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Coraline's Visit From France!!

Coraline's father contacted me last year and asked if she could spend a few weeks with us. She has done wonderful with the horses so mom and I decided to take her for a bit of a tour of Alberta.


Rockies, Rodeo, Botanic Gardens and West Edmonton Mall.

Just before we are going to head out for our weekend adventures we got hit with a HUGE storm. Rain like I have NEVER seen in my 30 years here. The corral was flooded in an hour.
The entire yard around the quonset and house was UNDER WATER! Our pump was running full time in the basement. Poor Coraline had water in her room! No idea how it got there. We moved our SUPER HEAVEY generator onto the deck just in case the power went out.
First on the agenda was a trip to West Edmonton Mall. As much as I don't like shopping there, it still is a great site for our European visitors.
The water park, miniature golf course, life size boat and skating rink are pretty marvelous to see.
That evening we stopped at the Devon Botanic Gardens.
We even had supper with live entertainment! I had never taken the time to visit the Japanese Gardens before, and they are gorgeous!!
Amazing landscaping inside, huge boulders and wonderful waterfalls.
Will definitely be back here again for a visit to spend more time.
Friday we headed south to Carstairs, the only place I could find a little rodeo at in Alberta! Was a perfect choice.
They had all of the vents and even had wild cow milking!
Was a perfect rodeo for Coraline to see up front all of the action and what really happens at a rodeo. Not the prim and proper glitz of the Stampede.
Two bull riders did get hurt, but were able to walk away.
Then it was off Saturday morning for Banff and Lake Louise! WOW!! I have never seen the glaciers so iridescent. The contrast in colors was breathtaking.
Was overcast all through the mountains, but we never got rained out. Still got to see the aqua green water.
Stopped at Peyto Lake in the Columbia Ice fields of Banff National Park.
So pretty here. They say the glacier has lost 70% of it's size in 100 years.
One of the fattest chipmunks I have ever seen!! These glaciers were amazing. Intricate patterns in the ice and the greys and whites were numerous.
Heading up to Bridal Veil Falls on the Glacier Park Freeway.
Lots of refreshing little spots to stop for lunch along the way.
Big fat crow sitting in a tree. Coraline with Bridal Veil Falls in the background.
Bridal Veil Falls.
Not one animal did we see in the Park - except the chipmunk. But outside of the park we get to see a black bear right beside the car! And mom counted about 25 deer on the trip home.
We got back at 11 and went to check our kitty cats only to find one had fallen down the dryer vent and was trapped under the house! Coraline held the flashlight and I crawled on my hands and knees to the far end, 72 feet! to save the little guy. He was not a happy kitty!!

Sunday Jason comes out for a few hours and we all spend the day catching up on yard work and weeding. Mom cooked us a wonderful supper and actually got to relax for a few moments!
Pretty sunrise on my way to work and amazing sunset on our way back from the city.
Coraline gets another music lesson on the guitar! She even tried her hand at my dobro and the fiddle! Baxter settles in for the evenings entertainment.