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Fun at the Stables!!

Rolands niece's daughter, Sydney, and her friend Mariah, joined us for a few days and took some lessons on the horses and helped Coraline and Annika with brushing and doing the horses feet.
Little Hailey got to ride Cookie, and looks like a spec on her back! Roland shows off Sally's new baby, she was only one day old.
Holly wants some treat too! And our little Patches takes all the loving she can get. She got kicked by one of the other horses and has been a little slow walking the last week.
Annika and Cookie are a super match. They are both easy going and sesitive.
Cookie and Oakley are now friends since the loss of Palladin. Funny, as Oakley would have nothing to do with her before and chase her off.
After a couple of days in the areana the girls were ready to ride outside. After this evening they were even ready for a trip in the woods!
Look at Coraline with Lady!! Wonderful job you two!! Coraline loves the boldness Lady has and her huge stride.
Sydney really clicked with Oakley. I was very impressed that she was posting on the first lesson!
Both girls were very brave and never hesitated when I took their reins away to trot. Way to go girls!
Can you believe Star is 16 years old this year! Never ask me how old my horses are, as most of you know. I said around 10. The time just goes too fast. Seems like only yesterday we picked her up in Missouri and I rode her on my dads front lawn in Ontario.
Mariah and Star.

Heading back to the stables Shilo and Baxter always capitalize on a captive audience!
Another reward for a full days work. Out in our pond on the canoe to feed the trout!
I had thought the trout had died as my pump quit in February. But a month after the ice left they started feeding! Put 100 in last year and no idea how many now, but definetly have seen a dozen at a time.
It is so peaceful to sit on the water in the canoe after a great day.


Annika on Cookie and Coraline on Lady on the trails.
Robyn is back!! I have her lessons years ago, and now she is all grown up and has kids of her own and moving back to Sunnybrook!! Yea!! She is going to be doing some of the training for me and I am super happy!
She rode Reilly on the trails and they did wonderful together.
What a good job by everyone!!

And last but not least, me on Star!!