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Caitlinís Visit from Ontario!!

Caitlin and her wonderful family visited us from Ontario.


My wonderful niece Caitlin, who lived with me 8 years ago!, blessed us with a visit with her family. It was Caitlin's first visit back home since she left, and was a true joy to see everyone.

Of course we had to take the kids for their pony rides!! First on the hit list was our puppy dog Starfire, who does not care about anything!
And thankfully due to Coraline's wonderful efforts the last 3 weeks we had CURLY ponies for them to ride! Tarriana is our wonder pony. So quiet.
Then of course Little Britches, who is the easiest going pony ever.
Britches gets a hello pat and Breanna puts on her seat belt! Way too cute.

Coraline gives Shilo a hug while waiting.
Later, back at the cabin, Breanna puts on Rolandís boots and decides to take a stroll up my little river.
She gets to the edge of the pond and I tell her she's going to go "splash" if she goes any further. Which of course makes her go further, which makes her go splash. She almost starts to cry, but I am laughing so much she has to laugh and then Jenna joins her. Never would have thought our water feature would be kids pool!!
Jenna is just THE cutest thing ever. Roland gave the girls a makeup kit which they LOVED. Then Jenna decided she HAD to share and wanted to paint Roland's toe nails. Which she did! Breanna also joined in.
And of course the guitars come out. I promised Coraline that she would know how to play the guitar before she left, only took a few sessions and some practice with our legendary Mr. Jean and she had it! She even played some Dobro and fiddle!!
Saturday morning we had a HUGE downpour. Coraline took the quad to catch the horses before it rained, but got caught in the rain on her way back and looked like a drowned rat!!
Then while I was standing by the window I saw little Jenna grab a towel from the deck and head to Baxter, who was drenched. She started to talk to him and tell him that it would be alright, she was going to make him better, and not to move!
Now that was priceless. She proceeded to pat him down, ask for his paw, rub as high up as she could reach, and Baxter just took it all in.
Then the sun came out for the afternoon and it was a gorgeous day to take the kids for an outside ride.
First up was Jenna on Little Britches with Coraline leading.
Then we got Breanna on Tarriana and they were perfect together.
And of course later we had to switch horses. Little Britches was steady as a rock for her first time outside.
Coraline took each of the ponies for a little spin before we kicked everyone out into the field for good behavior!
And our Rosie rabbit! Our nick name for her because she did some bounces once when Coraline was riding her. And look at her now!!
Tari is by far my favorite of these girls. She really is a miniature horse.
So perfectly conformed and so sensible and sensitive. Lover her.
Coraline received her memento from Roland for their tractor crash! A John Deere tractor, just like the one she was driving when Roland let her take out my entire fence!
And then it was finally time for some shut down and have fun time. Caitlin and Coraline played badminton until it was too dark to see anymore!
Roland built one of his "white man" fires and we all joined in the story telling.
If I can say so, I am very proud of this picture. It took me 50 years to learn to play the guitar. All I ever wanted to do was to be able to play well enough that I could sign around a campfire. And I can. And people even say I sound half decent. Some of my favorites are good old Patsy Cline (Roland loves to hear me sign "I Fall to Pieces"), Dixie Chicks, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton and Kris Kristopherson. Roland I do allot of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings and Steve Earle together. If I have enough incentive I will even bring out the fiddle for the Cajun master Doug Kershaw and play Diggie Liggie Lo.

Hat time!! Baxter gets a ball cap and Sergio gets Roland's cowboy hat.
I had to crash at 3 AM because I had to get up to take Coraline to the airport at 6 AM!! She did not want the night to end.