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July 3rd, 2010
A Fairytale Wedding

The Wednesday before the big day, my Daughter planned a staggette for us and the girls. We headed off to the Ponoka Stampede grounds, took in the chuck wagons and Allana Moresete. Was an interesting evening!!

Roland wanted live music for the wedding, so I asked my good friend Zoltan if he could round up some people to play for us. And they did, and it was amazing. To be in the loft getting prepared to be married and listening to them was amazing.
Everyone pitched in the morning off, doing all the last minute chores required to make everything special. Putting up flowers, laying the aisle runner, moving planters, putting up the aisle markers, setting chairs, so much to do, and thankfully so many willing hands, it was done in no time.

Mr. Roland Jean patiently waiting for the arrival of his bride.
Baxter was our ring bearer, and he was impeccable. Took him to the groomers (first for him!) the day before and they spent 4 hours making look like a professional in his tuxedo.
Thankyou dad, for walking me down the aisle. And, as Roland said at the reception, no wonder you wanted to give me away, I make you work too hard!

Was a gorgeous day. Even though an hour before the wind was howling and the clouds were threatening, it all cleared up.

Just before the preacher asked Roland if he promised to take me, I had 6 gunmen march down the isle with rifles, just in case he thought he could change his mind!

Greg, Darrel, Jeff, Joe, Reo, and Jean Ross were all more than happy to stand ready!
Amazing! He said "I do"!! Anything to do with the cavalry on guard??
And "I do!"

Signing the registry. Wow, for 50 years I have been Deanna Johnson, now blessed to be Mrs. Jean.

Pastor Glen thought this part of the ceremony was appropriate for us. The blending of two different sands, although they become one they are still individual grains. That is cool.
Thankyou Roland Jean, for everything, for all of it, for your heart.
And we walk, together, up the stairs of our magnificent home, as Mr. and Mrs.

Who would have thought, a mere 2 years ago, that we would be standing on the deck of the dream cabin we built in the middle of our hayfield, exchanging vows? Not me, not in a million years.
Proof yet again, that dreams can come true.
Dad polished up my Model A just for the occasion.
Thankyou Dad, for everything.
Even brought out our 1940's democrat! Totally added to the ambiance we wished to create.
Not the easiest vehicle to get in and out of in a gown!
     Look at this guy!! Love him.
Thankyou mom, for all your help and patience.
My dearest daughter, thinking of you on this day brings such tears of joy to my eyes. I am so proud of you, you have always been the sunshine of my life through everything, all these years.

L - R above
Mr. David Haines (Rolandís wartime, longtime friend from Nova Scotia)
Brandon (Roland's son)
Jason (Roland's son) Best Man
Chandra (Deanna's daughter) Maid of Honor
Ramona (exchange student from Germany)
Jacquie (Deanna's sister)
Front row Raquel (Roland's daughter) Flower Girl
Our photographer was my friend Lori. and you know how it is when you ask a friend if they can do something for you. Not sure how it will turn out.
Well, Lori captured everything, every moment, that we could have wished for.
This is Roland's favorite moment captured in time. I love it to. Thankyou Lori for all your ideas and your patience on this special day of ours.




Everyone pitched in the night before and the hall looked amazing. Thankyou again Chandra, for your ideas and guidance. And your speech, wow, you are a gem my dear.

Found a cake decorator that said she could build the cakes I wanted. And she did.
The mountain, with a stream and a log cabin, which is our destination in 5 years. and the grooms cake was, of course, Roland's Gibson guitar. The horse and carriage mom found for us in Texas.

Next afternoon we got together for a few tunes before Mr. Haines had to head back East. Played some guitar, mandolin and fiddle.
Then Roland presented Mr. Haines with his wedding gift, a Martin guitar. Was a special moment for a special friend.