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Love is in the Air!!

Wonderful day for a fall wedding!!

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October 19th, 2009
One of those really quick, full, flying weekends again!
Wednesday night headed to Falun to pick up the vet papers for Stormy to cross the border. Bad snow storm, got stuck in the vets driveway twice! Thursday night the trucker was suppose to be here for 6 but never arrived until 11. LT and Carrie loaded like a dream and Stormy loaded himself. Love it.
Friday morning up at 5:30, load a kitten to take with me to the airport for Vancouver. Get halfway to the airport and realize that I forgot to send the vet papers with Stormy!! He can't cross the border without them! Call Kim and tell her what's happening. Get the papers leave them outside my office. Drop the kitten at the cargo center, call work and ask them to courier the papers to Kim. Board the plane for Toronto with only 5 minutes to spare!!

Arrive in TO at 2:30. Meet up with my niece Caitlin and Sergio and finally get to meet their two children. Have a fantastic super with them at the Mandarin restaurant. Caitlin's little girl is pictured above.
Head off to Oshawa to see my second cousin, Cathy, that I haven't seen in 31 years!!! Stuck on the 401 for TWO hours!!
Then drive up to Woodview to my dads and get there at 11:30. As usual he has the fire going and fresh baking waiting.
Up early and go for a walk, the fall colors are wonderful. Love it at dads, on the lake, quiet and peaceful.
Then it's off to Lakefield to pick up mom and a three hour drive to Perth for my niece's wedding. The weather co-operated somewhat, no snow! And the ring is placed! No looking back now.
Awww! Always love to see this moment. Sister Donna, mom of the bride.
Sisters! Crystal has a few of those! 7 to be exact, and one brother.
They had a very lovely spot not far from the wedding for pictures. 'Nother sister, Nicki.
My sister, Jacquie and John.
Even though the sun was shining, it was a tad bit cool!
Excellent choice of colors for a fall wedding.
Crystal's little one was the flower girl.

Now that's a heart felt smile!!
Time for fun, then another of my sisters, Deb.
And my mom, and a shot of the gorgeous river running through Perth.
Then back to the hall for supper and then the first dance!

you don't see that at too many weddings!!
Pretty cake. Meet everyone for breakfast Sunday morning, then it's back to Lakefield, goodbye to mom, stop at my brothers then an hour up to Buckhorn to my sisters. On the way back to Lakefield mom wanted to stop at this trading post. Some really neat stuff inside, but no pictures allowed. But I found a gorgeous pair of jeans!
Then 2 hours to Whitby to my other cousins and have a very nice super with her. Up at 6 Monday morning and catch the big bird back home. Stop at work and catch up on some paper work then finally home to sleep in my own bed again. Sitka missed me, she was waiting at the door when I arrived and never left my side. Baxter and Shilo were jumping so high I'm sure they could have cleared the car!