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CALGARY Stampede 2013!!

Two weeks after the worst flood in Calgary's history and the show goes on!


We headed off with Little Britches and her filly, Britches Little Mandi, Tarriana and Annie's Oakley to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!
The Calgary Stampede!

†††† This year we had Annika with us from Germany, and Coraline returned from France!!


 Coraline oils the saddle with the help of Baxter and Shilo.Annika makes the bridle pretty.


Found a 2008 Silverado, 4x4, Duramax diesel, dually truck the weekend before we headed out and took time to get it polished before our trip.Love it!!Was like driving a Cadillac.Then I got new decals just the day before we left and finally got to put my decals from Equitanna in Germany on it!


Chris snuck us into the S parking lot at Stampede, which is so nice.It is close to the grounds and you donít need to wait forever for shuttles back and forth.Donít the decals look awesome!


Britches Little Mandi was a little overwhelmed by all the activity, but she handled it all very well.Had a bath every day and followed mom everywhere.She was definitely the star of the show.


Oakley is always our steadfast riding horse, even more so now that Pall is gone.Sure missed him this year.But the show must go on.


Lots of help in the booth this year.Was very nice to be able to walk around and see some of the sights.


Tari did exceptionally well, but we expected no less.She has such a sweet temperament.Many people commented on her perfect conformation for a smaller horse.She loved all the attention and was so gentle.


We strolled around the grounds and gave the girls some bearings to head out on their own.They got to watch some rodeo and chuckwagon races.


Roland has the spiel down pat now and was big help this year shuffling horses and vehicles.


Coraline bringing Oakley over for the demo in the Northern Lights Areana.


We had everyone in for the show!!And all did wonderful.


Isnít Tari just the cutest little thing you have ever seen!Annika did a great job showing her.She was so good.For being only three she shows such maturity.I can only imagine her at 5!


The whole gang in the ring.


Mandi looks so proud of herself!I was sure proud of her.Never got super spooked or excited and took all the attention everyone threw at her.


Coraline looked excellent riding Oakley.

So, on our way to Stampede we stopped in Red Deer and Roland gave Annika some clothes for Stampede.(He did the same for Coraline last year).So the girls presented us with this beautiful Western Bridle for Stampede to show their appreciation!Very surprised and a wonderful gesture.Iíve never owned a Western show bridle as all our gear has been English, so it is a very welcome addition to our attire.


Mandi would just crash and sleep half the time she was in the booth.Nothing bothered her and she would totally be out!


Isnít that the cutest thing ever!Everyone stopped to take her picture, Iím sure she was the most photographed horse on site.


Everyone wanted to pet the baby



Look at these guys!!So GORGEOUS!!Great showing Annika and Coraline.Thankyou so much for all your help.

And Stampede is done for yet another year. And what a great one it was, super.