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British Photo Shoot!!

Bob Langrish arrived from England for some curlys in the snow shots!!

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January 14th, 2010
We were VERY lucky to be visited by Mr. Bob Langrish for a photo shoot today!
Bob is a world reknown equine photographer from England with over 100,000 pictures, book illustrations, calendars, horses shows and numerous contracts with companies around the globe.

Chandra came out for the day and gave a hand to help catch and groom the horses.
We brought up Antigua, Chandra got her all nice and brushed, we made the first run along the tree line and Antigua said enought of this, I'm outta here! She CLEARED the fence! By a foot!! We know her destiny now!!
Roland and I chased the horses back and forth accross the tree line for TWO hours, in the deep snow. The horses started to figure out if they ran through the bush we couldn't find them! We slept very well that night.

Our Golden Girl, looking gorgeous and flowing. Look at her extenstion in the prior shot! Wow. and she's gaited, can really cover ground.

This girl needs no introduction. She gets more photgenic every year, her coat gets darker, highlights outstanding.

Awesome momment of suspension.

WOWSERS!!!! Bob sure captured the essence of my boy.

And again!!!

COOL eh!!!

I'm a jack rabbit!!

Tail a flyin! Feelin GOOD!

And another of my favourites. Shows the spirit of his eye, his magestic qualities and just how darn proud he is. Love you Pall!