars and I'm and privileged to be able to watch her participate in a trail riding clinic.
The clinic is two days and includes a theory lesson. I cannot understand what is being said, but I certainly understand the actions and am impressed with Dagmar's keen participation.
SS Sunnybrook's Misty Whitney and SS Klondike Kitty (aka Cjura) have matured into two beautiful horses. They are advancing wonderfully in their training and growing into very well proportioned mares.
Whitney is willing to do anything for Dagmar, here she places her cat, Peter, on Whitney's back! What a pretty face!!

Then it's time to come home, here a picture of one of the largest rivers in Germany. Thankyou to Bernhard for driving me to Luxembourg!
Indian Andee!! Natasha and her mom painted up the Indian Pony for Halloween! Complete with feathers in his mane and tail, yellow hand prints on his but and everywhere else they could think of! Good job guys!
October 29th, 2005
Shajana's kittens! Look just like pappa right now. Only 4 days old in the first pic and just born in the second pic!
The only pictures I got from the last workout of the horses. This is Spar being a good boy!
Hooking up the new tack trailer. Finally it was dry enough to bring it home and the weather even co-operated. The big tractor had no problem bringing up the hill, just a bit tough turning it with the duals on. Now I can spend the winter getting it rustic looking inside and setting up the show room!!
October 23, 2005
Finally started the destruction to bring the trailer in! Friday evening the load of gravel arrived (got stuck for 3 hours!!) and Saturday I cut down the 9 trees we needed to remove to make way for the trailer for our tack and giftware store! And I'm proud to say every tree landed where it was suppose to!!
Dale leveled the gravel in the laneway and then dragged the trees to the back with the tractor. I leveled the tre stumps and then we all cleaned up the branches. Can't wait till the trailer arrives and we can finally set up the showroom!
Saturday morning was a special birthday treat. Patti and Raymond brought their two children, Lucas & Jessica, for their first real exposure to horses. It was a super day for everyone. We did an hour orientation inside the arena then everyone was ready to head out on our trails.
Raymond rode Star, Patti rode Beauty Girl and our two beginner riders rode Marshal Dilon and of course Major. They had so much fun I think we will be seeing them at camp next year!
Opal! Look at the size of this sweetheart! Soooo steady, Anna loves her, if she could take a bunch home to Denmark with her Opal would certainly be on the plane!
Another good shot of Jewel. Her and Kruzer are checking out the kitties. The kitties climbed onto the democrat every day to watch the performances!
And our Kruzer boy! He is going to be super flashy once he has filled out. He's already one handsome, steady boy, just think what another year will do, he's only 2!!

Erin and her babe and Davinah. They could care less about the horses going in and out, the commotion inside the arena or all the people stepping over them!! Yep, gotta be Curly babes.
Anna's birthday!! We went to Montana's for super and everyone sang for her! She had to wear the customary headdress for the occasion!
Dale has been very busy around the stables! Look how the cabins are looking! Great job Dale, and Thankyou! Here's Amarillo Sunset's (Erin) babe.
Big puff ball!! And a very rich, red colour. He was played out after his photo shoot, Anna had to help Stephanie climb on his mom. She dropped the rope and he stood there the entire time we worked with his momma. He's trained to ground tie!!
And this is some of the first shots of Cierra Amberina!! LOOK at this girl. Wow, she is the full sister to Cierra Martika, out of Cierra Cordial by our infamous Palladin!! She has a coat the colour of bronze, or amber, and very willing. She had her first couple of rides last week.
Here's Cocoa (Ye Flirtin with Color) our registered Paint mare with her buckskin filly out of the Curly stallion Fiddler's Gold.
Our super star mares, Jewel and Opal! Out for their first tour down the laneway. These two girls have been unbelievable to train. When they first arrived they were very scared of people, but now they love us!! Took to the saddle like a duck to water. Just another day with Curlies!!
First pic above is Steph on Jewel and then Anna on Opal. Look at the bone on these girls! Such a base for trail riding or any discipline. They are substantial mares standing around the 15hh mark!
Ah yes, then there is our cutie, Seleena. She's changed so much this year, looking so elegant and graceful. She had a bit of spunk to her initial training, figured she had been pampered so long that she should not have to listen. No big fuss, she just did not want to move away from us!
Steady girl she is, will be an excellent youth mount when her training is completed. Her momma, Moonlight, is in Norway now and threw a gorgeous colt by of Palladin, full brother to Seleena.
And then there is Kruzer. What can I say, always liked this boy. TOTAL hip pocket, puppy dog personality. Loves people, loves to learn and loves adventures, plus he loves to help you build anything in the field. He's the boy in last years pictures playing in the oat bucket!
Okay, so here's another hip pocket bud. Poor McCoy had a hard time adjusting to the fact that he had to go away from us also. He insisted that he must be beside us! Just took a couple of rounds and he figured out he had to go away. Tons of character with McCoy, ALWAYS picking up stuff in his mouth and walking away with it!!
A couple of pics from our RCMP Musical Ride in Edmonton. It was a fantastic show. Awesome riding, and such timing and co-ordination.
Look at Bill! I'm sorry if I keep saying it, but I just can't get over how beautiful he is this year. He has filled out, matured and is a gorgeous boy. His coat has that crushed velvet look and is so shiny!
He's totally relaxed here and rounding up and so soft to the aids.
Bill has really filled out and matured, he has the crushed velvet coat, cork screw mane and is so shiny!
You all know this boy! It really paid off to give him the summer off. Stephanie could not believe how much he grew and filled out! He is 15.2 1/2 hh!! and he's not done growing! He just might make the 16hh mark!!
He picked up right where he left off with his training, more settled and more confident and look at how soft he is! His stride is huge!! Stephanie insists that we should show Doc English, but I'm not so sure, I think he would do best to find someone that would like to take him for a western boy and do some team penning or something. He has the ability and agility to do anything!!
Here's Chelsea, half sister to Chautise (below). We took a bunch of pics of her babe, but just didn't have time to get them done yet. She is Curly thoroughbred cross and extremely sensible.
She has impeccable balance, unmatched breeding, superb movement and an excellent mind. She is a sweetheart! Her babe is much stocky than her.
Here's Chautise, haven't posted alot of pics of our broodmares, but finally had some time. This is Davinah's mom. Chautise is out sporthorse supreme. Hard to tell in these pics though! She is out of the infamous Tango Selune, European Selle Francais jumping champion!!
Look at the curl Davinah still has! Normally foals will shed out there curl, but she's kept hers! And she hasn't changed colour!!
Here is Cocoa, mother to our little dun filly out of Fiddler's Gold. She's registered paint.
Fool's Gold (aka little Spar) was out on the weekend also. Just a little reminder ride for his training.
McCoy is doing super. Very, very relaxed and extremely willing. He is definitely the friendliest boy around right now. Always, always right there checking you out.
And mom riding Annie all by herself! Annie is so steady she is one of the few that I would trust for my mom. Mom was even trotting!!

Here is Sally in Denmark with her first date with Gigant!!
Our superstar Dilon!! Look at the balance of this little gem. The colour, the curl, the personality, he's an ambassador for the breed for sure!

He's so proud! We're so proud!! Dilon is a deep red colour, wonder if he will finish like his full brother Austin in Germany??
Our rock, Diego. Solid, sound of mind, a true character. Been to the mountains, like Dilon, and never bothered with anything! Love this boy.
Here's a couple of old pics I found that I thought were kinda neat! It was in the springtime when we were doing our training and you can see how excited everyone was!! LOL, it's Doc, Marky, Colt 45, Pride, Diego and Andee. Quite the wild bunch!!
We found a Tinker!! This is Lillevang's Sally, a 5 year old mare from Denmark. Hopefully we will be bringing her home after she is bred. I fell in love with the Tinkers when I first saw one in Italy 5 years ago. They are a calm, diversified breed with origins much like the Curlies in that they had no breeding records and they go back hundreds of years.
And she can jump to! The last picture above is the awesome stallion that she will be exposed to starting this Saturday! Gigant, a supreme stallion in Denmark. Winner of many superior stallion awards, and we can see why!
We finally had a weekend with some sunshine! Blair, Barb and family plus Natasha and Lindie joined Gary, Anna and I for a fun day. About a 3 hour ride around home as it was too muddy to head out to our regular trails.
See! I told you Bill was looking awesome. Look how much he has filled out and rounded up. Thanks to Gary for taking everyone for a buggy ride in our 1920 democrat!
Here's my mom!! on her horse - Annie!! Good on you mom. Anna was very surprised and impressed after warming Annie up. Then mom climbed on and was very impressed how Annie stood rock still for her to mount. Annie's babe was running around putting on a show the entire time. My mom had not been on a horse but twice many years ago. I'm proud of your bravery mom and hopefully one day you may join us on the trails.
Colt 45's new owners!! Tom and his 2 children, Colten and Sorrelle, drove up from Idaho through 45 cm of snow in Southern Alberta!! Anna and I spent Sunday afternoon orientating everyone with our procedures and we all have a super visit. Look like Colt is going to a great home where he will be lavished with affection!

Our new mousers!! The two musketeers. Or is that mousekateers!!

Took Anna, my mom and Dale out goldpanning along the North Saskatchewan River. Gorgeous rainbow in the background and we got home just before it poured, again!
Here's some pictures of our new angel, Angel!! Such a gentle giant she is. Total black and huge. She's broke to ride and drive so we hope to match her up with Cookie for now as a team.
Look at what Annie did!!! Wow, that is a looker looker!! Look at the neck, look at the curl, look at the beauty of this colt! Thankyou Annie, I'm so glad we kept you!!
Pictures of our sisters, first is Jewel and second is Opal. Awesome pair of girls that took their training like true curlies. Love them both.
Oakley out for a strool with Fools Gold along the highway. Then a gorgeous picture of Colt. Look how much he has matured.
Our grey boy, Wyatt, heading out for a tour through the town. Then Fools Gold along the road, look at the form this boy can show!! Picture perfect he is!
Photo from Reidun of Luc and Felicity when they were doing their government inspections in Norway!! Both hroses passed and Reidun was thrilled with their scores. And a fantastic picture from Karen of Marian and Prospector in Germany.
Updated pictures from Gabriele in Germany of Nakita! She tells us that her son is developing a super bond with Nakita.
As we can see she follows him around the pasture, without a halter or lead rope! Super job you guys. Looks like Nakita really has found a great home. Thankyou!!
We stopped at the "Head Smashed in buffalo Jump" on our way home. It was very, very interesting to read the Indian heritage from 5,000 years ago. The second picture is where the Indians ran the buffalo over the cliff.
They have excellent displays inside of Indian culture and some very nice buffalo.
We stop at the most exclusive motel in Montana!! It's so hot, 32 degrees in the shade! Anna takes her lunch in Calgary, on the way home, in the only shade around.
Gary securing the boxes of giftware we brought back. There were 19 boxes! Yikes, didn't realize there was that much stuff. The camper was full plus some on the truck deck. It's hard to see in the second pic, but it was a train that went as far as the eye could see.
Snippy and DeeDee at Calgary wondering where on earth they are heading!
First pic is Snippy, who does she remind you of?? Whoopi maybe??! Second is DeeDee, looking stocky as ever.
These are pictures of some of the 40,000 people that participated in a mass entrance to the holy water at Mission Beach. It was very interesting to see Indians from 11 different nations gathered in one place.  
Pictures from Norway!! Moonlight had her foal, a very curly BIG boy!

Reidun reports that he is a smoky colour and has a star, snip and a sock. Reidun's mom, Cornelia, reports - "This night at 2.30 Norwegian time Moonie got her baby a boy !!!!! A cold night 5 C only and raining. Right now mum and child are indoor drying up . All well so far."
Thanks for the update and Congratulations!!
July 26th we had our fourth tour bus through the stables!! 53 people this time and they were a super group! I did a demonstration on Natural Horsemanship and round penning with SS Annie's Oakley. We talk about our wonderful Curly horses and all the pleasures that they bring us.
Everyone enjoys the displays and we had many requests for postcards! Funny eh, never would have thought we'd have to make up our own post cards. Bear takes a break, 53 people is alot of pets!
This group was very attentive, lots of very good questions and of course the usual "I've never heard of Curlies before!!"
We had Winchester, Palladin (of course) and Buffy with her babe on display also. Everyone loved Palladin, we took him outside and circled the bus before they left. Was a super morning!
Cookies new filly!!
A local trail ride with the Curlies! Left to right, Diego, Copper behind Pride (Charmer behind Copper), then Bill, Beauty Girl and Dilon! Charmer coming through the gate.
The wind was terrible on this ride. Very strong and annoying! The horses all remained calm, which was necessary as only a couple of the riders had lots of experience. Dilon, then Diego coming through the gate.
Arriving back a t the stables.
Diego, then Pride and Charmer receive a thankyou grooming.
And of course we have to visit Pall! He loves the attention and even though the mares are right beside him, he stands patiently for his photo!
Look how Amanda is doing on Dandee!! Way to go Amanda! such focus.
Dandee loves to jump, but still will test her every once in awhile, just to make sure he does have to go that way!
And Anna is still having a blast riding the Colonel! He has such natural form.  
Here's Midori last night riding Pride bareback from the field with no halter or bridle!!
Her and Pride have really bonded this year. She trusts him and he trusts her.
After our lesson Sam and Midori played tag bareback! Diego and Pride were awesome. Sam slide off Diego's neck and he waited for her.
Diego actually stepped onto the tarp as he waited pateintly for her to get back on! Only a Curly would do this!
Pride tripped once and went down on his knees and Midori slid off his neck as if it was in slow motion!
Sam gives Diego a Thankyou hug!

Tag, your it!
Here's some shots of our breakdown with the 7 horses headed to the horse show.
Was our good fortune to breakdown beside someone that owned a picker truck!

And here is the excellent shot of Andee that Natasha took.


Look at Dandee!! Amanda is doing awesome with him jumping. He took the oxer, bales and "water" jump first times for her!! Super job Amanda.


And here is Anna on The Colonel. Love that first pic. It was hard to get pics inside as it was cloudy and the flash wanted to go off.


Andee and Red ready to head out for a trail ride. Andee has really balanced himself and proven to be very bold and athletic.


Love Andee’s profile. Perfect topline and a nice stride.


Anna took Red along for a stroll. Didn’t tell him he’s heading for Nova Scotia!! Look at the stride on him!!

Headin down the road.


Andee and Red on the left and Wyatt and Moose on the right.


Cowboy Steph opening the gate on Wyatt.


And we’re through! This is our wonder pony The Colonel!


He’s and awesome boy, horse ability in pony size without the attitude! And next is Smokey.

Ahani and Nakita in quarantine. They are certainly best of buds right now!


That’s my boy! Dagmar wanted some good pictures of Pall, so last night we spent two hours trying to get some half decent shots of him. With mares in heat everywhere was very hard to keep him focused!


I really like this shot, just wish I could get my hand out of there!!


Anna was kind enough to take some of these shots for me. That’s one of the best we have of Pall under saddle. She was surprised how smooth he is!


There’s girls over there! Just in case you didn’t notice!!

And here’s some pics of the first rides for these three superstars. June 21st and they are all trotting around the ring steady as a rock. Super thrilled with the temperament of these cuties!


This is SS Fool’s Gold aka, Little Spar. Stephanie says we should call him Junior as he looks like a little Palladin!


He has the sweetest temperament, nickers to us when we go out to catch him up for his training, and has stayed so relaxed for all of his new adventures.


This is Jazz it Up, our little spotted horse filly that actually has Warm blood in her! Never know it as she is just a nice compact size. Very easy going and very friendly.


Look how relaxed Jazz is. She was one of the easiery ones to train. She was driving in no time and I was surprised when Steph trotted her up first time out. Jazz could care less! Next photo is LT, Lady’s Twin! If there has been a horse that really surprised me it is her. When she arrived she was one of the spookiest horses I had ever seen, especially considering she is curly. She would fly back when anyone walked through the door!


Look at her now! It’s amazing what some time and patience can do for a horse. She is coming along so steady and so willing. The dogs were barking and yipping last night and she never even gave them a look.


She’s already relaxing and totally accepting Stephnie’s weight, she’s the most balanced horse we have ever seen like this on her second ride! Never even slowed down over the rails or even thought about them. Going to be a gem our LT!!



Our Saskatchewan river is flooding! This is the area where we go gold panning. There are flood warnings everywhere!



Look at the form! Look at the eagerness in him!! Ears forward, looking, wanting! Warrior has found his place in life I believe. As soon as he starts to jump he just wants to go! Had him out last night for games and he actually looked disappointed that there were no jumps in the ring! Second pic is Sergeant, Misty and Justice going for a ride.


Gary made some bread on a stick, part of his "training" for camp cook in the mountains!


Our first bus tour at the stables!! June 9th was the first of (hopefully) many tours to our stables. 52 passengers arrived in the huge bus and the stables were full of happy visitors.


I did a round pen demo first with Oakley. Everyone was amazed at her co-operation. (Especially with Palladin calling for her the whole time!!) We then took a break for some coffee and fresh muffins.


Gary then performed a demonstration with Oakley on horsemanship. There were many questions, and lots of the usual – "I’ve never heard of Curlies before!!" I also brought Palladin out for a tour. Everyone commented on his respect and excellent manners.


Sorry, not horse related! Here’s some pics of our trip home to Ontario. Many of you have met most of my family so I thought I would share some of these photo’s. Others have never been to Ontario so I wanted to share the beauty of our wonderful country!!


This is where my dad lives! It is beautiful here in lake country. Lots of rock, rivers and lakes.


Chandra took this picture of her dream home! And a swan on dad’s dock.


Dad took us out for a tour around the lake. Chandra gets her hair custom styled!

Love this photo Chandra took of the flag on dad’s boat.


Retirement party for my mom. Tons of good food and great company.



Dale did the BBQ’ing and I must say did a great job! Then it was time for some dancing.


Pic of my sister Deb, me, my daughter, sister Jacquie and niece Little Deb! And a picture of Chandra’s friend!!