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Fun in Vancouver, BC!!

Amanda’s Birthday!!

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March 22, 2009

Chandra told Amanda that she could fly somewhere for her birthday, so she choose Vancouver!!

So off we went, my daughter and the two grandchildren to some warmer weather!
Welcome to Vancouver!!  Pouring rain!!  Still better than snow. 

First stop, Granville Island.
Wishing we would have brought the umbrella!  Stop at the Keg for lunch and when we came out the sun was shining!!
Just too much fun!!

Look at the gorgeous flowers blooming!!  (While we were gone we got ANOTHER dump of 5 INCHES of snow at home!!)
More flowers, flowers everywhere, Chandra is in heaven.
Unique shops everywhere, lots to see and explore.
Brittany takes a stroll along the boardwalk.  And they leave me alone for a minute and I find the neatest hat!
Love it!!
Canada Place across the water.
That’s my girl!!
And the Birthday girl.  Fresh salmon in the market place.
Cute little AquaBus and a Restaurant Boat!
have to stop for Ice Cream!!  Then finally head off to our hotel.
Which is awesome! Right on the waterfront and we have a view of the harbour and Stanley Park on the shoreline.

Elevator shot.
What a view!  Chandra said we had to jump on the bed and we would be recharged ready to head out again.
so we did!!
Then we headed off to the IMAX theater in Canada Place. 
More hugs.  Then we head to Robson street and do some shopping!!  Walk for miles, Starbucks on every corner.  I find some cool glasses that Chandra says go with my hat, not sure if that is a compliment??
Stop and get the Birthday girl 7 layer chocolate cake.  Brittany likes my hat and glasses!

Next day first stop, the Suspension Bridge.  Amanda doesn’t want to cross, but we make it.
Lots of smaller bridges circle the forest above the ground.  Just too much fun!
Cute little cabin for a photo stop.




Yes,it's a pretty long bridge suspended over the river.  It was originally built by the local natives many, many years ago.



Amanda has had enough pictures taken!!

Oh Oh!  Another hat!!  Didn’t buy it though.  Chandra said she would disown me!
Tourist stuff

Next stop Stanley Park and the totem poles.
Then we head up towards the aquarium.
Neat trolley car.  Picture perfect girls!

Promised I would take my hat off at least for one tour.  Baby baluga whale.
Some people got a little wet from the tale splash.

Sea otter.  Great shot by Chandra of a jelly fish.



had to have some mini donuts!!

And the trip is over!  Where did that time go.  We stopped at Safeway on Robson street and since window realty is so expensive it is on the second floor and we had to park in underground parking and take an escalator to the top to go grocery shopping.  Funny!!