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Winter Trail Ride

Good Friends and Good Horses always equalls GOOD TIMES!!

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March 27th, 2009
     What do you do when you have two feet of snow and the weather finally warms up a bit??
     Go Riding!! of course!!!
     Roland's daughter, Raquel, came up for the weekend and Reo and his grandson, Wesley, came by, so it was the perfect excuse to spend a day playing with horses. Roland kindly watered down the arena for us and we headed out to the trails.
     Wesley rode Red, Reo Dusty, Raquel Peggy, Ramona Oakley and I on Pall.
     And off we go into the wild blue yonder. It was a gorgeous day for a trail ride.
     The horses, like us!! were out of shape, so we just kept it to a walk to warm up.
     Poor little Peggy was up to her belly in snow at some places. Quite the work out for her.
     Stop for a breather, then back into the bush.
     Ramona and Oaks on the back trail, me and my bud.
     Not sure we could get a picture of Ramona without her big wide grin!!
     This was the first opportunity for me to actually see Ramona ride a trained horse and she did fine.
     Wesley had a blast on Red. Good old Red took it all in stride and did anything he asked of her.
     I like this shot of Wesley and Reo heading into the bush. Looks like the old time pics heading back to the cabin after checking the trap lines.
     The snow was so deep poor little Shilo could not make it through some places. She had to stay in our tracks and still bottomed out!!
     Gorgeous shot of Wesley on Red.
     Got lucky and really got some good pics.

     And speaking of good pics, LOOK AT THIS!! Is that not just a pic of someone haveing way too much fun?? LOVE IT!!
     Ramona told me it was her dream to ride in the snow. Funny, eh, the things we take for granted.
     After the ride Ramona said she wanted to learn how to trim horses feet, so she got a lesson on Peggy. She was amazed to discover that it is HARD WORK!! But she was still game and did all she could.

     How do you end a perfect day?? With a perfect supper, thanks to Roland. BBQ'd chicken, pasta, salad, all the trimmings and did it taste GOOD!!