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New Pictures!!

Here's some pics of what's been happenin!



Had to share a couple of pics of two of our precious Siberians! Mom in first pic and dad in second.


The grandchildren came out on the weekend. Thatís Red in the first pic with Ryley. Second pic is Mandy on Gypsy and Brittany and Ryley talking to Justice.


Lori and her husband made it all the way out from Nova Scotia to check out the Curlies!

Our "other" breeding boys. SS Palís Anikan Ambassador, SS Walcurly Winchester and Charming Prince.


Wanted to get a good pic of Anikan Ambassador (aka Kenny). Do you think he would go away from me!


I tried running up and over the dirt pile thinking he would stay on top. No way, followed me right back down with his nose in my shirt pocket.


Pretty hard to get a good shot when he is right behind you every step of the way.

Thatís the best I could do out of 24 pictures!


Did get a good one of Foolís Gold though, Prince in the second shot.


and some half decent one of Winchester! Heís in awesome shape.


The first new cabin arrives! Going to look fantastic once we get the railings and siding on.


Misty and Cookie go for a stroll through town. Cookie was only started two years ago rode for about a month and turned out. Misty was only rode once in the last 4 years! Both girls were unbelievable last night.


Cookie just headed off and never thought twice about where she was going. Misty was super steady, think sheíll e be heading to the mountains! Cookie canít go as she is bred to Prince!!

SS Walcurly Prince Trevino!


Love the cute curly mane and ears on these little guys! He is super silky soft. And of course Princeís quiet temperament is truly evident. Not many other breeds of foals would be this quiet second day on the ground.


Look at Andee!!! What a good boy he is. This is Corey riding him for the first time last night. Steady as a rock!! And smooooth!! That easy, flowing stride is a gem to ride.


Our boy Dilon, always the super star! Elko stamps his babies with this wonderful temperament and it really shines when we train these guys. He looks like he just wants to go to town and have some fun!


LOOK at this stride! Huge stride in Doc. And yet still easy to sit. Another year, after he fills out, he is going to be one awesome looking boy. Heís awesome looking now.


First shot above is Warrior on the left and Bill on the right. Love how well balanced Warrior looks. He has the most refined looking face of any of our boys. Looks like a sculptured model for a Breyer horse! Next photo is Colt 45! Long legs on this boy also. Heís still figuring out where his feet should be on the bottom of those legs!

Stephanie says I donít give Red enough credit. He is her favorite to ride and she would take him anywhere. He rounds up under saddle, the smoothest to sit, goes anywhere for her and also has awesome bone! Heís pictured above beside Andee.


Ahani begging for attention while Lucky Charms looks on.


Ahani is definelty shedding!!


Cookies colt, Beau Jangles gets his share of affection.

Luck Charms has to be in there to.


Jazz it up says "that feels goooood!"


Jazzy Jiggers, wonder what he would say if he knew he was heading to Michigan soon.


Nellie looking graceful as always.


Havenít had a picture of Shawnee Dreamweaver on for awhile. As you can see she has filled out to be a very gorgeous girl.


This is our latest addition to the herd. Does she not look like a twin sister to Lady! 
Another girl I donít post much about. Here is SS Native Chelsea. She is out of Native Thrill and Palladin.


And another, Cierra Martika. Out of Cierra Cordial by Palladin.


Shawnee and Chelsea coming to see what all the fuss is about!

SS Pal's Native Davina!

Look at this cutie!! She's perfect. Excellent curl and that good old Curly curiosity!!
What colour will she be?? She's grulla right now.

She's going to be one awesome little filly. Her legs are almost as tall as her momma's already!

April Trail ride!


We went for a short trail ride with Steph on Drifter, Gary on Copper, Robin on Dilon and me on Traveller. It was very muddy so we couldn't ride the hills like we hoped.

Dilon was so cool and relaxed it was amazing. Robin loves this little guy. They get along super and he never missed a beat for her.

He went everywhere she asked him to, even leaving the rest of the group willing to trot off and go through the bushes.

The dogs were running through the horses legs the entire time and everything was fine except when a stray dog came dashing straight towards Trav. He was a bit uncertain what was happening!

Look at Dilon, not a care in the world. I swear Robin could stand on her head on him and he'd wait there patiently for her. He is just so steady, just like his brother Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid.

Up he goes into the trailer, never a moments hesitation. Love this guy. So much talent and so balanced for his age. Not many youngsters as this steady in their second year of training.

Look at Drifter boy! Heading off down the hill without his buddies. He was the star, just due to how far he has come this year. I was certain Stephanie's dogs barking and running around like crazy would have gotten to him, but not!

He's become so much more patient than he ever was. Standing now and waiting, never excited about what's going to happen to him. He's our Drifter!

And a hug for the end of the day, with a big Thankyou from Stephanie! Was just a fine day, would have been nicer had the ground been drier, but we take what we can get!

February at the Stables!


Drifter started off this year totally relaxed and willing. Hope he maintains this level of trust, for if he does he is going places!

He wants so much to be your friend. He had one set back last fall and looks like his winter of rest has done him nothing but good.

Here's our most typical Curly, Diego. This guy is so steady and easy going he is destined to be a family horse that everyone can enjoy.

Diego is solid, curly as they come and friendly as can be. And so smooth to ride, strange how so many of the extremes are like that.

Red. Stephanie says he "must" be a hunter jumper. She can round him up and bring him into the bridle perfectly!

He's the most substantial fellow of this group we are working with right now. His bone is unbelievable and he is set on a solid foundation.

Here's Marshall Dilon, ears always forward, looking for the next adventure. He's a clone to Cassidy, just different parents!

Definitely the cutest of the group! Look at his face and his curl!! He's always curious and always there.

Look at Pride stepping out! He's come a long ways this month. Even had Vickie, a green rider, riding him in the ring last night!

Like most of these guys, nothing bothers Pride. Coats, dogs, whatever, he just carries on like a good boy. He's starting to really fill out now.

SS Pal's Anikan Ambassador!!! (Kenny) Can you see why he is our future Curly sport horse stallion!! He is so friendly and so majestic looking.

So hard to get good pictures of black horses on bright snowy days! Kenny follows you everywhere. Between him and Pall you cannot move out there without somebody on your shoulder!

What is he going to look like when he is filled out and finish growing! Look at the bone on him now, and the natural neck arch, and the strong back and wide chest. Remember he's only a long yearling!!!

Charming Prince in his winter blanket. He's doing awesome this winter. Still could use a few more pounds, but he probably always will. But he's full of spunk and acting like he is a two year old colt!

Palladin, Sally, Jenny and Amarillo Sunset. Jenny is so bold, she's one of the few that will walk right through Pall to get a treat!

Cool picture, eh! This shows how impossible it is to take pictures of everyone. I held the camera up above my head and snapped it. This is Daisy, Major and Charmer.

And another one. Kenny, Daisy, Major and Charmer. They would all love to be the first in line. Hate to push them off when they are this friendly, but have to take some photo's!

Sugar's Cotton Candy coming to say hello. Finally got her to eat some grain last night. She tasted and thought it was okay, but decided she still preferred the hay! Silly girl.

Major saying "Hey, I'm your best friend, remember me!", Daisy saying "Come on Maj, you've got some pull around here!" and Kenny saying "Hey you guys! There's some grain over in this corner!!".

Daisy. She has matured so much this last year. She's gained all her confidence and has settled right in. Major is going to miss her.

Marshall Dilon reaching that itchy spot! He's so awesome to work with. Had him trotting in hand in his bridle last night. Ready for the halter classes!

Western Pride is looking fantastic. He's certainly one of the most level headed of the boys we are working at home right now. He spooked at a strange dog last night, and his spook consisted of one quick sidestep and then stop and look. Nothing wrong with that!

Dilon rubbing the board hoping the magic genie will open the gate and let them loose!

Nevada Drifter. I am so proud of this guy. This winter he has regrouped and settled down totally. Working him last night and he never flinched once when we were driving him and lunging him. He's regained his trust is going to be awesome.

Another one of those wild Curlies. Just can't get close to them to take their pictures! LOL This is Gypsy and last night she was totally awesome. Travelling with her head nice and quiet, more balanced every ride and so smooth.

It was a pretty chilly day, but the first one I have had in months to take pictures, so we had to go with what we had! Everyone was pretty frosty.

And another one of those wild horses. Kasha is going to be a real looker. She is already. Going to miss her. All of her sisters have the similar facial markings.

Palladin trying to win Kasha over. Sorry bud, she is definitely not interested. Kasha is bred to Prince!

Golden Girl, Angelic Ambrosia and Walcury Nakita. Ambrosia is Kenny's full sister.

I like this picture of Pride, really shows his personality. Just loves to be around people. Like most of the Curlies I guess, but he is really puppy dog attitude. Last night he was loose in the arena and the first to come up to be caught.

January at the Stables!


FROSTY! This is the beautiful frost we had the first weekend in Jan. Was lots of fog around and it was just gorgeous the next morning.

Caught Charmer standing guard just as the sun was going down.

Can't go out into Pal's field without him knowing. He ALWAYS comes immediately to say hello.

Pal tries to win Gold Rush over with his charm across the fence. She wants no part of him - She's Prince's Girl!

Yup, he's one of my favorites. Haven't seen him this dark in the winter before. Maybe he'll be real golden this summer.

And of course Winchester. Kathy rode him again yesterday. She loves this guy, but who doesn't!

Daisy, Gypsy and Kasha after their vet inspections. All three girls were absolutely perfect for the vet. They all passed their inspections and should be heading to Susanne and her family in Germany next month!

Can't take pictures without Major. He's a little put out as the only friend he has in this field is Charmer and he sure would like to have a harem!

Beauty Girl. She's feeling pretty good this winter, even gives me some trouble to catch the old girl!

Nellie!! She is looking awesome. Filling out now and still getting taller. She has such a soft eye. Hopefully will be starting her under saddle this spring.

SS Walcurly Safire. Can you see the unusual colour of her coat? It's like a chestnut roan.

Caught Safire with her mouth full! She's Misty's babe.

SS Pal's Magic Maruba, Sunnybrook's Gypsy's foal, taking a nap.

How do you take pictures of babes when they won't stay away from you! There's some funny shots here. This is SS Oakley's Ahani Spright.

Look at the colors coming through on Ahani. Wonder what she will finish as. Her mom is buckskin, dad sorrel, mom's sisters are grey, bay and palomino.

Here's SS Pal's Amber Azela who is sold to Claudia. She is definitely the ugly duckling that is turning into a swan. Moonlights babe.

Not often do we see the rich palomino colors in the winter, but Amber is showing here also.

Anika's angel SS Pal's Angelic Ambrosia. Definitely one of the tallest. And so elegant looking.

SS Pal's Beau Jangles and SS Walcurly Safire going for a stroll.

SS Walcurly Lucky Charms resting on Safire. Charms is getting more charming every day!

Definitely not the best pic of Charms, but wanted to show off his colour once more. All the foals were covered in mud, not a great day for pictures.

Beau Jangles, SS Jazzy Jiggers and Ahani.

Cochise (Annie's colt) and Cotton Candy (Suzie Que's filly) share scratches.

Cochise, Maruba and Star's Dun Dazzlin, our amber champagne Missouri Fox Trotter filly from Star.

Johnny Walker, Cochise, Golden Girl and Ahani.

You know what, Jazzy Jiggers is one of those sleeper colts. We don't talk much about him but he is going to jump out and outshine everyone else.

He's got awesome colour and markings, perfect curly traits, friendly, kind eye, easy going and he's not going to be a slouch either.

Jigger's is out of Gypsy and is our surprise colt that came from Terri's stud Dusty jumping the fence when Gypsy was on route from California.

Jiggers and Beau just can't stay away! Beau is really getting tall now. The tallest is definitely Flashy Fenacia though.

Johnny Walker is impossible to take pictures of. He just won't stay away! But boy is he going to be a looker with his perfect curls, double mane and palomino colors.

See what I mean. I have to push him off and hold the camera at arms length to take this shot. Claudia, you have purchased yourself an ambassador for the Curly breed.

Thought I would just add this pic in that Susan sent of Sniker Bar. Looks like he is doing very well. She was also bred by Terri's stud Dusty in error on her way home from Washington.

Pics of the horses in Norway!

Reidun riding Felicity in NORWAY!! Never would have thought we would see the day! This was Reidun's dream. Congrats Reidun!!

Moonlight in Norway! Look at that backdrop for a picture! Almost looks artificial it's so perfect. Such ruggedness and beauty.

SS Pal's Audacious Amoire. Our filly from SS Amarrilo Sunset with the famous Doric Order lines. Her full brother is in France.

And of course then there was Luc! Everybodyís friend and Amoire's idol. Cornelia reports that he is still the star, after Felicity, of course!!

They had difficulty taking pictures because it was still dark for 24 hours a day when the horses arrived!! And cold, and snowy and blowing, thank goodness the curlies can handle the extremes.



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