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Brandon's First ride at the stables!!

Roland's son, Brandon, arrived for our wedding and we just had to take him for a ride on a horse!

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July 6th, 2010
Brandon had not been on a horse for years, so we had to make his day special.
Who else to take him out on the trails but Star, our gentle Missouri foxtrotter girl.

As everyone knows, you must saddle your own horse at the stables.
Jason gives his brother a hand to get Star ready for the trip.
Roland rode Palladin, and wow! I was impressed at how great they look together, way to go.
Pall and Roland led the way and never faltered.
My two most favorite gents in the whole world.
Jen rode Stardust and did a perfect job.
He's a very amazing boy, so easy going for such a young horse.
Brandon looks like a pro!
Ramona rode Keemah, Buffy and Pall's daughter!

Keemah is bred to Sasha for next year, that will be an interesting combination.

Don't know how it is that we always luck out with the weather, was a perfect day.
Look how tuned in Pall is, love that horse.

Can you tell Stardust is a Winchester baby?? And of course Star is him mom, hence his personality.
Don't get much easier going than this boy.

Jeanette stayed in the sidelines for the first go around, just in case, but of course it was an excellent ride.
Did somebody see running shoes!! Oh no!!

Love how Keemah is naturally collected.
Stardust is definitely going to finish taller than both his poppa and momma. Look at his height already!

No, No, No Star. you have to follow the other horses, don't come and say "hello!"
Really like this shot of Keemah.

What a perfect day for a ride.
Pall says no problem, I'll lead everyone safely through the trees.

Star striding out and Brandon riding on his own.

and our wonder girl Keemah brings up the tail.