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Flight path over the stables!!

What a rush! Get to see our ranch from the air, and fly the plane!!

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July 8th, 2010
Thankyou, thankyou Jason. For your thoughtfulness with this wonderful, unique wedding gift.

Jason said we had to leave the afternoon open as he had a surprise for us. And what a surprise. He booked a flight, just for Roland and I, to fly over the stables. How did he ever think of something so very, very special??
We arrived at the airport and received an orientation on all the planes safety and operating features.
Roland helped taxi the plane out to the runway.
Get our headsets on, learn how to use them, listen to air traffic control and position on the tarmac. STARS, air ambulance landing. Receive clearance for take off, and down the runway we head.
I have never been in a plane this small. A little bit apprehensive. But one we are in the air I'm ecstatic!
Roland, being the gentleman he is, allowed me to sit in the pilots seat for the flight. Can't see a darn thing out the front window while we are climbing to our cruising altitude.
This is FUN!!
See the plane's wheel in the first pic! Gives a great perspective on how small everything is. North Saskatchewan River in second pic.
Once we reach cruising speed and altitude we level out and just float through the sky! The pilot starts explaining all the controls to me and says "Now you fly it"!!
What a RUSH!!
We fly past Devon and cross the North Saskatchewan again.

This is just waaaay to cool. I can see how people get hooked once they have experienced the freedom flying a plane.
Locate highway 39 and follow it to our land.

The shorter arrow points to the stables and the longer one is Sunnybrook. Our cabin is to the right of the shorter arrow at the end of the long driveway.
Relinquished the controls so I could take pictures. Hard bank to the right and anticipating seeing our domain.
And wow, what an overwhelming sensation to see what you have built the last 2 years. And of course just as we flew over the stables my camera said "memory card is full!".
Stables to the left of the brace and cabin to the right in the first pic. Zoom in of cabin.
Definitely brought tears to our eyes to see our creations from the air. The girls were all standing on the deck. They brought the horses out into the field so we could see them all. What a surprise! What a sight!!!
Thankfully the pilot understood how important the pictures were to us and he made one more pass so I could delete some pictures from the memory card and take more. You can see everything from here!
Unbelievable. Thankyou so much Jason for such a perfect, wonderful gift. You are the bestest son-in-law.