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Pembina Trails 2013!!

Out on the trails with John & Linda Legault, Coraline, Annika and I.

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July 22, 2013
Excellent weekend on the trails at Pembina.
Took Cookie for me, Goliat for John, Bella and Reilly for Annika (from Germany) and Rosie and Tari for Coraline (from France).

First ride Coraline is on Tarriana (Tari) and Annika on Arebella (Bella)
John is riding Goliat. Forecast said 60% showers in the evening and severe thunderstorm watch!! We were very lucky and only had rain after supper!!
Linda opts to stay back and sit with Shilo, who we cannot take on the trails as she would dissapear after a squirrel!
All smiles as usual, Coraline on our picture perfect Tari.
Good old Cookie. I rode her so I could help anyone with trouble as the others were all riding green horses. First time for all the others off the property doing trails.
So, of course, who is the only one that gets hurt?? Me. Cookie ran me into a tree accross the trail, knocked me out of the saddle onto her rump and rammed my foot into my stirrup past the tonge of my boot so it was wedged there.
Just thank goodness I never fell off and got drugged.
Goliat at his first solo bridge crossing. I was very amazed with all the green horses. Only little Rosie had to have a second lead horse accoss.
Goliat took the lead after the first bridge and never faultered once after that. Even going down steep pitches to water and going through the water, he was perfect.
Little Tari is so trusting, she went everywhere Coraline asked her.
Bella checks out the footing, but never refused once. Our first water encounter.
All the horses wanted to check it out, was so much fun. they all had no problem to wade out away from shore.
Goliat just looks wonderful. Tari would have gone out all the way, but Coraline would have had to swim with her!
Bella was super calm with everthing. Totally go with the flow.
Little Tari tripped and almost landed in the river!
Tari looks like she could fit under Goliat's belly! What a trooper.
Amazing that Tari could keep up easily with the long legged Goliat. She never fell far behind.
Isn't she pretty!!
I like this shot of Goliat, looking so proud, as he should be.
Annika shows complete confidence with Bella and rides out to the middle on her own. Annika had only ridden a dozen times before going on this ride and she did wonderful!!
Goliat went and did everything John asked of him. They got along great together.
This is my fav shot of Goliat from this trip. Linda kindly took a pic for us at the end of our ride.
The girls tent. Poor kids, their air mattress leaked in the night.
Coraline drying out her feet and boots while lumberjack John chops some wood.
John gave Annika his "little whittle" knife to make some marshmallow sticks! Bad idea John!!
Pouring rain!! Huddled under our little shelter, nice and cozy. John stepped outside and got this neat pic showing the rain drops.
Then it quit raining and we had a wonderful fire with toasted marshmallows and music.
Day two, Rosie and Reillys turn for the trails.
Still smiling, so this is a good sign!
And we head up the trails. Rosie wasn't 100% sure the first couple of minutes, but then settled right in.
Reilly was amazing, I think he could have taken the lead. Annika did great with him. Hard to beleive it was both the horses and the girls first ever real trail ride!
Rosie was alert, but totally midful. Reilly was just gorgeous. Annika dropped her sweater so they had to come back and get it. He stood like a trooper.
Mud, mud and more mud. Clay too, so it sucked the horses feet.
Trying to get horses to line up along a steep river bank is not the easiest task in the world!
Big log in front of Goliat, so this will have to do! Look how calm everyone is. Love it.
Always smiling Annika. The mud was half way up Rosie's legs!!
Waiting for John to see how bad the mud is. We can do it!
Picture op when we come out of the bush back onto the road. Look at Goliat! What a proud horse.
Another nice pic of Relly. Cept he has his mouth full!
John picked up a cell phone off the road so took the opportunity to get him to take a picture. We met the lady with the phone in Drayton on our way out.
She said it was funny as she was able to track her phone with GPS and when she first checked it was at RR80, and the next time it was in the river!! Too funny, must have been when we were crossing the bridge.
Nice little camping spot.
Coming to the road bridge crossing. Only cookie has been on anything like this before, but Goliat took the lead and never even thought about it!!
And away we go, everyone just staying focused and we cross without incident.
You can see how high up we are in this shot of the water below.
Pretty dense bush on the other side of the river and alot more mud with all the trees to shelter it from drying.
Stop and give the horses a break, especially Cookie as she is so fat and out of shape she is foaming wet.
Very steep, very muddy and terrible footing, but everyone makes it to the top!
This is the actual crossing and you can see the water is up to Goliat's belly.
Rosie does not look convinced, then she trips and almost takes Coraline down!
SO-- the plan was I would take Cookie accross and John would bring her back for Coraline to ride accross and lead Rosie.
But when I got to the other side something spooked the two and they GALLOPED accross the river!! Annika was totally laughing out loud the entire way accross.
Coraline got soaked up to her waist as the water was up to Rosie's saddle!!!
Rosie says enough of this and up the hill we go!! I waitied for poor Baxter to cross and I think he was hoping we would come back and he would not have to cross.
Okay, good, back to smiles again!!
Good thing we were on the shorter ride back as Coraline was totally soaked and must have been a bit cold. but she carried on like a trooper.
Pretty boy Goliat.
More bridges.
The nice shallow area just before camp where the horses can take a much needed drink. Goliat wanted to roll!!
Look at our Reilly!! Way to go Annika, great riding.
More confidence every moment.
Nice picture of the two in the river. Coraline tries to keep her feet up, but she has water in her boots anyways from the first crossing!!
Another nice shot of Reilly following Goliat and then Rosie figuring things out.
We got back to camp and shilo was loose and came running all excited and wrapped her chain around Reillys legs! After I got off to fix her I was not getting back in the saddle for a picture, my foot was pretty sore.
What a great weekend guys!!
Thankyou so much for everything and not complaining and pitching in. was super.