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Ambrosia, Golden Girl and Kresky to Germany!!

Another whirlwind tour of Europe to deliver our Curly Horses!!

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March 22nd, 2011
It was a tough decision to let WW Walcurly Golden Girl leave the stables, but when Franzi knew she would be going to a loving home we could not say no.  And Dagmar fell in love with SS Angelic Ambrosia, as did everyone that visited the stables, and just had to have her to join SS Native Chelsea in Germany.  Then there was Ramona, who was at the stables from Germany and fell in love with Ss Cookie’s Lunar Crescent (Kresky), and just had to take her back to Germany.

SS Angelic Ambrosia and SS Walcurly Golden Girl in their stall ready for the 9 hour flight over the North Pole.
Our journey commenced at noon on the 18th of March. Met with the federal vets and received our final clearance for departure. I had sterilized the trailer the night before, so just needed to put the straw in, fill the hay nets and try to clean up the horses a bit before we left.
Headed south to Calgary around 7:30 PM. Almost in a really terrible accident when a semi, loaded with cattle, didn't slow down for an existing accident that was taking up the outside two lanes of the highway. How on earth that fellow ever stopped that rig is beyond me. He was only seconds away from wiping out the 5 cop cruisers and people in the accident. But we survived and arrived in Calgary about midnight.
Our plane was delay 5 hours from the original scheduled departure time, so we didn't leave until 7 AM Saturday morning.
SS Cookie's Lunar Crescent and Ambrosia enroot to Luxembourg then Germany.
Kresky was a little restless on the flight, but if she pawed I would just go down and talk to her and fix her hay net and all was well again.

Was very handy this trip, our stall was right beside the stairs so I could look right in and see the horses.

Arrive in LUX 9 hours later and meet with Ramona!! So great to see her and her mom again. Franzi had the rest of my visit all very well planned. Gratefully, her boyfriend Jens picked me up at 11:30 at night to drive me back to Franzi's. Was wonderful to meet with her again, even if we got her out of bed at the wee hours of the morning!

Up at the crack of dawn to head into Mess and see the Equitana!! What a thrill to see the largest horse extravaganza in the world! Franzi was assisting the German Quarter Horse Association and needed to feed the horses by 8 AM.

Arrive at the very exciting Equitana!! One of the horses in Franzi's care.

Horses stalled on every square inch of the parking lots. I am always amazed that anyone with more than 2 horses always use these huge cargo vans to transport them. Which is part of our problem when we deliver horses to LUX. When the people arrive with these vans it can be a problem to load our horses because they have never had to walk up a ramp.

But this part is way more interesting for me. How on earth do those little cars pull those two horse trailers around with 3,000 pounds of horse onboard safely?? The trailers are usually made out of light fiberglass, but still just the horses weigh more than the vehicle! Just hope they are never in an accident.

There is soooo much to see at the Equitana. After we finish looking after the horses we only have a couple of hours to see it all. I manage to see 2 of the ten buildings and then it is time to go. But I see enough to know that I want to make a riding trip to Africa next year!!! Spent 20 minutes chatting with a lady that organizes trips all over Africa and now I am pumped!! Find some treasures for my daughter and Jessica and it's time to leave already.

Stop to see SS Sheza Seleena and her colt. Amazed at how much she has changed. Her total eye and demeanor has changed.
Took a picture of these stalls as I think the way they did the bars for feeding stalled horses is perfect! Just have to find someone to build some for me.

Get to watch Franzi put Seleena through her passes. Looking good!

And then Franzi decides to try and ride Seleena bridleless for the very first time, out in the open with no fences to stop Seleena from taking off down the hill or back to the stables!!
But, of course, she had no thoughts of doing that and they put on a very wonderful, serene demonstration of horse and rider in unison.

Wow Franzi, looking awesome.

Love her headset in this pic.

Great job. For those that don't know Seleena, she is out of Moonlight by our Palladin.

Love both of these. Picture perfect.

A well deserved thankyou.
And then there is the goat. Franzi says this goat is NOT pregnant, that it always looks like it swallowed a football! It has free run and challenges the horses for their grain which is why Franzi says she is so large.

Stop to see Stormy, Seleena' colt. Very handsome fellow. Franzi has started him under saddle now.

Then we head south to Dagmar's, Chelsea and Ambrosia’s momma. Arrive there just on time to sleep for a few hours.

Gorgeous spring blossoms abound!! Hard to believe we have 3 feet of snow still at home! Pretty little church hidden amongst the brambles.

Arrive at the clinic to visit Dallas Sunset. Dagmar acquired her a bit ago and is dedicated to rehabilitating her from an abusive situation.

Short on time, as usual, then we dash off to see Chelsea!

Typical Streets.

So cool to drive down the back roads to get to the pasture. I love this part of Germany. Most people have their pastures together, away from the cities.

A momma Icelandic with a rare, wild Tarpan foal at her side.

The Tarpan baby. Cool walk down the valley. so pretty.

So weird to see Chelsea here. Always have mixed feelings when we do this. Same for saying goodbye to Ambrosia. When the horses have been part of my life right from before conception in the planning stages it's never easy to let them go.
But look how wonderful Chelsea is looking. Always great to know the best decision was to let them go to their new homes.

And Chelsea and Sasha's baby! What a looker!!

And what a character.

Love this picture showing his soft eye with Dagmar.

And before we know it it's time to head back off to Luxembourg to load up Ambrosia.

A huge Ford factory.

On the road again.

Many huge windmills around the country.

Couple of long tunnels enroot.
When we arrive at the airport it is STUPID!! First the gate guys tell us we have to wait, and then they tell us we can't clear. Even though Dagmar paid all her taxes, etc, the day before we still have to go all the way back to the broker so she can pay more money and get new papers for clearance. And then the gate guys tell us we have to wait again!! For what, we have no idea. But cannot argue with them. They take our passports finally and give us our clip on badges so we can go inside the gates.
And it is over! Ambrosia is on her way to her new loving home.

My new friends head down the highway with their precious cargo and I head to the airport.
I have a 4 hour wait for my flight. Then off to Scotland and wait there 2 1/2 hours, then to Seattle, USA and wait their 2 hours, then North to Calgary and arrive at 2 AM Tuesday morning. Takes a couple of hours to get all cleared and back to my truck. Find myself in the middle of a terrible blizzard, four inches of snow on the truck and the roads are treacherous.
Takes me twice the normal time to just get to Red Deer. Have to pull off the highway about 5 AM as I am exhausted from the drive with the truck fishtailing and the trailer trying to put me in the ditch. Big tucks in the ditch, cars rolled over, vans on their side, the highway is covered in an inch of ice and visibility poor from the heavy snowfall Wait for daylight then head off again. Just after I get onto our Glen Park road I hear on the radio that they have closed the highway I was just on!!
Finally make it to my work safe and sound, a little shaky, but alive and thankful.