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Waltz Across Texas!!

Willie Nelson, the Alamo, South Padre Island, love Texas!!

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February 25th, 2010
I gave Roland tickets to see Willie Nelson for valentines day. And he asks "Where is he playing? Edmonton, Calgary??"
Surprise! We're going to Texas!!!
Willie is the last of the good old boys and he's 78, so we know there won't be allot of opportunities left to catch him live.

We fly into San Antonio, rent a car and Friday morning we do the San Antonio stroll along the Riverwalk.
It is not what I expected at all. It's gorgeous! Set below the main hustle and bustle above, it's so romantic!!
Little water falls everywhere, riverside restaurants, a welcome, slow pace.
Ancient arches across the river tell tales of days gone by.
Stop for a quiet moment. Love trips like this once in awhile.
Even the laundry truck is about Texas longhorns! Then we head over to se the Alamo.
So much history here. You can feel it in the walls, in the ground, in the air.
Saw where Daniel Boone died. Touched the wall where the invasion took place. Saw the original church that was completed 100 years after the Mexicans started to build it.
Then it's over to the Buckhorn Saloon. With more, guess what! Longhorns.
They claim to have an animal from every continent. and I believe it. amazing what they have in here. One whole wall of chairs made from Texas Longhorn horns.
A separate display dedicated to the Texas Rangers.
They had Bonnie and Clyde’s car in here also!
And of course had to sit at the infamous bar!

Saturday we head West to the last hand operated ferry in North America.
The ferry crosses from the United States into Mexico. High security! Amazing when you compare this to crossing anywhere else!
Three musketeers outside the little gift shop. The Rio Grande river. No wonder there are so many illegal Mexicans in Texas.
Mom giving the guys a hand to pull the ferry across the river.
And we are in Mexico. Even got to do the duty free and get a bottle of Baileys for half price!
Not much to see once we cross, so we catch the next ferry back.

On the way home we stop at mom's favorite stomping grounds for lunch.

Yup, just too darn much fun.
Meet a friend of Willie Nelson's! And he gives me a lesson on the steel guitar!

Waltz across Texas. Life is good.

Rachelle poses outside the restaurant, along the Rio Grande.

Then that evening it's time for the highlight of our trip!! Willie Nelson!!
We arrive at 5 o'clock to make sure we have good seats. Sitting in line, waiting two hours before the gates open!
Definitely worth the wait. We sit front row right beside the guys that co-ordinate the music.
Look at this guy!! 78 years old and he NEVER a missed beat.
Came out, said I know it's cold, thankyou for coming, you came to see a concert, and he never quit.
But it was cold! And the wind was strong. So I bought a Willie hoodie to keep warm!! No way was I going to leave.
Sunday we head to a large flea market. Hoping to find a cake topper. But nothing there. Just a couple of trinkets for the favors.
Drive East to Brownsville and stop at South Padre Island.

They had this huge sand castle there.
Stopped at the King Ranch on the way down, but it was closed. Did get into the saddle shop. So had to stop on the way back home.
It was 12,000,000 acres in it's heyday! Wow. That is huge.
Cactus, cactus everywhere! and it's goodbye to Texas, thankyou for a wonderful, wonderful trip.