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Our 9th year at STAMPEDE!!

Once again we showcased the Curly Horses at stampede and Palladin was loved by all!!

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July 12th, 2010
Our Curly horse ambassador, Palladin, makes another trip to showcase to the world.

Palladin was his normal, wonderful show off for another year at the largest outdoor show on earth, the Calgary Stampede.
Was excellent weather this year, not near as hot as it has been in the past. Pall is totally relaxed.
This year we had LOTS of help in the booth. Roland made his first trip, Jason joined in, and my daughter, Chandra, and granddaughter, Amanda, helped out to!
PLUS Chris and her girls had Charmer in the booth half the time.
Amanda thought Roland would look good in pink!
Simply CAN NOT take Palladin anywhere on the grounds without people stopping you to admire him.
We showcased twice a day in the big ring. Everyone loves to hear the stories of the hypo-allergenic qualities of the curlies and their history.
Look at Kaley ride Charmer. Wonderful job.
I like this shot of Charmer. Jason and Amanda waiting in the sidelines.
After every demo the crowds would arrive to check out the horses in person. Thank goodness for well behaved horses.
Definite crowd pleasers.
Yes, I know, Pall is a little overweight, but with my surgery this year I haven't rode at all! He's still gorgeous.
Takes a special, well trained horse, to handle that many people at once.

One of my favorites at the Stampede, the Budweiser Clyde's, and their mascot Dalmatian.
We had an amazing super Saturday night at Jason's hotel where he works.
Then back to stampede for another day Sunday.
Since we had so much help this year we got to attend the rodeo for the first time!
Roland getting to know Charmer.
Then we had another special treat, thanks to Jason. He got us $500/plate tickets in the VIP section to watch the chuck wagons and grandstand show!
The fireworks were out of this world. Millions of dollars spent here every year just for the big show at the end of every day.
Stuff you will never see anywhere else. People on motorbikes suspended from wires overhead. Complete stages rising in mid air. Hundreds of children singing and dancing. A magical experience for sure.