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Sunnybrook stables presents the best entry in
the Thorsby Rodeo Parade!!

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May 22nd, 2011
Awesome representation for the stables at the annual Thorsby Rodeo parade!!
We had Palladin and Sally, of course! And Chris polished up and drove the Model A, which looked better than ever!! Then Linda and the girls groomed up the minnies for their first ever parade!!

Jason arrived from Calgary with his friend, Andrea, and helped make the day super special.

Andrea had not ridden for many years, so I felt it best that Jay lead her and they all did fantastic, - once Pall finished testing Jay!!
Look at those little gems sitting in the rumble seat of the Model A!
Roland was our parade marshal and official photographer. Linda, Christie and Kayla did a wonderful job of keeping the minnies calm and orderly.
Giving Pall a talking to that he has to be kind to Andrea. He understands.
Andrea in the Model A.

LOOK at the MODEL A!!! Never seen it so lovely. Shiny, clean and pretty as a picture. Helped to have tons of roses for it.
Chris LOVED driving our vintage car. Hopefully we can get to more parades this year.
Lots of activity as we line up for the parade. Had an old tractor right beside us that was chugging and popping. It got the horses a bit on edge, but they all got over it.
It was so hot, I felt sorry for the littly tykes wearing their helmets.
Andrea said she had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed the parade.

Look how proud Palladin is. Love that boy. And Sally must recognize Roland, she is totally fixed on him. And our little minnies, look soooo cute!!
That is our parade marshal in the golf cart from my work.
And that is the tractor that was spooking all the horses. They had to pull start it and when it fired all the horses bolted. And here comes Chris leading our group in the Model A!!

Heading around the bend for the next street, everyone is now settled in.
Even Andrea got into the waving and smilling! We do have one riderless mini by this point though. Little Sweet Pea had had enough. They both did amazing considering they had not been ridden in about 8 years.
Good friend Larry driving his wonderful team and his HOME MADE sulky!
Big Thankyou to everyone for making it a very special, fun day.