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100th Anniversary Stampede!!

Pictured Above - Roland and our wonderful student Coraline, from France, holding SS Annie's Oakley.

We were fortunate to be part of the 100th Anniversary for Calgary Stampede!


We headed off with Little Britches and Annie's Oakley to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!
The Calgary Stampede!


Heading to stampede is always alot of work and the help of Roland and Coraline was greatly appreciated for this, our 12th year there. We started in 2000!!
This was Britches first time off the ranch and I cannot believe how amazing she was. The crowds are overwhelming even for the seasoned horses and after a bit she settled right in. Wasn't impressed with her bath, but neither is Oakley!


Coraline poses with the horses jut before we enter the chaos.
We get to the stalls early the first day so Britches can get oriented.


At first she is certain she should join Oakley who is in a stall just around the corner. But Coraline spends some time with her and she accepts her duties!


Now that we have more people to man the booth we are able to get out and see some of the grounds.


This guy is a real person bronzed up to look like a statue. Amazing how you never see them blink.
Mom helped out BIG time in the booth. She knows most of the speach by heart now. Her third time joining me here.


Oakley takes her turn in the stall.


Please pet me more! Then get me outta here!


Oakley has patience, but she knows where the exit is.

Little Britches was sooo amazing in the booth. She LOVED the babies. Everytime one would come close she would stick her whole head through the bars to check it out.
Last day and Coraline gets to RIDE in the Calgary Stampede!! She only got to ride Oakley for 15 minutes on Thursday, plus Oaklye hasn't been rode for a year, and of course they do wonderful. Chris's daughters were to join us, but they weren't there at 2:30 to start. Turned out they had trouble finding a parking spot. But they arrived 5 minutes into the presentation and it was GREAT!! I don't know if Oaks recognized Charmer, but I would think so. They had spent many years together.
Coraline looks wonderful on Oakley. They do each other justice.
After I give my speach on the wonderful attributes of the Curly horse, the gates are opened and the crowds come in for a hands on experience.
Takes special horses to handle the ear and tail pulling!
And the stampede is over for another year. We sit up late waiting for the fireworks.